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The Sepharadic Brotherhood of America, Inc.

(formerly known as The Salonican Brotherhood of America, Inc.).
Current contact information is:
Sephardic Brotherhood Association, 9745 Queens Boulevard, Rego Park, New York 11374. Phone: (718) 459-1600.

Click on the TREE icon to return to the Sephardic SIG home page.

Data compiled from public records at the NYC Municipal Archives.
Copies provided by David Pitchon, Flushing NY, May 2001.
Transcribed by B. Kouchel

I. _The Salonican Brotherhood of America, Inc._
Certificate of Incorporation, March 10, 1916

"The name Salonican being derived from Salonica, a city in Greece." [Said corporation is formed] "to aid those of our members who are aliens to be naturalized; to promote and cultivate the study and interest, literature, art, and science; to maintain clubrooms where the members may congregate; to maintain burial plots in an organized cemetery or cemeteries for the interrment of our dead and to voluntarily afford relief by extending sick benefit to aid our sick members; to own and hold real property either by gift, device or purchase for the purposes herein above mentioned."

Directors of said Corporation until its first annual meeting:

Victor Cohen, 171 Eldridge St, NYC
Israel Chestman, 128 Essex St, NYC
Jaques S. Hassid, 93 Stanton St, NYC
Morris I. Sackler, 132 Essex St, NYC
Abraham Schnitzer, 2 Avenue A, NYC
Oscar Settinger, 132 Essex St, NYC
Reuben Sharenson, 1 Ave C, NYC

II. Change of name
From... The Salonican Brotherhood of America, Inc.
To.... _The Sepharadic Brotherhood of America, Inc._
November 22, 1921

Moise Sulam, President
Albert Levy, Secretary

"At a meeting of the members, 282 of a total of 307 members cast votes in favor of the name change."

Membership List

Abeniesh,Lucia,153 Essex St,NYC
Aelion,Leon,133 Eldridge St,NYC
Aji,Mochon,150 Orchard St,NYC
Alallud,Haim,1589 Park Ave,NYC
Alalluf,Abraham,72 E 115th St,NYC
Alalluf,Matilde,1580 Park Ave,NYC
Alfandary,Abram,135 Orchard St,NYC
Algasi,Israel,107 Ludlow St,NYC
Allaluf,Ephraim,83 Stanton St,NYC
Allaluf,Sam,149 Orchard St,NYC
Altabet,Joseph,156 Forsyth St,NYC
Altcheh,Sam,1463 5th Ave,NYC
Alvo,Judas,156 Forsyth St,NYC
Amalek,Isaac,74 E 115th St,NYC
Ambussafia,Salamon,81 Allen St,NYC
Amon,Jack,107 Essex St,NYC
Amon,Joseph,107 Essex St,NYC
Angel,Joseph,83 Stanton St,NYC
Angel,Mentesh,1719 Madison Ave,NYC
Angel,Mentesh,77 E 110th St,NYC
Angel,Oriel,46 Rivington St,NYC
Arditi,Samuel,128 E 115th St,NYC
Arditti,Mordecai,138 Orchard St,NYC
Arouh,Abraham,60 E 113th St,NYC
Arouh,Elie 74 E 115th St,NYC
Aroyo,Meshulam,139 Essex St,NYC
Attas,Mois,10 E 116th St,NYC
Attas,Raphael,10 E 115th St,NYC
Azaria,Haim,24 E 116th St,NYC
Azaria,Mois,74 E 115th St,NYC
Azaria,Mordo,54 E 115th St,NYC
Azaria,Rachel,180 Ludlow St,NYC
Azaria,Rebecca,180 Ludlow St,NYC
Azriel,Isaac,128 E 115th St,NYC

Bahar,Albert,1361 5th Ave,NYC
Baruh,Joseph,89 E 116th St,NYC
Basse,Salomon,95 Allen St,NYC
Behar,Sam,85 E 113th St,NYC
Beja,Joseph,116 Ludlow St,NYC
Benmator,Albert,59 E 115th St,NYC
Benroubi,Albert,156 Forsyth St,NYC
Benroubi,Jacob,65 E 114th St,NYC
Benroubi,Sam,46 Rivington,NYC
Benroubi,Sam 65 E 114th St,NYC
Benrubi,Mary 1500 Park Ave,NYC
Bensussam,Jack,1761 Madison Ave,NYC
Benusiglio,Albert,68 E 116th St,NYC
Benusiglio,Joseph,68 E 116th St,NYC
Benveniste,Haim,85 E 112th St,NYC
Beraha,Abraham,95 Allen St,NYC
Beraha,Isaac,1726 Madison Ave,NYC
Bitran,Abraham,135 Eldridge St, NYC
Bitran,Dario,135 Eldridge St,NYC

