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E-mail Discussion List for Researchers of Sephardic Genealogy
SEPHARDIM (n. pl.), SEPHARDIC (adj.):
Jews who are descendants of the former Jews of Spain and Portugal.1
FORUM: (n.) a public place of a city, a meeting place.

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This page explains everything you need to know to participate in the Sephardic SIG e-mail discussion group. Researchers of Sephardic genealogy 2 anywhere in the world are invited to participate in the discussion. Anyone with a valid e-mail address may join. The list is moderated.

One of the best sources of genealogical information is available to you whenever you logon to the Sephardic Forum. Here you can exchange information about relatives, books, language, names, history, migrations, local customs, research techniques and the realities of researching public records and genealogical data archives.

After just a few minutes of browsing through the messages, you may discover that another user has uncovered a vital piece of information for which you've been searching. Or, you may wish to post a general request for information and wait for the responses to arrive. Either way, you will find the other users in the forum eager to share their information and quick to provide tips and feedback.

1) The term 'Sephardim' today, as defined for this forum has a broader definition. It includes all Sephardic and Mizrachi communities, including Jews whose country of origin is Greece, Iran, Iraq (Babylon), Morocco, Syria, Turkey and Yemen.
2) Researchers of Sephardic genealogy are not exclusively individuals of Sephardic heritage.

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How to post e-mail to the group
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Please abide by these key rules:
Compose posts as text/plain; Details at:
Provide a meaningful Subject: line.
Don't ramble off the topic.
Sign your article with full name and e-mail address. City or country optional but desirable.

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