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Shumsk (Town)Passenger Ship Manifests, EIDB, Shumsk1898-1923Migration: Passenger Ship ManifestsKehilaLinks
The list was extracted from Ellis Island passenger ship manifests. It provides information concerning immigrants from Shumsk who arrived in the U.S between 1898 and 1923 - Given Name, Surname, Age, Year of Arrival, Date of Arrival, Port, if not NY, Last residence.
Shumsk (Town)Business Directory, Polish, 1923, Shumsk1923Directories: BusinessKehilaLinks
Page image at: 
Shumsk (Town)Revision List, ShumskCensus: Revision ListsFHL
included in Kremenets District
Shumsk (Town)Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), Shumsk2001General Reference
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), p. 1282: "Szumsk".
Shumsk (Town)Yad Vashem, Shumsk1939-1945HolocaustJG
 catalog entries acquired &
partial surname list
Shumsk (Town)Photo Archive, ShumskPhotos, GeneralJG
 catalog entries acquired
Shumsk (Town)Feepayer Lists, Shumsk, 19361936Name Lists, Tax/Fee PayersJG
The 1936 Shumsk Feepayer List has 277 entries. It is on the Kremenets  KehilaLinks site.
Shumsk (Town)Pinkas HaKehilot, ShumskGeneral ReferenceJG YB Translations
Pinkas HaKehilot, Poland, Vol. 5 (1990), p. 206-208: "Szumsk"
Shumsk (Town)Cemeteries: Photos, ShumskCemeteries: Photographs of CemeteriesKehilaLinks
The Shumsk cemetery has 164 gravestones
Shumsk (Town)CAHJP Catalog Card, 1812-1814, Accusation of robbery and killing, KDRG 2421812-1814Community Records: KahalCAHJP
Renewal of criminal case of  Gershko MORDKOVICH and Gersh Ber PEYSAKHOVICH (Austrian citizens) accusation in robbery attack and killing a German in the forest on the way to Shumsk in 1812. In the case: Evidence of witnesses and suspects. Volyn main Court, town of Zhitomir, 2nd department

CAHJP Catalog No. HM 3-531.02, KDRG No. 242. In Russian. CAHJP obtained the document from the GAZHO, fond 16, opis 6, delo 11. KDRG has not yet obtained a copy of this document. 

For information about this collection, contact Ron Doctor .
Shumsk (Town)JDC Reports, 1919 visit to Kremenets District Towns1919Article, HistoricalJDC
JDC visit to Kremenets, 15 Oct 1919 Memo, NY_AR1921_03260, ID 224216.pdf. This one page memo describes the situation in Kremenets and names 15 prominent Kremenetsers. It also gives the population of the 12 major towns in the Kremenets district.
Towns mentioned include Shumsk, Yampol, Lanovtsy, Vishnevets, Vyshgorodok,Belozirka, Pochayev, Radzivilov, Katerburg, Berezhtsy, Teofipol.
Names from the document have been included in the 
Kremenets Concordance of Personal Names and Town Names
(Master Name Index) which is available, downloadable and searchable on the Kremenets Kehilalinks website on JewishGen.
Shumsk (Town)Slownik Geograficzny, Shumsk1880-1902Article, HistoricalLibraries
Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), XII, pp. 77-78: "Szumsk" #1. The original document in Polish is at:
A translation is on the Kremenets KehilaLinks website:
Shumsk (Town)Yizkor Book, Translation, ShumskWW2, 1940sYizkor Book TranslationsJG YB Translations
"Szumsk - Memorial book of the Martyrs of Szumsk" (Sefer zikaron le-kedoshei Shumsk she-nispu be-shoat ha-natsim bi-shenat) 1942 (Tel Aviv, 1968). Partial translation.
Shumsk (Town)JOWBR - Shumsk Cemetery & Burials InformationCemeteries: Inscriptions & Burial RecordsJOWBR
JOWBR has a description of the Shumsk Cemetery plus a searchable database of names inscribed on the 167 gravestones there. 
To view the gravestones and translations of inscriptions, go to the JOWBR search page 
Do a search for Town: Shumsk, in the Geographic Region: Ukraine. Then select the button for Volhynia.
Shumsk (Town)Necrology from Shumsk Yizkor BookWW2, 1940sNecrologyJG YB Translations
Necrology in the Shumsk Yizkor Book. Also see:
for a more detailed Necrology that provides hyperlinked sources for determining how surnames were spelled.
Shumsk (Town)Yizkor Book, Original Language, ShumskWW2, 1940sYizkor Books, Original LanguageNYPL, YBs Online
Shumsk Yizkor Book in the original languages
Shumsk (Town)CAHJP Documents, 1849 Bet-midrash List, Shumsk1849Community Records: KahalKehilaLinks
Lists of 1,360 names + text. 55 pp., Russian, handwritten, KDRG Doc 042, CAHJP Catalog No. HM2-9540.1. This document has not yet been translated. 
Title is, “Volhyn Province Schools" Board of Directors. Lists of bet-midrashes in Volhyn Province, lists of Jewish communities" members.” 
Volhyn province bet-midrash registers, Data on number of synagogue communities and rabbi"s names in Zaslav, Ostrog  district and boroughs, Krzemieniec, Belozerka, Berezhy, Vishnevets, Vyshgorodok, Katerburg, Lanovtsy, Staryy Aleksinets, Pochayev, Radzivilov, Shushki, Yampol, also name lists of synagogue  communities of  Dubno, Varkovichi, Rovno, Berezno, Mezhirichi (Rovno district). 
Contact Ron Doctor (rddpdx@gmail.com) for more information.
Shumsk (Town)Migration: Passports, Shumsk1933, 1937PassportsJG
Passports for emigration from Shumsk to Israel
Shumsk (Town)Collected Records, Revision Lists, Kremenets district, Shumsk1858Census: Revision ListsUkraine SIG researcher listed in Description
1 census record collected and translated by a Ukraine researcher for 
Paul Silverstone
 from State Archives of Zhitomir Oblast, Fond 118, Opis 14, Delo 144. This record is for the Finkelshtejn family.
Shumsk (Town)Shtetl Finder, Cohen (1989), ShumskGeneral ReferenceJG
Shtetl Finder (1989), p. 91: "Shomsk, Shumsk".

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