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A Book of The Generations of Beth Yosef
Part 1


Editor: Dr Saul Issroff
Copyright © 2003 Saul Issroff, Mike Getz, SAfrica SIG
and Jewishgen Inc.
Updated: 26 January 2003


A Book of

The Generations of Beth Yosef


Part 1


A call up to the Torah in accordance with ritual practice


In the light of gleanings from gold and pearls that he gleaned
from antique books of unfound great value and of ancient writings



The Author, Rabbi Hayim Yosef Isser son of
Rabbi Yitz’hak Arye Halevi Of blessed memory
Family name Gad, born in Kovna (Lithuania) and
residing at present in Johannesburg (South Africa)


Author of the book The Spirit of Joseph
regarding the perpetuity of the soul


Johannesburg 1941


The current address of the author:
Rabbi J. Gad, 136 Siemert Road, Johannesburg, South Africa

Page 2

It is a tree of life to those that cling to it, and makes those who support it very happy.

And These are the names of those who have been blessed (after being called up to the Torah):


Mr. Meir Goodman - Honorary officer of Beth Hamidrash of Bertrams
Mr. Samuel Shnieur (son of Mordechai)
Mr. Yehudah Menachem Doshazaf
Mr. Ze’ev Woolf (son of Ephraim Hilman)
Mr. Yeshua Kadinsky (son of Samuel)
Mr. Yosef Meshulam (Cohen)
Mr. Jacob Frankel (son of Shimon)
Mr. Moshe Arlin (son of Hayim)
Mr. Yitschak Berne (son of Samuel)
Mr. Abraham Slomberg (son of Hayim)
Mr. Moshe Eliezer Feshen
Mrs. Chana Devorah Samuel (Daughter of Rev. Aba Samuel)
Mr. Yeshua Levy (son of Aaron David)
Mr. David Yitschak Herman
Mr. Yitschak Ze’ev Kuperman (son of Menachem Mendel)
Mr. Mordechai Katz (son of Abraham Yitschak)
Mr. Yitschak Jacob Zarin (son of Israel)
Mr. Zalman Arye Zeev (son of Samuel Yitschak)
Mr. Meir Herbert
Mr. Abraham Yits’hak Nochomowitz (son of Yecheskel Ha Cohen)
Mr. Israel Kessel (son of Klonimus)
Mr. Benjamin Ze’ev Freedman (son of Shlomo)
Mr. Yehudah Arye Rivlin (son of Rev. Avigdor)
Mr. Abraham Michael Joffe (son of Nachman)
Mr. Dov Alek (son of Yehudah)
Mr. Eliyahu Katz (son of Yehudah of blessed memory)
Mr. Reuben Eliyahu Baran (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Meir Nachum Shalerus (son of Naftali)
Mr. Ephraim Yosef Mankowitz (son of Mena’hum)
Mr. Tzvi David Worksman (son of Jacob)
Mr. Moshe Goldin (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Isaac Schwartz (son of Yitschak Woolf)
Mr. Aaron Hillman (son of Hayim Baruch)
Mr. Eliyahu Schnitz (son of Zalman Tzvi)
Mrs. Frayda Friedlander (Daughter of Rev. Tzvi Jacob)
Mr. Israel Greenburg (son of Nachum)
Mr. Tzvi Arbiter (son of Samuel)
Mr. Jacob Katzen (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Moshe David Davish (son of Israel Isaac)

Page 3

JOHANNESBURG (continued)

