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 02/27/2013  Ukraine SIG FHL Microfilm Scanner Survey is Underway ... Are you participating?

When I accepted the Ukraine SIG Coordinator job in July 2011 I promised to revitalize Ukraine SIG. Thanks to you, we have made great progress toward this goal. However, one major task remains undone. Many of you asked for better access to records from Ukraine's archives. I promised to start a project to help you obtain those records. Currently we have three major sources of vital records, revision lists, family lists etc. that reside in various archives in Ukraine: (1) You and your Ukraine SIG Town Leaders can write directly to the Archives. Miriam Weiner's website is a great place to start. Ukraine SIG will help you translate any records you obtain; (2) The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) is acquiring records from various archives in Ukraine. Ukraine SIG has entered an agreement with the CAHJP to obtain selected records. Yochai Ben Ghedalia, CAHJP's Director, will be Ukraine SIG's luncheon speaker at the IAJGS Conference in Boston this August; and (3) The LDS Family History Library and FamilySearch Centers (FSCs, previously called Family History Centers) have microfilms of Jewish vital records for 79 towns within Ukraine SIG's geographical area. Ukraine SIG has launched a new project to help you obtain digital images of your ancestors' records from these microfilms and get them translated. That's what this message is all about.

The first step in our new project is to identify which LDS FamilySearch Centers have microfilm scanners and what kind of scanners each has. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO CREATE THIS LIST. All you have to do is fill out our simple online form after a visit to your local FamilySearch Center. Click on this link to go to the Microfilm Scanner Survey Form. Print the Survey Form and take it to your local FSC so that you can gather the necessary information. Then, go online and fill out the online Survey Form. Please respond to the Survey questions based on a recent visit to a center. Don't forget to click 'Submit' at the bottom.

As I mentioned above, the LDS Family History Library has Jewish vital records for 79 towns that are in Ukraine SIG’s geographic area of responsibility. They are on 235 microfilm reels. The list of towns and microfilm numbers are available on Ukraine SIG’s website. Detailed information and links to the Family History Library Catalog description of each film also have been posted on the relevant Town Page on Ukraine SIG’s website.

This FSC Scanner Survey was created and is being managed by Ukraine SIG. However, it is a cooperative effort of Ukraine SIG, Gesher Galicia and Belarus SIG. We invite other SIGs to participate. The more responses we get to this survey, the better the service we will be able to provide to all of our researchers. So, please, fill out the SURVEY FORM.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Project Leader Harvey Kabaker or Ron Doctor. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Ron Doctor (rddpdx@gmail.com)
Coordinator, JewishGen Ukraine SIG
where Jewish genealogy is personal

 02/15/2013  Appointment of Emily Garber to Ukraine SIG's Board of Directors

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Emily Garber to Ukraine SIG's Board of Directors. Emily is our new Volunteers Director. Emily has been researching her family lines since 2007. Her ancestors immigrated to the United States between 1897 and 1922. She has a Bachelors degree in Anthropology from Vassar College, and a Masters from the University of New Mexico in Anthropology (specializing in archaeology). She recently retired from a career of more than 30 years in natural resource management with the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management.

Emily is Treasurer of the Phoenix (Arizona) JGS. She has been an active member of the JGS for several years, teaching courses and workshops. She currently serves as one of the Moderators for the JewishGen Discussion Group and as Ukraine SIG’s Town Leader and KehilaLinks Owner for Labun. A more detailed biography is here.

Emily's primary responsibilities will be ...

  1. Identify, recruit and coordinate volunteers for our projects.

  2. Check progress and status of volunteers periodically.

  3. Keep the SIG's Survey results spreadsheet updated.

  4. Maintain the Ukraine SIG Volunteers Wall of Honor.


Ron Doctor (rddpdx@gmail.com)
Coordinator, JewishGen Ukraine SIG
where Jewish genealogy is personal

 01/20/2013  Appointment of Janette Silverman to Ukraine SIG's Board of Directors

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Janette Silverman to Ukraine SIG's Board of Directors. Janette is our new Projects Director. She has a BA in sociology/anthropology, an MS in Public Administration, and an MS in Jewish Studies. She recently completed a Doctorate in Jewish Studies, with a dissertation that is genealogy-oriented. She has been active in the JewishGen and IAJGS Communities. She has been part of the moderating team for the JewishGen Discussion group for about 6 years. Currently she is President of the Phoenix Jewish Genealogy Group and is on an IAJGS subcommittee for membership. Janette has worked in Jewish education for most of her adult life - teaching religious school and, since 1989 serving as Education Director at Conservative and Reform congregations. A more detailed biography is here.

Janette will be responsible for (1) managing projects and the volunteers working on them and (2) for processing completed datasets (mostly spreadsheets) for submission to the JewishGen Ukraine Database (JGUD) and to Ukraine SIG Master Name Index (UkrSIG MNI).


