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The Jewish Cemetery in Fredericia

The Jewish community in Fredericia is long gone, but the old burial ground on the corner of Jyllandsgade and Vestervoldgade bear witness of the greatness of older times. The first Jews came to the free city of Fredericia in 1675. A hundred years later there were 300 members of the community and a synagogue had been built in Riddergade. About 500 Jews are buried in Fredericia. The last burial was in 1910.

A visit to the cemetery is not only a beautiful visit to the local history of Fredericia, but also to the beginning of Jewish history in Denmark. Fredericia was the first haven of refuge and free religion. Fredericia's museums arrange guided tours to the Jewish cemetery, as well as they administer the admission to the cemetery.

Surnames of those buried in the Cemetery of Fredericia (establisehd c. 1700)

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