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Geographic AreaNameCoordinatorStatusView
Ostrog (Town)Memorials* (Journals) of the Jewish communities in towns Krzemieniec, Kalisz, Ostrog,Ron DoctorIn progress
1. Memorials* (Journals) of the Jewish communities in towns Krzemieniec, Kalisz, Ostrog and Wlodzimierz regarding the extension of the loans repayment.  2. Testimony related to repayment loan by Poznan synagogue.  3. Kazimierz Synagogue Supplication related to the students bad behavior.  4. Complaints by the lessees Berko Wolowicz and Nosen Moszkowicz against the owner Knihininski.; 1779-1780; HM 2-8992.18; Polish; ; Originally from Moscow Archives GADA Fond 1603 Opis 1 delo 102
Ostrog (Town)Report related to the liquidation of OZPP in Wolyn territory and searches of the partRon DoctorIn progress
Report related to the liquidation of OZPP in Wolyn territory and searches of the party members homes.  Party members whose homes were searched by the police are listed. Searches were conducted in: Wlodzimierz, Ostrog, Wisniowiec, Dubno, Hoszcza, Tuczyn, Miedzyrzec (Korecki), Rowne, Luck and Luck district, Kowel, Mielnica, Maniewicze, Holoby and Turzysk; 1934; HM 2-9631.19; Polish; ; Originally from  GAVO - Government Archives of Luck Province Fond 1 Opis 2 Delo 4452
Ostrog (Town)CAHJP Catalog Card Translation, OstrogJanette SilvermanIn progress
Acquire and translate catalog cards from Ostrog found in the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People. There are 121 cards.
Ostrog (Town)Fundraising Project, Ostroh (Ostrog) Document Acquisition and Translation ProjectsMel WerbachIn progress
A trilingual translator will extract data from the original records, translate them into English, and enter the data into a spreadsheet template provided by JewishGen.  Once those tasks are complete, JewishGen will integrate the new data into the JewishGen Ukraine Database
Ostrog (Town)Book translation: 'Mazkeret li-gedole Ostrah'', OstrogPrentiss SmithIn progress
Translate the book Mazkeret li-gedole Ostrah by Menahem Mendel Biber. The book is a history of Ostrog and its people.
Ostrog (Town)Revision list translation and indexing, Ostrog Town, 1814-1834Prentiss SmithIn progress
Obtain from FHL, translate and index revision lists for Ostrog, 1814-1834
Ostrog (Town)Fundraising Project, OstrogMel WerbachOngoing
Initial fundraising for 1795 Ostrog Census is complete. Fundraising for other projects is ongoing.
Ostrog (Town)About the sending of Jewish scholar Marco Rubinshtein to check the status of public aJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
About the sending of Jewish scholar Marco Rubinshtein to check the status of public and private Hebrew schools in the cities of: Balta, Belaya, Tserkov, Vratslav, Vasilkov, Vladimir-Volynski, Vinitza, Dubno, Shitomir, Zaslav, Zvenigorodka, Kamenetz-Podolski, Kanev, Koretz, Kremenetz, Novograd-Volyn, Ostrog, Proskurov, Lutsk, Letichev, Mogilev-Podolski, Yampol, Radzivilov, Radomysl, Rovno, Skvir, Starokonstantinov, Tarasha, Uman.
In the case mentioned 41 Jewish school, indicating the number of students and teachers names, 1870; Russian; HM2/9530.8.

Keeper of Kiev educational districtKiev National Historical Archive from Ukraine
Ostrog (Town)Reports on Zionist-Socialists activities in towns: Dvinsk, Kyiv, Ostrog, Novograd-VolJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
Reports on Zionist-Socialists activities in towns: Dvinsk, Kyiv, Ostrog, Novograd-Volynskiy, Pinsk, Slavuta, containing information about coming 11-th Zionist Congress in Basel (27-8-09-9-1911) and Conference of parties: SERP (Socialist Jewish Workers"Party) and BUND in Vienna (February, 1911), 1911, Russian, CAHJP HMF-1034 (V-VI).

