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 02/21/2012  Ukraine SIG's New Website is Online

Today is the big day. After 4 months of intensive work, Ariel Parkansky, Ukraine SIG’s Website Manager, and his dedicated Web Team have produced an entirely new website for you. We think you will find the new site packed with more information and easier to use than the old one.

Your new website is oriented around Town and District Pages, more than 800 of them. Each Town Page will serve as a portal to all the information we know about for that town, both on JewishGen and on other websites. With the help of our 67 Town Leaders, KehilaLinks website owners, and volunteers, we gradually will add links to more data and other information to the Town Pages. Please contact me if you can help.

Because of the new website structure, it may take some time for you to learn how to find information you seek. We have developed two documents to help you.

  • Introduction to Ukraine SIG " is under Get Started/Get Started with Ukraine SIG on the Top Menu Bar. Please take a few minutes to read this orientation to how our SIG is organized.

  • How to use our website " also is is under Get Started/Get Started with this website on the Top Menu Bar. This document will give you a fairly complete orientation to your new website.

A complete list of Town Leaders and KehilaLinks Owners is under About Us/Key People on the Top Menu Bar.

The website has three features that are present on every page: (1) search boxes in the upper right corner, (2) the Top Menu Bar, and (3) a bottom menu bar. Town, District, and Province pages are the core of your website. They contain links to Document Collections, Project Lists, Related Materials, and more. Since the site is massively hyperlinked you can get to these materials in many ways.

For example, to find your town pages, try the clickable maps, starting on the Home page. Or try browsing through the alphabetic town index under "Towns and
Districts" on the Top Menu Bar. Or, type your town name into the Town Search box in the upper right corner of every page. All these methods and more are
explained in our " How to use our website " document.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please write to me.


Ron Doctor (rddpdx@gmail.com
Coordinator, JewishGen Ukraine SIG
where Jewish genealogy is personal

 10/17/2011  Language, Spreadsheet & Web Skills Survey

Ukraine SIG needs volunteers with various skills, particularly language skills to process overseas data and documents, and computer skills to assist with making that data accessible and available. We're doing a survey to discover how our members can help. We hope you'll participate by completing the survey. You can also visit our Surveys Page and see the results of the survey.

 10/07/2011  Trostyanets History

Wayne Frankel has provided us with a History of Trostyanets, in Podolia gubernia. You can read it here.

 09/28/2011  New Board of Directors

We have a new Board of Directors for Ukraine-SIG. Here are the new Board members; additional information, including contact information, job descriptions and biographical information, are on our About the Board of directors page.

Ron Doctor -- SIG Coordinator
Hal Bookbinder -- Special Projects Director
Linda Cantor -- Communications & Discussion List Director
Ariel Parkansky -- Web manager
Marlis Humphrey -- Projects Director
Victor Miller -- Outreach-in-Ukraine Director
Chuck Weinstein -- Towns Director
(Position is currently vacant) -- Translations & Data Director

We still need a Translations and Data Director. You can read the responsibilities of the position here. If you're interested, please contact Ron Doctor.

 09/15/2011  Ukraine-SIG Facebook Page

We now have a Facebook page! Please visit us at our new page. We'd love it if you would "like" us!

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