Mr. Jacob Levin (son of Joseph)
Mrs. Hinda Leah Davish (daughter of Jacob Koppel)
Mr. Samuel Solomon Asher (son of Israel)
Mr. Moshe Koppel Asher (son of Israel)
Mr. Abraham Forman (son of Eliyahu)
Mr. Michael Nordau (son of Eliezer)
Mr. Yakel Kobrin (son of Aaron David)
Mr. Baruch Patle (son of Ze’ev Gershon)
Mr. Yehuda Goldberg (son of Abraham Arye)
Mr. Joseph Noach Beinashowitz (son of Abraham Arye)
Mr. David Leon Levin (son of Abraham Gershon)
Mr. Abraham Joseph Tobiansky (son of Dov), Honorary officer of Beth Ha-Midrash Ha-Gadol
Mr. Abraham Malkinsky (son of Tzvi)
Mr. Benjamin Reinhold (son of Yehudah Leib)
Mr. Dov Reinhold (son of Yehudah Leib)
Mr. Eliezer Ben Tzion Katz (son of Jacob)
Mr. Yehudah Leib Margaliot (son of Dov)
Mr. Hayin Greenberg
Mr. Samuel Kerner (son of David)
Mr. Gedalia Unterhalter (son of Jacob)
Mr. Hayim Braufman (son of Meir)
Mr. David Frank (son of Yehudah)
Mr. Samuel Isaac Taylor (son of Abraham)
Mr. Hayim Joseph Shoieman (son of Israel Moshe)
Mr. Susman Barton (son of Jacob)
Mr. Chevel Kuper (son of Yehudah Ze’ev)
Mr. Eliyahu Gordon (son of Mordechai)
Mr. Noah Solomon Malk (son of Moshe)
Mr. Moshe Yitschak Malk (son of Elimelech)
Mr. Hayim Perlsweig (son of Moshe)
Mr. Abraham Gabriel Albert (son of Jacob)
Mr. Favish Kol (son of Moshe)
Mr. Yitschak Ze’ev Oshrin (son of Shmuel Chanoch)
Mr. Yehudah Leib Reichman (son of Dan)
Mr. Menachem Dantzsin (son of Tzvi)
Mr. Shalom Meirowitz (son of Tzvi)
Mr. Yechezkel Levin (son of Moshe)
Mr. Yisachar Dov Shub (son of Yacov Shein)
Mr. Pesach Sher (son of Samuel Yehudah)
Mr. Joseph Sher (son of Samuel)
Mr. Gershon Berman (son of Yitschak Isaac)
Mr. Mannie Mankowitz
Mrs. Sarah Manishewitz
Mr. Jacob Burland (son of Baruch Mordechai)

Page 4

JOHANNESBURG (continued)

Mr. Israel Friedlander (Son of Arye)
Mr. Abraham Tzvi Liebman
Mr. Tzvi Neuman Oshrin
Mrs. Yochevet (surname indecipherable)
Mr. Gershon Katz (son of Moshe)
Mr. Yoshua Tzvi Treisman (son of Yissachar)
Mr. Jacob Kleinman (son of Michael)
Mr. Jacob Goldberg (son of Naftali Tzvi)
Mr. Abraham Leib Hirsh (son of Yechezkel Jacob)
Mr. Shimon Goldfoot (son of Shlomo Zalman)
Mr. Moshe Yitschak Bloch (son of Eliyahu)
Mr. Jacob Kruner (Son of Moshe)
Mr. Shalom Reuven Brivik (son of Israel)
Mr. Yirachmiel Shipiro (son of Arye)
Mr. Samuel Yehudah Saar (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Nathan Klempman (son of Abraham Baruch)
Mr. Yehudah Solomon Shaki (son of David)
Mr. Joseph Lubowitz (son of Ze’ev)
Mr. Hayim Pinchas Rosenbach (Son of Henry)
Mr. Moshe Davchal (son of Aaron)
Mr. Yehudah Leib Bloomberg (son of Reuven)
Mrs. Toivah Bloomberg (daughter of Aba)
Mrs. Shula Greenberg (daughter of Moshe)
Mr. Yom-tov Shal (son of Abraham)
Mr. Yitschak David Smidt (son of Joseph solomon)
Mr. Yehoshua Roichman (son of David)
Mr. Sharna Favish Friedlander
Mr. Hayim Binjamin Cheskelson
Mrs. Devorah Cheskelson.
Mr. Eliyahu Gordon (son of Mordechai)
Mr. Simcha Levin (son of Abraham Hayim)
Mr. Eliezer Dunde (son of Benjamin)
Mr. Abraham Henochsberg (son of Tzvi)
Mr. Gedalia Unterhalter (s0n of Jacob)
Mr. Aaron Fluxman
Mr. Abraham Ezra (son of Meir)
Mr. Yitschak Greenwald (son of Joseph)
Mr. Shabtai Elchanan Wunsh (son of Tzvi Arye)
Mr. Isiah Mordechai Greenstein (son of Meir)
Mr. Pinchas Bloom (son of Shabtai Shlomo)
Mr. Shabtai Sishi (son of Gershon)
Mr. Samuel Serebra (Son of David Meir)
Mr. Shaul Bacher (son of Yitschak Ha-Levi), his wife ‘Hanah and children
Mr. Yitschak Bacher of blessed memory
Mrs. Chaya Sarah Bacher (daughter of Abraham Koppel) of blessed memory
Mr. Abraham Graff (son of Jacob Yehudah)