Bivas,Isaac,5 E 115th St,NYC
Bonomo,Prosper,81 E 113th St,NYC
Botton,Mois,126 Ludlow St,NYC
Brottas,Benison,66 E 116th St,NYC
Brudo,Elie,1650 Madison Ave,NYC
Brudo,Yontov,1650 Madison Ave,NYC
Bueno,David,92 Allen St,NYC

Camano,Isaac,156 Forsyth St,NYC
Camhi,Jack,85 E 113th St,NYC
Camhi,Pinhas,1395 Fifth Ave,NYC
Candioti,Marcos,155 Norfolk St,NYC
Capon,Daniel,126 Ludlow St,NYC
Carasso,Ida,1576 Park Ave,NYC
Carasso,Juda,83 Stanton St,NYC
Carasso,Leon,18 E 116th St,NYC
Carasso,Salomon,83 Stanton St,NYC
Carasso,Samuel,83 Stanton St,NYC
Carraso,Sarah,74 E 115th St,NYC
Cases,Angel,126 Ludlow St,NYC
Cases,Julia,126 Ludlow St,NYC
Cattan,Esther,132 Orchard St,NYC
Cohen,Aaron,126 E 114th St,NYC
Cohen,Abraham,46 Rivington St,NYC
Cohen,Binuta,75 Rivington St,NYC
Cohen,David,174 Ludlow St,NYC
Cohen,Elie,136 Ludlow St,NYC
Cohen,Haim,1580 Park Ave,NYC
Cohen,Haim,75 Rivington St,NYC
Cohen,Isaac,11 E 117th St,NYC
Cohen,Isaac,150 Orchard St,NYC
Cohen,Jacob,156 Forsyth St,NYC
Cohen,Joseph,1580 Park Ave,NYC
Cohen,Joshua,136 Orchard St,NYC
Cohen,Louis,163 Ludlow St,NYC
Cohen,Louis,1704 Madison Ave,NYC
Cohen,Mahel,55 Stanton St,NYC
Cohen,Matilda,75 Rivington St,NYC
Cohen,Morris,156 Forsyth St,NYC
Cohen,Rebecca,156 Forsyth St,NYC
Cohen,Rouben,24 E 116th St,NYC
Cohen,Salomon,109 Eldridge St,NYC
Cohen,Victor,166 Norfolk St,NYC
Corcos, F,65 E 114th St,NYC
Cove,Albert,176 Forsyth St,NYC
Cove,Joseph,46 Delancey St,NYC
Covo,Moise,1699 Madison Ave,NYC
Cuencas,Hanen,132 Orchard St,NYC

Dassa,Cabriel,75 Rivington St,NYC
Dassa,Isaac,107 Essex St,NYC
Dassa,Isaac,75 Rivington St,NYC
Dassa,Jack,107 Essex St,NYC
Dassa,Joseph,83 E 113th St,NYC
Dassa,Raphael,75 Rivington St,NYC
Djahon,Albert,81 E 113th St,NYC
Djahon,Beni,81 E 113th St,NYC
Djahon,Julia,81 E 113th St,NYC

Eliakim,Jack,1761 Madison Ave,NYC
Errera,Abraham,128 E 115th St,NYC
Errera,Samuel,126 Ludlow St,NYC
Esformes,Isaac,88 Rivington St,NYC
Esformes,Nathan,109 Ludlow St,NYC
Eshbia,Clara,114 Stanton St,NYC
Eshbia,Elie,114 Stanton St,NYC
Eshbia,Nathan,114 Stanton St,NYC
Eskenasi,A,144 Ludlow St, NYC
Eskenasi,Aaron,149 Orchard St,NYC
Eskenasi,David,1704 Madison Ave,NYC
Eskenasi,Elie,69 E 116th St,NYC
Eskenasi,Isai,153 Essex St,NYC
Eskenasi,Jack,144 Ludlow St,NYC
Eskenasi,Leon,1704 Madison Ave,NYC
Eskenasi,Morris,155 Norfolk St,NYC
Esratty,Bois,96 Stanton St,NYC
Exratty,Jacob,136 Eldridge St,NYC

Frances,Pepo,190 Orchard St,NYC

Gattegno,Doudun,1726 Madison Ave,NYC
Gattegno,Joseph,163 Ludlow St,NYC
Gattegno,Mois,128 E 115th St,NYC
Gattegno,Salomon,133 Orchard St,NYC
Gattegno,Salomon,1726 Madison Ave,NYC
Gormesano,Sam,74 E 113th St,NYC
Grotas,Sabetay,46 Rivington St,NYC
Grottas,Bension,66 E 116th St,NYC

