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"Mosaisk Nordre Kirkegaard", Copenhagen

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The tombstone of Abraham SALOMON, chief rabbi of Copenhagen, Died 2 Sivan 5456/22. May 1700. It is the 4 oldest tombstone (plot: X 6 48 22)

The entrance to the "Mosaisk Nordre Kirkegaard" from Møllegade

Through the gate - at the entrance to the "Mosaisk Nordre Kirkegaard"

The oldest existing tombstone in Copenhagen from September 1693 over David Israel, who was the first to be buried in this cemetery.

The main path lined with old lime trees.      

Tombstone in Carré-X-11-5-5 is over Jacob Isac Abarbanel, baker in Horsens, died 13. February 1800.

Tombstones in "Carré-E", the middle one (E-19-7) is over Bela Abarbanel, née Hertz, married to Samuel, died 1. April 1816.

Tombstones in "Carré C" - the one in front to the right is over Frederikke Abarbanel, died 12. December 1829

The same tombstone as above (C-7-40) - over Frederikke Abarbanel, died 12. December 1829

Tombstone "Carré B 12-20/21" - over
Nicolai Meyer, cigardealer, died 13. June 1862 and
his wife, Caroline née Abraham, died 17. March 1893

Tombstones "Carré B":
The one to the left (B-10-5) is over Mine Salomonsen née Heilbuth, married to Levin Marcus, died 10. July 1870.
The one in the middle (B-10-6) is over Levin Marcus Salomonsen, grocer, born 15. August 1801, died 30. March 1861.

The path leading back to the Møllegade-entrance.

... there are many more tombstones, which I will try to photograph little by little. However, many are now so weather-worn that they are unreadable. Some have sunk - literally sunk! - into the ground; others have tipped over - some broken. The very fierce storm that hit Denmark in December 1999 did not harm the trees on the cemetery, but it did damage several tombstones. And it wasn't vandalism, as one might readily think!

There are two books about the "Møllegade"-cemetery (alsoound in the bibliography #11 and # 57) which gives more information on the persons buried there and also sometimes about there family. There are some photos in the first (#11), and many photos of tombstones in the second (#57) - photos which in many cases were taken as far back as in the 1950'ies, so these photos are often better than photos taken today.

Furthermore, there is the book about Jewish burials in Denmark, with a section on "Møllegade" (#62):

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