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The History of the Jews in Hamburg

Though Hamburg is in Germany, information on the Jews in Hamburg is relevant in connection with the history of the Jews in Denmark and Scandinavia, because of the very close ties and relations between the Danish Jews (living in e.g. Altona, Glückstadt, Wandsberg, Rendsburg) and e.g. the Jews in Hamburg. (cf. History)

The following are links are therefore relevant:

  • A History of Jews in Hamburg

    A webpage created by Struan Robertson on the University of Hamburg's website about the history of Jews in Hamburg is absolutely worth visiting. Of special interest in connection with Denmark is among others:

    1. "History - The Beginnings"

      A link directly to the chapter (webpage) relevant to the history of the Jews in Denmark

    2. Jewish Cemeteries

      A link directly to the chapter (webpage) on the cemeteries, of which some were founded in the "Danish period", e.g. Altona, Wandsbeck, Ottensen, and where many Danish Jews were buried.

  • The Jewish Cemetery in Moisling (in German)

  • "Jews In Hamburg

    Is a link to "Jews In Hamburg - A Permanent Exhibition" at the Museum of Hamburg History. It is chronologically arranged and gives information on specific themes: Jewish schools, Jews in Hamburg's business life, Jewish living conditions, the Jewish religion, and annual Jewish ceremonial events. The Jewish anniversary feasts are highlighted at various locations. The history of Jews in Hamburg since 1945 is also presented.

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