Hakim,Mois,70 E 113th St,NYC
Halegua,Jack,75-77 Stanton St,NYC
Halegua,Samuel,1719 Madison Ave,NYC
Handall,Isaac,223 Cook St,NYC
Hanen,Jack,150 Orchard St,NYC
Hanen,Salvater,137 Norfolk St,NYC
Hanoca,Albert,116 Ludlow St,NYC
Hanoca,Lezer,1258 Madison Ave,NYC
Hanoh,Isaac,142 Essex St,NYC
Haskell,Leon,187 Orchard St,NYC
Hassid,Jack,64-66 E 112th St,NYC
Hassid,Joseph,1699 Madison Ave,NYC
Hassid,Samuel,84 Essex St,NYC
Hasson,Aaron J, 66 E 116th St,NYC
Hasson,Raphael,73 W 116th St,NYC
Hazliah,Victor,179 Eldridge St,NYC
Houlli,Louis,75 Rivington St,NYC
Hubesh,Albert,156 Allen St,NYC
Hulli,Mois,83 Allen St,NYC

Israel,Elie,83 Stanton St,NYC

Lazar,Bohor,23 E 114th St,NYC
Lazar,Leon,23 E 114th St,NYC
Lazar,Sabetyy,149 Orchard St,NYC
Levy,Abraham,115 E 69th St,NYC
Levy,Albert,93 Allen St,NYC
Levy,Isaac,69 E 115th St,NYC
Levy,Jacob,129 E 114th St,NYC
Levy,Joseph,129 E 114th St,NYC
Levy,Joseph,138 Orchard St,NYC
Levy,Malca,115 E 116th St,NYC
Levy,Mois,150 Ludlow St,NYC
Levy,Saadi,152 Orchard St,NYC
Levy,Sabetay,18 E 120th St,NYC
Levy,Simon,60 E 115th St,NYC
Levy,Touvi,18 E 116th St,NYC
Levy,Vida,138 Orchard St,NYC
Levy,Vidal,138 Orchard St,NYC

Mair,Flor,78 E 115th St,NYC
Marcos,Jack (no address)
Marcos,Joseph,129 Allen St,NYC
Matalon,Azriel,136 Orchard St,NYC
Matalon,Elie,30 Rivington St,NYC
Matalon,Mois,30 Rivington St,NYC
Matalon,Raphael,30 Rivington,St NYC
Matarasso,Alberto,112 E 113th St,NYC
Menahem,Juda,1650 Madison Ave,NYC
Menahem,Riketa,135 E 115th St,NYC
Menahem,Suzanne,28 E 114th St,NYC
Mevorah,Haim,153 Essex St,NYC
Missistrani,Raphael,150 Orchard St,NYC
Moche,Dario,154 Allen St,NYC
Modiano,Samuel,1580 Park Ave,NYC
Mois, Nessim,57 Lennox Ave,NYC
Montekio,Manuel,156 Allen St,NYC
Montekio,Salomon,156 Forsyth St,NYC
Mordoh,Isaac,18 E 116th St,NYC

Nahama,Jacob,69-73 Rivington St,NYC
Nahama,Raphael,62 E 116th St,NYC
Nahman,Haim,59 E 115th St,NYC
Nahman,Mordecai,97 Allen St,NYC
Nahmias,David,129 Allen St,NYC
Nahmias,Isaac,107 Essex St,NYC
Nahum,Abraham,78 E 115th St,NYC
Nahum,David,39 Sufolk St,NYC
Nahum,Isaac,66 E 116th St,NYC
Nahum,Joseph,66 E 116th St,NYC
Namias,Simon,149 Orchard St,NYC
Nathan,Albert,69 E 113th St,NYC
Nathan,Haim,83 E 113th St,NYC
Nathan,Jacob,69 E 113th St,NYC
Negri,Morris,158 Allen St,NYC
Nessim,Samuel,60 E 115th St,NYC
Nessim,Shalom,83 Stanton St,NYC
Nessim,Zimbul,129 Allen St,NYC
Nigri,Vitale,104 Allen St,NYC

