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There is an excellent internet site with brief biographies of famous rabbis at Great Leaders of our People . Many of those listed on the site are Sephardim. I have taken the liberty of listing below the links to those that would be of most interest to Sephardim. There are many other famous rabbinical leaders on that same site.

Abrabanel, Don Yitzchak (1437-1508)

Akiva (d.136 CE)

Albo, Yosef (15th Century)

Arama, Yitzchak (1420-1494)

Azikri, Elazari (1533-1600)

Azulai, Abraham (1570-1643)

Azulai, Chaim Yosef David - Chida (1724-1806)

Bachaya Ibn Pakuda (Eleventh Century)

Caro, Josef (1488-1575)

Cordovero, Moshe - The Ark of the Torah (1522-1570)

Figo, Azariah (1579-1647)

Hai Gaon

Luria, Solomon (1510-1574)

Luzzatto, Moshe Chaim (1707-1746)

Moshe Ben Nachman (1194-1270)

RAMBA"M (1135-1204)

RA"N (1320-1380)

Saadiah Gaon (c. 1000)

de Vidas, Eliyahu - Reishis Chochma (1518-1592)

Vital, Chaim (1543-1620)

Yochanan ben Zakkai

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