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Submitted by Amy Henschke

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 3/30/2008
Family Surname: Schenk and Kohn
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna
Date of Image: 1935
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I would like a translation please.

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On  Response 
4/1/2008 From Trnava
4/2/2008 Good evening,
Here is the translation of your document.
Greetings. Omer Vanvorden/Belgium/Gersig
Document of inscription
--1-- 3rd district : Rennwegalley Nr 40 door nr 5
--2-- First and familyname : Dora Schenk
--3-- Profession : private
--4-- Place of birth, district, land : Vienna
--5-- Homeland : stateless
--6-- Nationality : stateless
--7-- Birthday, -month, -year, religion, unmarried, married, widow, widower :
Oktober 14, 1858, Israel. widow
--8 + 9-- Names and dates of birth of cohabitants : 8 : spouse, also maiden name,
9 : Children under 18 years
--10--Earlier home in Vienna : --
--11--If arrived :Normal address : --
--12--If arrived : Last address : Trnase CSR ((Chechoslovakia))
--13--If arrived : Officiality, number, date of travelling documents : Passport 15378
--14—If arrived : Officiality,number,date of Austrian passport visum : June 17, 1935-Oct 17,1935
--15—Vienna, August 1, 1935.
Signature of the lodger : Dr Joseph Wittek
Right side :
As shown by the official stamps : written out : November 20, 1935
Moved out on : November 20, 1935
To (Place , district, Alley nr) : Trnava. CSR, Nasorykova((street)) 39
4/6/2008 Dear Amy,
my name is Wolfgang Fritzsche. Living in Germany near to Mainz and Wiesbaden I offer beside others genealogical researches. For further information please hve a look at our website Of course there is an English site as well.
The document you posted at View mate is a residents' registration card, filled out Vienna, 1935 August 1 by Dr. Joseph Wittek.
place of residence: III district, Rennweg No 40, 5th floor or door
Name: Dora Schenk
occupation: private (that means without occupation)
place of birth: Wien
born: 1858, October 14, Israeli (what means Jewish), widow
when stranger:
last place of residence: Trnave(?), C.S.R.
documents: passport No. 15378
austrian passport: 17. June 1935 - 17. December 1935

Left columne:
(she left Vienna) 1935, November 20
to Trnave (?) C.S.R.
Masarijkova (?) 39

(?) means, I am not sure in reading.
Best regards
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