Kyiv Security Office, Special DepartmentState Archives of Russian Federation (GARF). Moscow, Fond 102, Opis 1911 Delo 4, parts 12B, 156, 34B, 44, 44B
Ostrog (Town)Report on situation in state-owned Jewish schools and kheders (1858) in Volyn ProvincJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
Report on situation in state-owned Jewish schools and kheders (1858) in Volyn Province towns: Vladimir-Volynskiy, Dubno, Zaslav, Lutsk, Korets, Kremenets, Novograd-Volynskiy, Ostrog, Starokonstantinov. On teachers" moving in the Volyn Province. In the file: data on quantity of pupils in schools, names of teachers, melameds and rabbis, 1857-1862, Russian, CAHJP HM2/9545.6.

Volyn School InspectorateGAZhO, Zhitomir State Archives, Fond 71, Opis 1, Delo 1306
Ostrog (Town)Volyn Province Directorate of public schools, Volyn Province Jewish Schools' CommitteJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
Volyn Province Directorate of public schools, Volyn Province Jewish Schools" Committee, Lists of melameds and kheder sponsors in towns and shtetls: Rovno, Ostrog, Kremenets, Zaslav, Slavuta, Shepetovka, Yampol, Radzivilov, Novograd-Volynskiy, Lutsk, Kovel, Polonnoye, 1846-1847, Russian, CAHJP HM2/9342.18.

Zhitomir Region State ArchivesGAZhO, Zhitomir State Archives, Fond 71, Opis 1, Delo 775
Ostrog (Town)Statistical data of Jews, number of communities, synagogues, schools and members of cJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
Statistical data of Jews, number of communities, synagogues, schools and members of communities"administrations in Vladimir, Dubno, Zhitomir Region State Archives, Izyaslav, Kovel, Kremenets, Lutsk, Novograd-Volynskiy, Ovruch, Ostrog, Rovno and Strarokonstantinov districts during 1841, 1842, Russian, CAHJP HM2/9306.2.

Administration of Kiev, Podolia and Volyn General-Governor.
TSGIAU, Central State History Archives of Ukraine, Kyiv, Fond 442, Opis 1, Delo 4027
Ostrog (Town)Business trip of the Learned Jew Mark Rubinshtein, to review state and private JewishJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
Business trip of the Learned Jew Mark Rubinshtein, to review state and private Jewish schools in the towns of: Mogilev-Podolskiy, Balta, Belaya Tserkov", Berdichev, Bratslav, Vasil"kov, Vladimir-Volynskiy, Vinnitsa, Dubno, Zhitomir Region State Archives, Zaslavl", Zvenigorodka, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Kanev, Korets, Kremenets, Letichev, Lutsk, Mogilev-Podolskiy, Novograd-Volynskiy, Ostrog, Proskurov, Radzivilov, Radomysl", Rovno, Skvir", Starokonstantinov, Tarashcha, Uman", Yampol". The file mentions 41 Jewish schools, noting the number of students and the surnames of teachers, 1870, CAHJP HM2.9530, 8.

Administrator of the Kiev School DistrictTSGIAU, Kiev, Fond 707, Opis 203, Delo 32
Ostrog (Town)Information about the condition of Jewish schools of Podolia Province, 1852-1858Janette SilvermanNot Yet Started
Information about the condition of Jewish schools of Podolia Province: (Mogilev-Podolskiy, Balta, Bershad", Bratslav, Vinnitsa, Zhabokrich, Kamenets, Kamenka, Kuz"min, Letichev, Mogilev, Mjastkobka, Nikolaev, Ol"gopol", Peshchanka, Proskurov, Rashkov, Satanov, Staraya Ushitsa, Tarnoruda, Fel"shtin, Chechelnik, Chernyy Ostrov, Sharovka, Yarmolintsy) and Volynia Province: Vladimir Vol., Dubno, Zastlavl", Korets, Kremenets, Lutsk, Novograd-Vol, Ostrog, Starokonstantinov and others, 1852-1858, Russian, CAHJP HM2/8874.1.

