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General UkraineBook of Jewish Life in Ukraine: Expeditions, Monuments and FindsJanette SilvermanIn progress
Book of Jewish Life in Ukraine: Expeditions, Monuments and Finds.
Published 1994 in St. Petersburg. Chief Editor V. Dimschitz. 114 pages
in Russian and English.
General UkraineCAHJP 'Requests of the landowners to rename villages into towns', 1907-1911Phyllis Gold BerensonIn progress
Translate Catalog Card for Department of Executive Police. "About the requests of the landowners to rename villages into towns", including Terlitsa, and the information about the towns of Borisovskiy, Pinskiy, Rechitskiy, Slutskiy districts, Minsk region. (Russian and Polish languages).

HM 2/9316.23
General UkraineName extractions, Center for Genealogical Research Ron DoctorIn progress
Extract, translate and record Jewish name entries from lists on the website of the Center for Genealogical Research (www.rosgenea.ru).
General UkraineFundraising Project, Ukraine SIG Digital Documents AcquisitionJanette SilvermanIn progress
The FHL has Jewish vital records and family list microfilms for 83 towns and districts within the JewishGen Ukraine SIG"s geographic area, plus revision lists and community records for about 158 districts. Within the past few years, the FHL and its associated FamilySearch Centers (FSCs) have installed microfilm scanners, which can be used to convert microfilm images to several useful digital image formats. Our volunteers will rent microfilms from the FHL and will use the FHL/FSC scanners to obtain digitized images of vital records, revision lists, and other relevant documents. After acquisition, we will initiate individual translation projects. The translations (but not the images) will be posted in the JewishGen Ukraine Database, and possibly other locations.

The Central Archives (CAHJP) is accelerating document acquisition from archives in Eastern Europe, especially Poland and Ukraine. The JewishGen Ukraine SIG has an arrangement with the Director of the Central Archives to obtain digitized images of the records they obtain at a discounted price (see the “Estimated Cost” section of this proposal, below). This agreement stems from cooperative activities between the Kremenets District Research Group and the Central Archives over the past five years. In addition, the CAHJP has agreed to accept our requests for records from towns outside the Kremenets District.

The project will be carried out in several overlapping phases:

Identifying appropriate scanning resources, costs, and volunteers
Document acquisition: scanning FHL microfilms, and digital images of CAHJP documents
Translation / transliteration,
Processing for posting in the JewishGen Ukraine Database and other places.
We will start by acquiring digital images of vital records and family lists from FHL microfilms, because we know which microfilms include specifically Jewish records. When this part of the Project is well underway, we will then begin working on revision lists. Volunteers for the JewishGen Ukraine SIG will rent and scan the microfilms at the Family History Library, at FHCs and at other places that have appropriate microfilm scanners and access to FHL microfilms. Concurrently, we will begin acquiring digital images of records from the CAHJP for selected towns. As we identify microfilms that contain revision lists with entries for Jews, we will add those to the digitization queue.

This Fundraising project will pay for microfilm rental, scanner use at the FHL, FSCs, and other locations, and for acquisition of record images from the Central Archives. Translation activities will begin as record images become available. We will start the translations with volunteers. However, it is likely that we will not be able to recruit sufficient numbers of volunteers with requisite dual-language skills (handwritten 19th-century Russian and Hebrew/Yiddish). If that is the case, the proceeds from this Fundraising Project will be used to pay for professional translators, but only as funds become available. See the next section for rough cost estimates.

An Excel spreadsheet attached to this message displays the vital records microfilms that are part of this project. The spreadsheet has three worksheets showing towns and FHL Microfilm numbers: (1) Microfilm numbers for each town sorted by district name, (2) Town names for each microfilm number, sorted by microfilm number, and (3) a list of towns organized by district and province. The first worksheet also has data showing the number of JGFF researchers for each town, the number of microfilm reels for each town, and the years those microfilm reels cover.
General UkrainePrenumeranten, Translate and post Kehilot Yitschak lists, Agricultural ColoniesChaim FreedmanIn progress
Translate the prenumeranten name lists in Kehilot Yitschak.
General UkrainePrenumeranten, Translate and post Sefer Imri Shmuel lists, Agricultural ColoniesChaim FreedmanIn progress
Translate the prenumeranten name lists in Sefer Imri Shmuel.
General UkraineCollected Records Processing To be definedOngoing
Ukraine SIG"s researchers have submitted translated records that they have obtained while pursuing their family history research. The SIG provides these records in uniform formats so that other researchers can search them. The translated records are posted on the appropriate KehilaLinks website and on JewishGen Ukraine Database where they are searchable. In addition, we extract key data points from each collected records set for the Ukraine SIG Master Name Index. Collected Records are noted as Collections on individual Town Pages.
General UkraineRussian Language Websites, Data Extraction and ProcessingJanette SilvermanOngoing
Marilyn Robinson has been identifying documents and datasets on Russian language websites that are of interest to Ukraine SIG researchers. This project involves creating a catalog of resources on these websites. Currently the Catalog has 415 entries. More than 1,000 websites have been identified. Some of these contain tens of thousands of records about Jews in Ukraine. 

This is an extremely important project. We need volunteers who either can read typeset Russian or have the ability to use and interpret Google Chrome automatic translations, and enter data into the Excel Catalog. If you have Russian reading skills or if you are good at analyzing website content, and are willing to help, please contact Ron Doctor or Marlis Humphrey.

Ukraine SIG helps Town Leaders and KehilaLinks Owners prioritize the extracted datasets for their towns, create fundraising projects to translate the datasets, and assists with translations.
General UkraineCAHJP Data Acquisition Translation and Database Entry ProjectChuck WeinsteinNot Yet Started
Revision Lists, metrical records and other data from Ukraine archives, scanned by the Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem.
General UkraineCAHJP NegotiationsRon DoctorFinished
Ron arranged with Yochai Ben Ghedalia, Director of CAHJP, re (1) acquiring their catalog entries for Ukraine towns, (2) acquiring documents in digitized form for translation at a reduced price, (3) assisting the CAHJP in their efforts to create a unified digital catalog of their holdings.
General UkraineCAHJP Catalog Card PhotographyAri AverbachPending
Yochai Ben Ghedalia has given Ukraine SIG permission to photograph CAHJPs catalog cards. Ari will photograph them as time permits.
General UkraineYahad in Unum PartnershipRon DoctorPending
A Partnership Agreement between Father Patrick Dubois" Yahad in Unum organization and Ukraine SIG is being developed. It will involve sharing information and data plus fundraising for new joint projects. The partnership proposal results from a meeting between Ron Doctor, Ariel Parkansky, and Patrice Bensimon in Paris in July 2012.

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