Page 5

JOHANNESBURG (continued)

Mr. Tzvi Hirsh Kahal (son of Yehoshua)
Mr. Arye Leib Horowitz (Son of Moshe)
Mr. Yehudah Leib Goldberg (son of Tzvi)
Miss Zelma Goldberg (daughter of Tzvi)
Mr. Tzvi Friedland (son of Gershon) of blessed memory
Mrs. Yuster Chana Friedland (daughter of Jacob)
Mr. Gershon Friedland (son of Tzvi)
Mrs. Rebecca Siev (daughter of Gershon)
Rabbi David Yitschak Burland
Mr. Raphael Alexander Zuskind
Mr. Asher Madier (son of Gabriel)
Mrs. Sahah Rachel Madier (daughter of Naftali)
Mr. Abraham Washkansky
Mrs. Masha Malka Washkansky (daughter of Raphael)
Miss Yocheved Washkansky (daughter of Abraham)
Mr. Jacob Katzin (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Abraham Weinberg (son of Shalom)
Mr. David Tzvi Chermon (son of Shlomo Zalman)
Mr. Anshel Meireni (son of Ze’ev)
Mrs. Esther Meireni (daughter of Aaron)
Mr. Joseph Feitelberg (son of Nachum)
Mr. Tzvi Schlapobersky (son of Idel)
Mr. Baruch Bendit Meirowitz (son of Tzvi)
Mr. Raphael Mizrachi
Mr. Yitschak Breen (son of Nathan)
Mr. Hayim Ze’ev Seev (son of Ben Tzion)
Mrs. Sahah Rebecca Seev (daughter of Shimon Yehudah)
Mr. Ephraim Ze’ev Barak (son of Joseph)
Mrs. Kaila Barak (daughter of David)
Mr. Kalman Kuper
Mr. Ben Tzion Grolman (son of Joseph)
Mr. Joseph Epstein
Mr. Tzvi Eliyahu Green (son of Hayim Yoel)
Mr. Tzvi Wittert (son of Lemach)
Mr. Yechiel Fram (son of Zalman)
Mr. Joseph Janover
Mr. Yitschak Moshe Serebro (son of Tzvi Eliyezer)
Mr. Gisan Malkin (son of Jacob Eliyezer)
Mr. Mordechai Murray (son og Hayim Moshe)
Mr. Solomon Shubitz (son of David)
The Hon. Tzensor and Bruria.
Mr. Yehudah Arye Molover (son of Hayim)
Mr. Abraham Ellis (son of Nachum)
Mr. Tzvi Joseph Marks (son of Samuel Mordechai)
Mr. Ephraim Fishel Abramowitz

Page 6

JOHANNESBURG (continued)

