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Submitted by Jean-Loup VALIERE

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Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 1/29/2023 11:55 AM
Family Surname: Weitzmann
Country: France
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this post contains the Ketubah, the marriage document of my parents.

Someone very kindly and helpful translated my parents' Tena'im for me, written in Hebrew, but the Ketubah is written in Aramaic, and only part of it could be translated.

I would appreciate to know more if possible about the contents of the Ketubah.

Thanks in advance.


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On  Response 
1/22/2023 2:37 PM I have just completed responding to your other post, in which I explained that it was the engagement document, Tena'im.

This post contains the Ketuba, the marriage document.

It is dated Sunday, the 17th day of Tevet of the year (January 8th, 1939).

Interestingly, here the groom's name is not given as Layzer, but as Elazar. In other words, Elazar was his official Hebrew name, but he was known as Layzer. His father was Moshe. Your mother was Nechama. Here, her father's name was given as Yoel Ber (in other words, he had a double Hebrew name; Ber is Yiddish and means bear). On the Tena'im document, his name was given simply as Yoel.

The Ketuba, which is entirely in Aramaic, basically describes the responsibilities of the groom towards his wife.

The Hebrew signatures are those of the witnesses. One was Yosef Blumberg [?], who may have been a cantor. The other witness's signature is really hard to read. Something like Manta Brullrer? The other signature is your father's.

In the French at the bottom, the names are given as Leon Weitzmann and Linette Ab.

Interestingly, the marriage did not take place in June of 1938, as the Tena'im had hoped, but six months later. Possibly, the situation in France made it necessary to choose a later date.
1/30/2023 10:39 PM

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