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Submitted by Christine Lassiege

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Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 1/25/2023 11:31 AM
Family Surname:
Country: Poland
Town: Minsk Mazowiecki
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This text is an extract from Minsk Mazowiecki's Yizkor book I would like a complete translation english or french doesn't matter.
Thank you very much

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On  Response 
1/26/2023 9:56 AM I hope to do this translation some time today (Thursday). I am posting this "response" to avoid duplication of effort by multiple helpers.
1/26/2023 12:12 PM
Asher Anschel Goldberg

As a Remembrance of the Talmud Family

Of all of our large family, I remained an ember rescued from the flames. And I will begin with my mother’s uncle, Reb Mottel Braunstein, zatsal [of righteous memory], of the Chassidim [pious ones] of Alexander – a renowned sage, a learned man, righteous, and extremely wealthy, the owner of a huge warehouse of wood. He employed a number of workers from among our relatives, who were also pious, G-d fearing, and they lived in the large house of Reb Mottel. In his expansive eight-room dwelling were accommodated the Admorim [Chassidic spiritual leaders] who visited in Minsk.

In the iron safe in his house were concealed many dowries of the young. In his large house there was an actual house of prayer as is found in the Beit Midrash [house of study], and every few years he “wrote” for himself a Torah Scroll and brought it into the Beit Midrash with much glory and joy. On Shabbat, during the Seudah Shlishit [third Sabbath meal] he led a “table” with hundreds of people. In his home he fed many who were truly starving for bread, and he distributed charity with a generous hand. Hundreds of the residents of Minsk borrowed charitable interest-free loans from him, without any expectations to repay the money, but Reb Mottel recorded all of the loans in a book and instructed that this book be placed beneath his head after his death. The book of loans – the number of pages in it grew from day to day.

In the year 1924 he sold all of his possessions, and he distributed a portion of his money among his relatives. He was childless and he moved to [literally: went up to] the Land of Israel, as he had yearned to do all of his life. He passed away at an old age in the year 1936.

My uncle (my mother’s brother), Reb Yoel Layb Talmud, was also of the Chassidim of Alexander; he was a learned man, studying Torah day and night. His wife managed a yeast trade and Reb Yoel Layb promised her half of his Olam Haba [his share in the World to Come]. He passed away at an old age in the year 1932.

The son of Reb Yoel Layb, zatsal, Reb Shmuel Shaul Talmud, was a rich merchant in Lodz, of the Chassidim of Alexander-Starikov; his daughter Leah, may she rest in peace, was my first wife, who was murdered in the Lodz Ghetto together with her parents. Our only daughter Fayga Rachel was wiped out in Auschwitz.

Hershel of Yavlona [?], the second son of my uncle Reb Yoel Layb, was also wiped out with his entire family. Likewise were wiped out his son Reb Yechiel Talmud, of the Parnasim [community leaders] of the city of Minsk, with his entire family, and also Reb Mattis with all his family; he also lived in Minsk.

My father, my teacher, Reb Yitzchak Eizik Goldberg, of the Chassidim of Lokov-Kotzk, was a wood merchant, the son of Reb Yaakov, an offsping of great rabbis, the son-in-law of the holy rabbi from Nemrov [?], author of the book “Veshav haCohen” about the Tosafot [supplementary notes to the Talmud].

My mother and my entire family, my brother and my sisters and their family, were all wiped out in the extermination camps. I mourn for these [this is quote from the Book of Lamentations].
(I tried to find the book mentioned, “Veshav haCohen”, online. However, there is more than one book with this name, and the name of the author does not appear in thre article. It is actually not clear exactly which of the men mentioned was the author of this book).

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