Mr. Ze’ev Leibowitz (son of Samuel)
Mrs. ‘Haya Esther Leibowitz (daughter of Moshe)
Mr. David Varena (son of Gedalyahu)
Mr. Solomon Danziger (son of Yehudah)
Mr. Solomon Zalman Hofman (son of Leib)
Mr. Joseph Leib Fisher (son of Yehudah)
Mr. Jacob Shapiro (son of Israel Yitschak)
Mr. Raphael Isaac Marks (son of Abraham Betzalel)
Mr. Hayim Yehudah Levin (son of Mordechai Gershon)
Mr. Tzvi Levin (son of Yehoshua)
Mr. Samuel Joseph Belikof (son of Israel Moshe)
Mr. Samuel Goldschmidt (son of Gedalya)
Mr. David Norwood
Mr. Yehudah Leib Rohde (son of Israel Saul)
Mr. Shabtai Waks (son of Tuvia)
Mr. Zalman Woolf Sacks
Mr. Israel Kuper (son of Hayim)
Mr. Moshe Wilmoly (son of David)
Mr. Moshe Lubner (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Eliezer Bagg (son of David)
Mr. Yechiel Karmi (son of Jacob Naftali)
Mr. Hayim Licht (son of Abraham)
Mr. Chanoch Bernstein (son of Ze’ev)
Mr. Samuel Isaac Lipschitz (son of Abraham)
Mr. Hayim Behar Sacks (son of Tzvi)
Mr. Shimon Finger (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Joseph Segal (son of Solomon)
Mr. Aaron Hillman (son of Hayim Baruch)
Mr. Michael Cheskel
Mr. Sundel Feldman (son of Joseph) of blessed memory.
Mrs. Beila Feldman (daughter of Eliezer)
Mrs. Sheina Eich (daughter of Solomon)
Mr. Solomon Sher (son of Yaacov)
Mr. Moshe Hillel Shipiro (son of Noah Tzvi)
Mr. Ze’ev Eden (son of Moshe Aaron)
Mr. Menachem Rosenbaum (son of Chanoch)
Mr. Chanoch Bernstein (son of Ze’ev)
Mr. Abraham Kalman Stein (son of Michael)
Mr. Abraham Shmaryahu Katzin (son of Yitschak)
Mrs. ‘Hana Miriam Katzin
Mr. Nisi Hayim Mosklik (son of Woolf)
Mr. Sharna David Cohen (son of Arye)
Mrs. Masha Cohen (daughter of Isaac)
Mr. Moshe Cohen (son of Sharna)
Mr. Mordechai Facks (son of Yehuda) of blessed memory

Page 7

JOHANNESBURG (continued)

Mrs. ‘Haya Leah Facks (daughter of Moshe)
Mr. Zmil Joel Knep (son of Eliyahu)
Mr. Abraham David Knep (son of Zmil Joel)
Mr. Jacob Melman (son of Yechiel)
Mr. Aarom Meraz (son of Hayim Ezriel)
Mr. Yehousha Joffe (son of Hillel)
Mr. Abraham Aba Rayman (son of Yitschak Pinchas)
Mr. Solomon Shatz (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Reubem Mickelson (son of Jonah)
Mr. Shabtai Pinkus (son of Kalman)
Mr. Solomon Sellers (son of Naftali)
Mrs. Esther Sellers (daughter of Mordechai)
Rabbi Benjamin Hillel Edelman (son of Yitschak Jacob)
Mrs. Etta Smith (daughter of Aaron)
Mr. Aaron Fine (son of Yerachmiel)
Mrs. Haya Sarah Fine
Mr. Tzemach Moshe Fine (son of Aaron)
Mr. Ze’ev Steinberg (son of Hayim David)
Mr. Yecheskel Levin (son of Moshe)
Mr. Moshe Davidson (son of Yaacov Ezriel)
Mr. Tzvi Yehudah Zinn (son of Solomon Zalman)
Mr. Isaac Kalmanson (son of David Ber)
Mr. Liberman Levenberg (son of Yehoshua)
Mr. Abraham Arye Hellmam (son of Tzvi)
Mr. Zacharia Katz (son of David)
Mr. Yehudah Leftan (son of Michael)
Mr. Yerachmiel Levinson (son of Arye)
Mr. Gershon Reichman (son of Aaron)
Mr. Zundel Seev (son of Ze’ev)
Mr. Aba Jacob Shapiro (son of David)
Mr. Joseph Frankel (son of Shimon)
Mr. Jacob Cohen (son of Mordechai)
Mr. Mordechai Segal (Son of Moshe)
Mr. Yissachar Rothchild (son of Yichiel Yissachar)
Mr. Pesach Cohen (son of Yehudah)
Mr. David Starfield (son of Arye)
Mr. Yitschak Padowitz (son of Zalman)
Mr. Asher Aaron son of Zalman (of blessed memory)
Mr. Daniel Yitschak Fram (son of Samuel)
Mr. Zelig Pollack (son of Aaron)
Mr. Nachum (Norman) Lurie (son of Tzvi)
Mr. Abraham David Abrahams (son of Joseph)
Mr. Samuel Mach (son of Nachum)
Mr. Tzvi Wienschmidt (son of Joseph)
Mr. Joseph Rabinowitz (son of Samuel)