Ovadia,Jacob,155 Orchard St,NYC

Paladino,Bintov,76 E 113th St,NYC
Paladino,Haim,71 E 115th St,NYC
Palermo,Samuel,69 E 115th St,NYC
Pardo,Aaron,165 Orchard St,NYC
Pardo,Emanuel,52 Allen St,NYC
Pardo,Isaac,6 E 116th St,NYC
Pardo Isie,69 E 114th St,NYC
Perahia,Aaron,65 E 114th St,NYC
Perahia,Henry,8 E 115th St,NYC
Perahia,Moche,65 E 114th St,NYC
Perahia,Saul,65 E 114th St,NYC
Pessah,Matilda,75 E 107th St,NYC
Pessah,Saadi,75-77 E 112th St,NYC
Pessah,Soltana,75 E 107th St,NYC
Pilo,Nathan,69 Rivington St,NYC
Pipano,Hanoh,85 E 113th St,NYC
Pitilon,Albert,238 Osborn St,Brooklyn NY

Raphael,David,42 W 114th St,NYC
Raphael,Isaac,83 Stanton St,NYC
Romano,David,62 E 115th St,NYC
Rosa,Albert,151 Allen St,NYC
Roubi,Albert,132 Orchard St,NYC
Russo,Sol,114 E 115th St,NYC

Saadi,Mois,222 E 114th St,NYC
Saady,Leon,155 Essex St,NYC
Sabah,Morris,1359 5th Ave,NYC
Sabetay,Nahama,18 E 111th St,NYC
Sadek,Israel,1408 5th Ave,NYC
Sadicario,Daniel,1580 Park Ave,NYC
Sadicario,David,1704 Madison Ave,NYC
Sadicario,Lina,1704 Madison Ave,NYC
Sadicario,Mateo,1746 Madison Ave,NYC
Saffan,David,264 Broome St,NYC
Saffan,Isaac,96 Orchard St,NYC
Saffan,Sam,96 Orchard St,NYC
Saias,Joseph,1704 Madison Ave,NYC
Saias,Mois,1704 Madison Ave,NYC
Saias,Sasson,149 Orchard St,NYC
Salem,Elie,72 E 113th St,NYC
Salem,Sabetay,72 E 113th St,NYC
Saltiel,Isaac,175 Orchard St,NYC
Saltiel,Jacob,1500 Park Ave,NYC
Saltiel,Marguerite,1500 Park Ave,NYC
Saltiel,Salvator,160 Allen St,NYC
Samarel,Sam,166 Norfolk St,NYC
Sami Sam 73 E 115th St NYC
Saporta,Abraham,83 Allen St,NYC
Saporta,Joseph,77 E 117th St,NYC
Saporta,Michel,77 E 117th St, NYC
Saragossi,Sam,128 E 115th St,NYC
Sarfati,Rachel,128 E 115th St,NYC
Sarfati,Samuel,1345 5th Ave,NYC
Sarfatty,Daniel,69-73 Rivington St,NYC
Sarfaty,Jack,118 E 120th St,NYC
Sasbon,Menahem,1345 5th Ave,NYC
Sasbon Mois,1345 5th Ave,NYC
Sciaky,Elie,108 E 114th St,NYC
Sevi,Beni,56 E 115th St,NYC
Shalom,Isaac,72 E 113th St,NYC [Shalem?]
Shalom,Jack,1395 Fifth Ave,NYC
Shalom,Saltiel,1395 Fifth Ave,NYC
Shalou,Abraham,81 E 113th St,NYC
Shimshi,David,183 Orchard St,NYC
Shoel,Joseph,185 Orchard St,NYC
Sides,Isaac,139 Orchard St,NYC
Sion,Aaron,155 Essex St,NYC
Sion,Acher,69 Rivington St,NYC
Sion,Joseph,187 Orchard St,NYC
Sotto,Haim,28 E 106th St,NYC
Soulam,David,155 Allen St,NYC
Soulam,Joseph,28 E 106th St,NYC
Soulam,Mois J, 28 E 106th St,NYC
Sullam Moise,18 E 111th St,NYC
Sustiel,Isaac,74 E 113th St,NYC
Sustiel,Salomon,74 E 113th St,NYC

Taboh,Abraham,69 Rivington St,NYC
Taboh,Juda,150 Orchard St,NYC
Termin?,Sasson,85 E 116th St,NYC
Tiano,Albert,74 E 114th St,NYC
Tiano,Eliezer,53 E 115th St,NYC
Tiano,Jentil,74 E 114th St,NYC
Tilias,Mair,1719 Madison Ave,NYC
Tilias,Raphael,1719 Madison Ave,NYC
Torres,Daniel,28 E 114th St,NYC
Torres,Isaac,186 Ludlow St,NYC
Touvi,Levy,18 E 116th St,NYC

Uziel,Israel,154 Orchard St,NYC

Varssano,Jacob,84 Essex St,NYC
Vatsano,Joseph,176 Forsyth St,NYC
Veyissid,Mois,116 Ludlow St,NYC

Zara,Joshua,1704 Madison Ave,NYC

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