Multi-view German Occupied Towns 

Formerly Russian - ca 1916 

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Wirballen Filipow Sejny Lodzieje Sopockinie Augustow

Field Marshall von Hindenburg is on the left Wirballen Augustow Suwalki Wirballen Suwalki

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SUWALKI  From left to right, starting from the top: 1) Captured Russian weapons across the street from the Catholic church 2) Russian church 3) German soldiers 4) Catholic church with German soldiers 5) Marketplace 6) Train station 7) Catholic church with captured Russian weapons. 8) Woman in ceremonial dress 9) German soldiers 10) German soldiers in line to buy goods from local merchants Clockwise from the upper left: Eydtkuhnen (in Russia proper) Prostken (Prostki - in East Prussia) Marketplace in Suwalki Church in Wirballen Marshal von Hindenburg in the center Mailed in 1915

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