Page 8

JOHANNESBURG (continued)

Mr. Abraham Zellikand Joffe (son of Ze’ev)
Mr. Yitschak Eliyahu Goldberg (son of Yahim Joel)
Mr. Abraham Atlas (son of Eliezer)
Mr. Yehoshua Heshel Seev (son of Solomon)
Mr. Yehudah Robinson (son of Joseph)
Mr. Eliyahu Jacob Sussman (son of David)
Mr. Favish Lipson (son of Liba?) Mrs Leah Marsh (daughter of Joseph)
Mr. Zalman Rivelson? (son of Aaron)
Mr. David Rivelson? (son of Tzvi)
Mrs. Zelda Rivelson? (Daughter of Zalman)


Mr. Moshe Sandick (son of Samuel)
Mr. Benjamin Mendelson (son of Shimon)
Mr. Tzvi Goldberg (son of Isaac)


Mr. Abraham Radamsky (son of Baruch)
Mr. Israel Hayim Radamsky (son of Abraham)
Mrs. Yehudit (daughter of Moshe) (no surname given)
Mrs. Feine Leah (daughter of Israel) (no surname given)


Four names illegible due to black copy


Mr. Ephraim Samuel (son of Hillel)
Mr. David Katz (son of Gershon)
Mr. Reuben Miller (son of Gershon)
Mr. Aaron Arkin (son of David)
Mr. Shrana Yehudah Levitt (son of Nathan)
Mr. Mordechai Yehoushua Freedman (son of Yishayahu)
Mr. Herman Katzenellenbogen.
Mr. Leib Perlman (son of Abraham)
Mr. Reuben Shapiro (son of Benjamin)
Mr. Karpel David Meyers (son of Moshe)
Mr. Shalom Moshe Meyers (son of David) (of blessed memory)
Mr. Shimon Zachar (son of Eliyahu)
Mr. Yehudah Leib Resnick (son of Samuel)
Mr. Dov Sacks (son of Yeshia Jacob)

Page 9

PRETORIA (continued)

Mr. Samuel Shulman (son of Eliezer)
Mr. Solomon Breitman (son of Jonah)
Mr. Jacob Bernstein (son of Ze’ev)
Mr. Yitschak Neveransky (son Of Elyakum)
Mr. Meyer David Glick (son of Gershon)
Mr. Dov Factor (son of Hillel)
Mr. Samuel Hirshowitz (son of Joseph)
Mr. Leib Hirshowitz (Son of Joseph)
Mr. Aaron Falkson (son of Jacob)
Mr. Samuel Biele (son of Joseph)
Mr. Nathan Sacks (son of Moshe)
Mr. Noah Tzvi (son of Zalkind)
Mr. Ben Tzion Cohen (son of Samuel)
Mr. Arye Leib Asher (son of Meyer)
Mr. Chanoch Sher (son of Joseph)
Mr. Yerachmiel Richard (son of Jacob Shimon)
Mr. Solomon Zalman Seleznick (son of Samuel)
Mr. Ze’ev Reibad (son of Jacob)
Mr. Hayim Jacob Lippon (of Olifantsfontein) (son of Meyer)
Mr. Moshe Neifeld (son of David)


Mr. Abraham Hayim Lichtenfeld (son of Yishayahu Tzvi)
Mrs. Haya Sheva Lichtenfeld (Daughter of Yehudah)
Mr. Benjamin Lubman (son of Gershon Aba)
Mr. Reuben Tzvi Katz (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Joseph Kramer (son of Shrana)
Mr. Pesach Sheffer (son of Zelig)
Mr. Liv Neifeld (son of David)
Mr. Eliezer Shoshnovik (son of Jacob)
Mr. Ze’ev Schwartz (son of Mordechai)
Mr. Yehudah Dunsky (son of Zelig)
Mr. David Sacks (son of Yeshia)
Mr. Kapel David Meirosh (son of Israel Eliyahu)
Mr. Mordechai Arkin (son of Yehoshua)
Mrs. Eidel Arkin (daughter of Leib)
Mr. Moshe Segal (son of Nathan)
Mr. Levi Borgin (son of Raphael)
Mr. Eliezer son of Shimon (No surname given)
Mr. Abraham Golombick (son of Yedidyah Dusack)

