Detailed Town Maps

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Aleksota.map0114.jpg (493569 bytes)

Aleksota German map, 1:10K scale, 1916. Kowno (Kaunas) is across the Niemen River, at the top of the map.

Filipow.  Russian map from 1941. The border with Germany is shown on the left  1:50K  [no enlargement available]

Filipow.map20110.jpg (173585 bytes)

Panemune.map0112.jpg (247732 bytes)

Filipow city plan from 1864. The translation of the coded key is: A. Rynek = Townhall; B. Kosciol parafialny = Parish church; all the others, ul. is an abbreviation for ulica = street.

Panemune Lithuanian map from 1935. Scale is 1:20K. Kowno (Kaunas) is across the Neimen River on the left. The map came from the book "Vadovas Po Kauna Ir Apylinkes".

Krasnopol2.jpg (366309 bytes)

Punsk.map0113.jpg (121086 bytes)


Punsk German map, 1:25K scale, 1944.

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