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Sephardic Genealogy

How to get started in Sephardic Jewish Genealogy for the b
by Jeffrey S. Malka

Where and how to find your family tree file
by Dan Leeson

The term "Sephardic Jew"
by Sarina Roffé

Some differences in Sephardic and Ashkenazi genealogy
by Jeffrey S. Malka

Jewish Names and genealogies
by Jeffrey S. Malka

The Origins and Meanings of some Sephardic names
by Jeffrey S. Malka

General Jewish Genealogy Resources
by Jeffrey S. Malka

JewishGen FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Jewish Genealogy
by Warren Blatt

Sephardim/Conversos/Marranos - a historical overview w/bibliography
by Bernard Kouchel

Resources in Morocco
by Jeffrey S. Malka

Resources in Egypt
by Jeffrey S. Malka

Infofile for Izmir
by Laurence Abensur

Sepharadic (Salonican) Brotherhood of America - members list
by Pitchon and Kouchel

Inquisicion and early Hispanic Archives
by Lawrence Feldman, Ph D

A genealogist's research trip to Istanbul
by Barbara Algaze

Hamehune Modillano. The Genealogical Story of the Modiano Family from ~1570 to our days. -
by Mario Modiano


The Sephardim - Who are they and their history
by Jeffrey S. Malka

Jews and Christians in the Moslem World
by Jeffrey S. Malka

Maps of the History of Spain

by Jeffrey S. Malka

Interesting Population figures
by Jeffrey S. Malka

Portuguese Jewish Community of Tunis - genealogies
by Jeffrey S. Malka

Moroccan Jews in the Amazon
by Jeffrey S. Malka

The Holocaust of North Africa
by Dr Seth Ward

Sepharades et "Barbarersques"
by Lionel Levy

Jewish History from Biblical days to the Present
by David E. Lipman

The Jews of Catalonia
by Sarina Roffé

The Jews of Aleppo, Syria
by Sarina Roffé


Extensive Sephardic Bibliography
Sorted by country.


Projects to organize and develop Sephardic Genealogy Resources
Holland, Morocco, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, etc. Please help .

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Historical Articles from the Web

Elephantine Island Temple in the Nile
Account of the 1492 Expulsion
by an expulsion contemporary. Compare to later revisionist history.

The Alhambra Expulsion Decree and Isaac Abrabanel's Response
Barcelona: A Jewish widow, 1261 CE
Barcelona: A daughter's inheritance, 1293 CE
a daughter's inheritance
Barcelona: Business partnership between Jew and Christian, 1235-1242 CE Barcelona: Royal Grants to the Jewish Community, 1241-1271
Barcelona: The Book of Document Forms
from: Judah b. Barzillay Bartzeloni, Sefer haShetarot
Professions of Faith Extracted from Jews on Baptism
Crown of Aragon: Jewish ordinance, 1354 CE
Castillian Jews Synod, 1432 CE
Samuel Ha-Nagid (Ha-Levi), Vizier of Granada
by Abraham ibn Daud of Toledo in Sefer Seder ha-Kabbalah, 1161 CE

17th century Peru Inquisition CE
Pact of Umar
Pact of Umar
another version
Jews and Christians in Muslim lands, 1772 CE

Collection of Articles about the Inquisition

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Sephardic Newslists on the Web

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International Sephardic Discussion Group
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Sepharad . Sephardic Newsletter
Send email to Y Kerem or click here to subscribe. Click here for past issues.

Second Exodus. The newsletter of the "Historical Society of Jews from Egypt".
Send email to Desire Sakkal (Editor)

Anusim Newslist.
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Sephardic Archival Sources I found useful

Sample letters requesting information from archives
-in numerous languages

Inquisicion and other early Hispanic Archives
Extensive listing of archives.

Ben-Zvi Institute for the studies of Jewish Communities in the East, Jerusalem
-Oriens Judaicus Series-Sources for the History of Jews in Muslim Lands
-Expulsion of the Jews from Spain Research Project
-Writings of Rabbi Itzhak Luria (XVI century Kabbala) -etc.
Makhon Ben Zvi Leheker Kehilot Yisrael Bamizrah, P.O.Box 7660, Jerusalem 91076, Israel. Tel +972-2-639204.
Library at 13 Ben Ezra St., Jerusalem-large collection of manuscripts and books.

The Center for Research and Study of the Sephardi and Oriental Jewish Heritage - Misgav Yerushalayim
at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905, Israel. Tel +972-2-883962.

Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP)
Kettubot 1819-1933

Constantine - Community archives (1795-1960)
Lists of documents concerning Jews in non-Jewish Algerian archives (17th-19th centuries)

Thessaloniki - Community archives (1913-1946)
Istanbul - 'Pinkassim' of the rabbinical court (1839-1841)
Izmir - Community archives (1760-1970)

'Pinkassim' and documents from Jewish communities, including Alessandria, Ancona, Ferrara, Finale, Modena, Padua, Pisa, Rome, Rovigo and Venice [original and microfilm] (16th-19th centuries)
Lists of documents concerning Jews in non-Jewish archives

'Pinkassim' and documents, inter alia from Casablanca, Fes, Meknes, Mogador and Sefrou (1710-1963)

Amsterdam - Portuguese community archives [microfilm] (17th - 20th centuries)

Bucharest - Remnants of the Ashkenazic and Sephardic community archives (1818-1947)


Surveys of documents concerning the Jews in non-Jewish archives (12th-15th centuries)

Tunis - 'Pinkas' of the Portuguese community (1710-1936)

The Bension Collection of Sephardic Manuscripts , at the Alberta University Library, Canada .
For excellent summary descriptions of the manuscripts see Aranov's "Descriptive listing of the Bension collection...", Alberta U. Press

AIU (Alliance Israelite Universelle),
45 Rue La Bruyere 75009 Paris, France

Archives d'Outres-Mer, Aix en Provence, France ,
Records of French colonies

Archives departmentales, Nantes, France

Lehman Collection at the Yeshiva University Archives, NYC
Records of the Cairo Jewish Community - 1886-1961.
500 West 185 St., New York, NY 10033. Tel (212) 960-5451

Bet Din, Casablanca ,
Records of Moroccan Jewry

Jewish Theological Seminary Archives, NYC
Morrocan Records.

Centro di Documenazione Ebraica
Italian Jewry, at Via Eupil 8, 20145 Milan, Italy.

Centro Bibliografico
Italian Jewry, at Lungotevere Sanzio 5, 00153 Rome, Italy.

Cairo Jewish Community and other Middle-Eastern Jewish records
Contact Carmen Weinstein at, or by snail mail to the Cairo Jewish Community at

Mrs Carmen Weinstein, Communaute Juive du Caire, 13 Rue Sabyl El Khazinda Abbassieh
, Cairo, Egypt. (Unfortunately being short-staffed, responses may be very slow).

Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Institute
List of researchers at the D.R.I.C. in Israel and NYC.

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