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Chazan Yitzchak Rafael Lerman
In June 2017 Chaim Lerman, son of Chazan Y. R. Lerman, wrote ...

"My Abba, Hachazan Yitzchak Rafael Lerman ZTKLLH.H, was born in the old city of Jerusalem into a chassidic family of chazonim - his father was a baal tefilah and his cousins were chazonim. His family was rabbinical and he was a 5th generation sabra yerushalmi.
At a young age my Abba was in the choir of Rav Chazan Shlomo Zalman [Shirat Yisrael] and often sang solo, and was soprano and often gave concerts around Israel. My Abba learned chazanut under the direction of Chazan Yitzchak Mann. Chazan Mann was chazan of the main shul in Haifa. My Abba became chief chazan of the main shul in Herzliah and also became chazan sheini to Chazan Leibel Glanz and davened in the main shul in Tel Aviv called Tiferet Zvi .
In 1964 a few weeks before Rosh Hashana my Abba was brought out to South Africa by Chazan Eliyahu Greenblatt ,and in South Africa my Abba davened in various shuls like Germiston shul and other shuls as well. My Abba was the chazan at the Dorrnfontein shul [Lions shul ] for three years and in 1969 became the chazan of Glenhazel Hebrew Congregation. My Abba was there for 30 years.
My Abba was a fine chazan and had an excellant voice and was well known. He was a baker as well and a bar-mitzvah teacher. My Abba got married in 1966 at the Lions shul and famous chazonim like Shlomo Mandel were under the chuppa.
My Abba was nifter 11 years ago [i.e. in 2006] and is buried on Har Hamenuchot in jerusalem."