Mr. Hayim David Osrin (son of Gershon)

Page 10

CAPE TOWN (continued)

Mrs. Fruma ‘Haya Osrin (daughter of Kadish)
Mr. Israel Hayim Israel (Plomshtat) (son of Samuel Aaron)
Mr. Shalom Shach (son of Gershon)
Mr. Moshe Yechezkel Miller (son of Meyer)
Mr. Tzvi Eliyahu Alswang (son of Eliezer)
Mr. Samuel Newman
Mr. Aaron Joseph Sacks (son of Mordechai)
Mr. Wolf Ze’ev Harris (son of Shlomo Zalman)
Mr. Arye Yehudah Berold (Fere) (son of Baruch Yitschak)
Mr. Reuben Weinberg (Fere) (son of Hayim Yitschak)
Mr. Hayim Heshel Poletzki (son of Mordechai)
Mr. Moshe Joseph Joffe (son of Tzvi)
Mr. Ben Tzion Shochat (son of Jacob)
Mr. Yerimiyahu Sharif (son of Joseph)
Mr. Samuel Bark (son of Ephraim)
Mr. Eliezer Kantor (Maitland) (son of Rabbi Yitschak)
Mr. David Yehudah Leib Davidowitz (Maitland)(son of Shalom Tzemach)
Mr. Aaron Baruch Yach (son of Shalom)
Mr. Tuvia Maurberger (son of Samuel)
Mr. Yehoshua Yitschak Shall (son of Samuel Zangwill)
Mr. Menachem Mendel Port (son of Samuel)
Mr. Ben Tzion Rosen (son of Samuel)
Mr. Yitschak Yerachmiel Lessem (son of Shabtai)
Mr. Solomon Mechanic (son of ‘Halona)
Dr. Yechezkel Reznakov (son of Abraham)
Mr. Eliezer Traub (son of Yehudah Leib)
Mr. Noach Wolman (son of Aaron)
Mr. Yechiel Polikanska (son of Israel Aba)
Mr. Yedidya Lurie (son of Yechezkel)
Mr. Abraham Mordechai Zekshen (son of Zelig)
Mr. Ze’ev Davis (son of Samuel David)
Mr. Yitschak Jacob Bernstein (son of Joseph Tzvi)
Mr. Solomon Michael Jacob (son of Israel)
Mr. Abraham Yehudah Calbart (son of Meyer)
Mr. Joseph Avigdor Nines (son of Abraham Tzvi)
Mr. Yechiel Broide (son of Israel Aba)
Mr. Abraham Yekutiel Maister (son of David)
Mr. Mordechai Cohen (son of Yitschak David)
Mr. Moshe Arye Slesinger (son of Ben Tzion)
Mr. Yitschak Isaac Israel (son of Mordechai)
Mrs. Hana Mina Cohen (daughter of David)
Mr. Tzvi Bassoon (son of Tzemach)
Mr. Shimon David Bloch (son of Menachem Manes)
Mr. Joseph Ze’ev Robick (son 0f Shmaryahu)
Mr. David Be’er Averbuch (son of Moshe)

Page 11

CAPE TOWN (continued)

