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The Cemetery in Slagelse

The cemetery in Slagelse, founded in 1863, is very small: Only about 20 persons are buried there of which we know the names of 15, and only 11 graves have tombstones. The last burial was in 1906.

The Jewish community in Slagelse was nevertheless among one of the largest in any of the provincial towns on Sealand (i.e. outside the capital Copenhagen).

In 1740 Mendel Simonsen - or Simon (also known as Mendel Slagelse), born in Altona, was the first Jew who got permission to live and trade in Slagelse, but he did not stay long in Slagelse: In 1743 he moved to Copenhagen where he was buried in 23. February 1784.

However, other Jews settled in Slagelse and according to the censuses there were 11 Jews in 1787, 25 in 1801, 90 in 1834 - but then a decline set in and in the 1860'ies there were but 45 and the decline continued.

The list of those buried in Slagels Jewish Cemetery has been removed, because all those burials can now be found on the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR)

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