GAKhO, Kamenets, Fond 67, Opis 1, Delo 90
Ostrog (Town)Zionist Organization Surveillance from multiple townsJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
On surveillance of Zionist organisations members"activity incl.: names of members of the 10-th Zionist Congress in Basel from cities: Vilno, Vitebsk, Lepel, Lyubar, Novograd-Volhynskiy, Pinsk, Smorgon, Tiflis, Kherson; information about Zionist congress activists in Polonnoye incl.: list of participants (17-08-1910), Manifesto (in Hebrew ...); Appeals "haverim nekhbadim", "Nidva nakhala shel Keren ha-kayemet" ["Dear Friends" … "donations to the community fund" … "donations to the Olive Tree Fund."] and other documents of the Zionist Party: Lists of members from towns: Dubno, Zdolbunov, Kremenets, Lutsk, Ostrog, Radzivilov, Rovno. Slavuta, 1910-1912, Russian & Hebrew, CAHJP HM2/9896.14.
Central State Historical Archive (TsGIAU), Kyiv, Ukraine
Fond 1335, Opis 3, Delo 38

Volhyn Province Gendarme Administration.
Ostrog (Town)Kehilalinks Development Project: Old Town Pages Conversion, OstrogRichard BaumFinished
Conversion of Ostrog (Ostroh) Old Town Page to Kehilalink
conversion completed 5/22/2012
Kehilalink adopted by new owner
Ostrog (Town)Ostrog, 1795 CensusMel WerbachFinished
This dataset is a translation of the 1795 Census of Jews in the District of Ostrog. The census books are in Ostrog, Ukraine at the local regional museum, the State Historical and Cultural Trust. Its official title is “OSTROG Head Tax Record for 1795”. It is found in book 4437. The census has a total of 2,951 names.

The census was conducted by the Russian government only two years after Ostroh was transferred from Poland to Russia; therefore it is not surprising that the left side of each page is in Russian, while the right side presents essentially the same data in Polish. Since each listing was provided in two languages, it was possible to translate all of the pages that were photographed. However, at least 3 pages of listings are missing in both languages, all of which belong to the “Ostrog/Old Town” section (located between photos #570 and #572, #631 and 633, and #736 and 737).

 With three exceptions, no surnames are listed in the census. Moreover, although Jews frequently had more than one given name, Jewish entries are typically limited to a single given name along with the patronymic (the father’s given name). The head of each household is listed first, followed by family members. Ages and occupations are included, together with useful notes for a fair number of entries.

Still, it is difficult to identify an ancestor without the help of a surname. A useful aid in identification would ordinarily be to combine the information provided in the 1795 census with information gathered from subsequent censuses, by which time surnames were routinely used in official records. The Kremenets District Research Group has translated an 1816 Census for the Kremenets District that contains 2,526 records for Ostrog. A searchable index to these records is available on the Kremenets KehilaLinks website. In addition, the Ostrog museum has the 1850 and 1858 census records. Both of these collections will be helpful in tracing ancestors into the 1795 Census.

The translator worked from digital photographs of the original pages. These photographs were generously donated by Allan Dolgow who arranged for them to be taken at the Ostrog State Historical and Cultural Trust. Dr. Mel Werbach initiated the Ukraine SIG Fundraising Project and served as Translation Project Leader. In addition, your generous financial contributors made it possible for us to engage a professional translator who could work with three languages, Russian, Polish, and English.

The translation spreadsheet has been posted in the JewishGen Ukraine Database. Be sure to read the document that describes the Census. The document and the spreadsheet are available on the Ostrog KehilaLinks website. Scroll to the bottom of the Census webpage for a link to the spreadsheet. Or, you can download the spreadsheet by clicking on this link.

Total: 17 records

Note: the table is sortable by clicking on the column header

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