Mr. Jacob Gitlin (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Abraham Levin (son of Jacob) (of blessed memory)
Mrs. Rachel Levin (daughter of Hayim)
Mr. Israel Mauerberger (son of Joseph)
Mr. Joseph Moshe Henick (Son of Yitschak)
Mr. Menachem Mendel Drobkin (son of Yerucham)
Mr. Hayim Yerachmiel Raphael (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Samuel Zelikowitz
Mr. Pinchas Futrin (son of David Be’er)
Mr. Yehoshua Heshel Gradinsky (son of Solomon Zalkind)
Mr. Mordechai Joseph Marks (son of Yitschak)
Mr. Moshe Be’er Raskin (son of Yehoshua)
Mr. Samuel Futeran (son of Hayim David)
Mr. Mordechai Michaelowsky (son of Aaron Michael)
Mr. Nathaniel Friedman (son of Sharna Moshe)
Mr. Menachem Arenson (son of Abraham Ha-Cohen)
Mr. Yecheskel Zinn (son of Rabbi Moshe Eliyahu)
Mr. Samuel Raisen (son of Eliyahu)
Mr. Yitschak Marks
Mr. Shimon Marks (son of Moshe)
Mr. Yitschak Elbe (son of Nachum)
Mr. Jacob Levin (son of Ze’ev)
Mrs. Tovah Levin (daughter of Ze’ev)
Mrs. Zelda Levin (daughter of Hayim)
Mr. Yehudah Lazerowitz (son of Samuel)
Mr. Mordechai Lazerowitz (son of Samuel)
Mr. Arye Leib Minel (son of Shabtai)
Mr. Meyer Goldsmith (son of Tzvi)
Mr. Israel Reuben Weinberg (son of Meyer)
Mrs. Meme Gittel Weinberg (daughter of Abraham)
Mr. Mordechai Nankin (son of Solomon) (of blessed memory)
Mrs. Rebecca Nankin (daughter of Michael) (of blessed memory)
Dr. Yehudah Leib Bacharav.
Rabbi Moshe Hayim Mervish.
Mr. Yedidyah Benson (son of Jacob Baruch)
Mr. Naftali Hertz Broide (son of Tzvi Hirsh)
Mr. Yehoshua Heshel Shapiro (son of Yecheskel)
Mrs. Hinde Shapiro (daughter of Leib)
Mr. Samuel Shewitz (son of Hayim)
Mr. Hayim Shewitz (son of Abraham Shemuel)
Mr. Sharna Favish Portman (son of Joseph)
Mr. Michael Rabie (son of Gershon Aba)
Mr. Yehudah Leib Weinik (son of Bonem)
Mr. Joseph Newman (son of Abraham)
Mr. Eliezer Yehudah Leib Traube (son of Ze’ev)

Page 12

CAPE TOWN (continued)

Mr. Eliyahu Zack (son of Jacob)
Mr. Yitschak Zack (son of Jacob)
Mr. Aaron Zack (son of Jacob)
Mrs. Gittel Zack (daughter of Zalman)
Mr. Joseph Factor (son of Tzvi Gedalyahu)
Mrs. Haya Sharna Factor (daughter of Yehudah)
Mr. Joseph Lazar (son of Hayim)
Mr. Tzek Goldman (son of Asher)
Mr. Aba Chait (son of Dov)
Mr. Abraham Zieper (son of Yehudah)
Mr. Menachem Mendel Rapkin.
Mr. Israel Tzvi Bradovke (son of Shimon)
Mrs. Rachel Bradovke (daughter of Moshe)
Mr. Yitschak Cheimowitz (son of Moshe)
Mr. Yehoshua Zukerman (son of Shalom)
Mr. Nathan Levinsohn (son of Hayim David)
Mr. Shaftel Kaplan (son of Michael)
Mr. Sharna Favish Shindler (son of Leib)
Mr. Hayim Blumberg (son of Joseph)


Mr. Yehudah Leib Kaplan (son of Nachum)
Mr. Baruch Phillips (son of David)
Mrs. Miriam Marks (daughter of Shimon)
Mr. Baruch Finkelstein (son of Moshe)
Mr. Kalman Shapiro (son of Jacob)
Mr. Menachem Mendel Katz (son of Samuel)
Mr. Meyer Yankelowitz (son of Hayim Abraham) Retreat.
Mr. Abraham Katz (son of Yechezkel)
Mr. Yechezkel Katz (son of Solomon)
Mr. Mordechai Jacob Shub (son of Israel Ha-Cohen)
Rabbi Mordechai Jacob Cohen (son of Israel)
Mr. Nachum Asherowitz (son of Mordechai)
Mrs. Idel Asherowitz (daughter of Mordechai)
Mrs. Sarah Asherowitz (daughter of Abraham)
Rabbi Mordechai Bachnoon Eliezer Gordon (of blessed memory)
Mr. Moshe Singer (son of Aaron)


Mr. Abraham Abrahams (son of Yitschak)


Mr. Hayim Stein (son of Beinosh)

Page 13


Mr. Isaac Siev (son of Ze’ev)


Mr. Moshe Salomon (son of Mordechai)
Mrs. Chana Heshel (daughter of Yehoshua)















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