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Konotop (Town)CAHJP Catalog Card, 1870-1871, Appointment of Rabbis and teachers to state Jewish schools, KDRG 2361870-1871Community Records: KahalCAHJP
On appointment of Rabbis from among the school"s graduates:
Moisey VIZIN–Konotop; teachers to state Jewish schools-Lev DAN and Iona FARBER-Kremenchug; Leyba BERNSHTEYN-Letichev; Moisey YUFA-Zaslav;  Khaim MARGOLESH- Radzivilov; Yankel LEVIN-Rovno;  Anshel BOLUKHER-Ataki; Gershon KORSHUN-Skvira;  Leyb BORENSHTEYN-Letichev; Iosif GRUNYAN-Taganrog, Russia;  Vulf  BRONSHTEYN-Skvira; Khaim ROZENBERG-Starokonstantinov;  Yakov SHUR-Dubno; Yudel GORDON-Vasylkiv; David ELSHANSKIY-Bratslav; Mendel EPSHTEYN-Khotin;  Mordko ISTSER-Rovno:

CAHJP Catalog No. HM HM 3-496.03, KDRG No. 236. In Russian. CAHJP obtained the document from the GAZHO (State Archives of Ukraine in  Zhitomir), fond 396, opis 2, delo 540. KDRG has not yet obtained a copy of this document. 

For information about this collection, contact Ron Doctor .
Konotop (Town)Vital Records Images-Jewish Births, Marriages, Deaths, Divorces in Konotop1905-1915Vital Records: Mixed (B, M, D, D)FHL
Jewish Records of births, marriages, divorces and deaths from the Jewish community of Konotop. The records are from FHL microfilm number 2091573 (Item 1).  The text is in Russian and Hebrew.

Microfilm 2091573

 item 1 – Volume 679-10/1247 (cont.) Marriages 1915 (p. 259-266) -- Marriages 1914 (p. 390-392) -- Marriages 1913 (p. 392-414) -- Marriages 1907 (p. 593-613) -- Marriages 1905 (p. 723-742)

The FHL catalog entry for the microfilms is:
Registers of Jewish births, marriages, deaths for Konotop district and city, Konotop, Chernigov, Russia; later Konotop district and city, Konotop, Sumy, Ukraine. Text in Russian and Hebrew.
Translation is pending. Ukraine SIG"s Coordinator has the image files.
Konotop (Town)Family Records, FHL Catalog Entry, Konotop town & district 1882-19061882-1906Census: Family ListsFHL
4 microfilms, FHL Catalog entry for Konotop district
Family lists (tax poll census) for the Jewish community in Konotop district, Chernigov, Russia; later Konotop, Sumy, Ukraine. These lists were created to record information on the representatives of the taxable social classes. Text in Russian.
Fond 127, Opis 14, Dela 3306, 3315, 3538, 4067, 4075. 
Microfilm Nos. 1222346-1222347, 1409779-1409780.
Konotop (Town)Vital Records-FHL Catalog Entry, Jewish, Konotop Town 1896-19161896-1916FHL Catalog EntryFHL
7 microfilm reels at FHL
"Registers of Jewish births, marriages, deaths for Konotop district and city, Konotop, Chernigov, Russia. Text in Russian and Hebrew.
Record group 679, series 10, files 1243, 1245-1247, 1256, 1258, 1308.
Microfilm Nos. 2091570-2091573, 2091575-2091576, 2101469.
Konotop (Town)Revision List 1782-1846, Konotop1782-1846Census: Revision ListsFHL

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