A directory of volunteers who offer free services to members of the Sephardic Special Interest Group (Sephardic SIG) for limited genealogy-related translations.

For added services, financial and other arrangements, if any, shall be between the translator and the client(s). No endorsement is implied by their presence here. Sephardic SIG and/or JewishGen shall not be responsible for any aspect of these arrangements. Please make arrangements directly with the translator(s). If the contents are of general reader interest, do post results to the Sephardic Forum.

Date added
Margarita Maymi Perez
8/22/2001 Spanish<>English & French <>English  
Judy Feinsilver Montel
8/22/01 English<>Hebrew  
Sami Feldman
8/22/01 English<>Turkish  
Jeff Malka
8/22/01 French<>English  
Bob Daniel Feron
8/24/01 Primary: Portuguese >English
Secondary: Ladino >English and Spanish >English
professional translator and interpreter
Ana Ghia-Pereira
8/27/01 Portuguese<>English  
Ionel Michael Navon
8/28/01 Hebrew<>Rumanian<>French<>English From<>to all four languages
Lionel Levy
9/17/01 English >French; English >Italian; French <> Italian  
Henriette M. Roth
10/17/01 Dutch >English English >Dutch - limited
Joco Sami
11/13/01 English <> Macedonian <> Serbian/Croatian  
David Sheby
4/29/02 transliterate from solitreo into Latin letters or Hebrew letters limited: names, towns, relationships
Susan Farb
4/29/02 English <> Spanish  
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
4/30/02 Farsi <> English  
Sciamma, Isaac
5/1/02 French <> English <> Hebrew  
Mathilde Tagger
5/7/02 Hebrew <> English; French <> English  
Bob Cassuto
5/7/02 Spanish > French; Italian >French English limited
Jorge E. Revoredo Sedero
5/7/02 Spanish<>German<>English  
Lynn Gazis-Sax
5/23/02 English<>German,Greek>English, limited English>Greek  
Judith Springer
6/04/02 Hebrew>English, Russian>English  
Daniel Pol
11/16/02 Hebrew<>English<>Dutch unlimited
Marc Raizman
11/17/02 Portuguese<>English  
Simha Nahum-GŁnzburger
5/4/2003 English<>Italian,German<>Italian,French<>Italian,Hebrew<>Italian court translator in Zurich
Forrest Brady
5/21/2003 Spanish<>English  
MJ Surribas
9/9/2003 Spanish<>English<>Catalan
Spanish<Medieval latin>English
English<Old Castilian or Catalan, written in latin or in hebrew letters> Spanish

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