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Geographic AreaNameCoordinatorStatusView
Monastyrishche (Town)Jewish Community Committee (Committee helping those who survived in pogroms)Phyllis Gold BerensonIn progress
Jewish Community Committee (Committee helping those who survived in pogroms).  Radomisl, Uman (Hebrew text),Buki, Boiarka, Brusilov, Chernobyl, Chopovichi (Hebrew text), Dubova, Gornostaipol, Ivanki, Ivankov, Justingrad, Khristinovka, Ladyzhynka, Malin, Monasterishche, Pogrebishche, Pokotilovo, Stavishche, Steblev, Stepanets, Talnoe, Terlitsa, Tsybulev (Hebrew text), Korostyshev, Malin (Hebrew text), Buki (Hebrew text), Radomisl, Chopovichi (Hebrew text), Gornostaypol, Ivanki, Talnoe (Hebrew text).  1918-1921.

State Archive of Kiev Region, Fond 3050, op. 1, d. 52

HM 2/9862.1
Monastyrishche (Town)Collected Records, Monastyrishche Military Records To be definedIn progress
Prepare the dataset for posting in JG Ukraine DB and Ukraine SIG MNI. Records were collected by 
Barry Helfand.  
They include 24 pages of military records, 1 page service record and Passport for travel within Russian Empire, Nov 1890-Nov 1903.

The translated records along with images of the originals are available on the 
Monastyrishche KehilaLinks website.
Monastyrishche (Town)Collected Records Processing, Monastyrishche Vital Records To be definedIn progress
Ukraine SIG"s researchers have submitted translated records that they have obtained while pursuing their family history research. The SIG provides these records in uniform formats so that other researchers can search them. The translated records will be posted with other Collected Records in the JewishGen Ukraine Database where they will be searchable. In addition, we extract key data points from each collected records set for the Ukraine SIG Master Name Index. Collected Records are noted as Collections on individual Town Pages.

Barry Helfand 
submitted Vital records for Monastyrishche, 1851: 56 Birth, 6 Marriage and 14 Death records. No record images. No Hebrew translation. Only Russian pages translated. Translations of the records are available on the 
Monastyrishche KehilaLinks website.
Monastyrishche (Town)Cemeteries: Photograph Gravestones, MonstyrishcheBarry HelfandIn progress
Photograph, transcribe, and translate gravestone inscriptions and upload to JOWBR.
Monastyrishche (Town)Cemeteries: Documentation for JOWBR, MonastyrishcheBarry HelfandIn progress
Prepare cemetery data for JOWBR. Barry Helfand has burials information from First Monasterischer Benevolent Society and from YIVO for two cemetery plots on Staten Island
Monastyrishche (Town)Committee for Assistance to the Jewish Victims of Pogroms.; Radomysl, Uman Buki, BoiaJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
Committee for Assistance to the Jewish Victims of Pogroms.; Radomysl, Uman
Buki, Boiarda, Brusilov, Chernobyl, Chopovichi, Dubova, Gornostaypol, Ivanki, Ivankov, Justingrad, Khristinovka, Korostyshev, Ladyzhynka, Malin, Monastyrishehe, Pogrebischehe, Pokotilovo, Stavishehe, Stepanets, Talnoe, Terlitsa, Tsybulev, 1918-1921; Russian; CAHJP HM2/9860.1.

 Kiev Public Jewish Committee (Committee for Assistance to jewish victims of pogrom)National Historical Archive from Kirov, Kiev

Total: 6 records

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