Ron Doctor (rddpdx@gmail.com)
Coordinator, JewishGen Ukraine SIG
where Jewish genealogy is personal

 12/17/2012  16,925 Kremenets District vital records translations are online and downloadable

The Kremenets District Research Group (KDRG) has placed online translations of 16,925 birth, marriage, divorce and death records for Kremenets and several nearby towns. The records are searchable in the JewishGen Ukraine Database. They also are searchable on the website of Jewish Records Indexing-Poland (JRI-Poland). Click on 'Search Database' on the left side of the page. Then, just fill out the search form. Here is a list of the birth, marriage, divorce, and death records that have been posted:

  • Kremenets, 8,727 births: 1870-1886, 1888-1906
  • Kremenets, 320 marriages: 1899-1902 & 1904
  • Kremenets, 15 divorces: 1903 & 1904
  • Kremenets, 5,736 deaths: 1870-1878, 1880-1897, 1900-1902, and 1904-1907
  • Belozerka, 30 births: 1905
  • Katerinovka, 763 births: 1885, 1887-1895, 1900-1904, 1907-1911, 1913-1916, 1920, 1922-1931, 1937-1938
  • Oleksinets, 240 births: 1878-1883, 1892, 1896-1898, 1900-1901, 1903-1904, 1906, 1910, 1913
  • Velikiye Berezhtsy, 299 births: 1878-1887, 1889-1895, 1900-1901, 1904-1905, 1907-1908, 1912-1913
  • Vyshgorodok, 825 births: 1878-1889, 1895-1900

The Kremenets town records are on microfilms 2086060 through 2086066 at the Mormon Family History Library. Records for other towns are from the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (Hebrew University, Jerusalem).

To begin your search, check the Kremenets Concordance of Personal Names and Town Names. It is a master index to all the datasets translated by the Kremenets District Research Group. The Concordance will tell you which microfilm(s) have the records you seek and where the records are on the microfilm. The document Introduction and Guide to the Concordance tells you how to interpret the 'Source' and 'Location in Source' information that is in the Concordance.

Records for Jews who were registered in other towns of the Kremenets District also appear in the Kremenets Town records if the event occurred in Kremenets. So, be sure to re-sort the spreadsheet by town name to see records for Jews registered in your town.

A description and a complete record-by-record inventory of the LDS microfilms of Kremenets vital records are available on the Kremenets KehilaLinks website.

All of the vital records spreadsheets are available as downloadable Collections from the Kremenets Town Page of the Ukraine SIG website. The spreadsheets are in Excel 2007-2010 format (xlsx extension). If you have an earlier version of Excel you will need the free Microsoft compatibility pack.

 09/18/2012  Encyclopedia of Names, Kharkov Province now is online

The first translation spreadsheet for our Biographical Names Project is available on the Ukraine SIG website. It contains 379 name entries representing 70 Ukraine SIG towns. Eventually, this dataset will contain more than 150,000 entries.

Many thanks to Bena Shklyanoy, Ukraine SIG's Translations and Data Director, and her team of volunteer translators. They have extracted biographical entries of Jews from the online book, Encyclopedia of Names, Kharkov Province, Volume 1 by Andrey Fedorovich Paramonov. Mr. Paramonov is Director of the Private Museum of Kharkov City Mansion. He collected the records at the State Archive of Kharkiv Province beginning in 1999.

A description of the dataset and the associated translation spreadsheet are on the Kharkov District page of the Ukraine SIG website. Click here to see the original version in Russian. Here is an excerpt from that description:

Ukraine SIG extracted entries that appear to be for Jews and that have a Ukraine connection. With permission of the author, Ukraine SIG volunteers translated the extracted entries using an online copy of the book, as well as additional data provided by the author. An expanded set of the data also is on the website of the Center for Genealogical Research (CGR). A few entries in the Ukraine SIG dataset were not in the original list published by Mr. Paramonov, but only on the CGR website.

Currently the dataset has 379 entries covering the years 1784 to 1997. We will expand the dataset as we complete new translations from the CGR and other Russian language websites.

The dataset has been submitted to the JewishGen Ukraine Database. When it becomes available there, researchers will be able to search for given names, surnames, and towns in various combinations.

Bena and her translators are hard at work on the CGR biographical dataset. We estimate it contains 150,000 to 600,000 Jewish entries. Keep tuned for our next announcement about this very important dataset.

We need translators to extract the Jewish entries from the larger CGR online dataset, translate them from printed Russian to English, and enter the translations in a spreadsheet. We will provide you with the spreadsheet template and assistance in selecting Jewish names. We also need a Project Manager to coordinate the work of our volunteers. Please contact me if you can help with this project, either as project manager or as a translator.


Ron Doctor (rddpdx@gmail.com)
Coordinator, JewishGen Ukraine SIG
where Jewish genealogy is personal

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