Southern Africa Jewish Genealogy Special Interest Group (SA-SIG)

S.A. Zionist Youth Movement Delegates To
The Machon Le'Madreichei Chutz Le'aretz Programme,
Jerusalem, Israel, 1958

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10-machon 1958, x600

BACK ROW L-R: Shirley Hurwitz Habonim, Sylvia Weidi Bnei Zion, Charlene Westy Bnei Zion, Annette Goldblatt Habonim, Doreen Schneider Habonim, Phyllis Schragger Habonim, Beryl Juter Habonim.

MIDDLE ROW L-R: Pamela Koz Habonim, Jeff Alge Habonim, Marjorie Rogow Habonim, Arnold Granville Hashomer Hatzair, Norman Marcus Habonim, Joyce Zable Bnei Akiva, Hilda Perlstein Betar.

FRONT ROW L-R: Abel Osrin Bnei Akiva, Hymie Lacob Bnei Akiva, Philip Kaufman Habonim, Ralph Shalskolsky Habonim, Hirsch Sadur Habonim, Lazer Choritz Habonim, Michael Comay non-affiliated.

MISSING IN PICTURE: Shulamit Adler Hashomer Hatzair, Errol Hackner Habonim, Elmer Oddes Habonim, Max Sher Hashomer Hatzair, Shalom Zausmer Habonim.

This picture was taken in February 1958 at the S.A. Zionist Federation Offices, de Villiers Street, Johannesburg, prior to departure for Israel on 1st March, 1958.

If any of those pictured above would like to contact our S.A. Special Interest Group, telling us of their whereabouts and how their lives have been influenced by their participation in the Machon, please contact Beryl Baleson at who is doing a research study on S.A. Zionist Youth Movements and the Machon, for the S.A. Special Interest Group.