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Southern Africa Jewish Genealogy SA-SIG

Southern Africa Jewish Newspapers


Editor: Dr Saul Issroff
Copyright © 1999-2012 Saul Issroff, Mike Getz, SAfrica SIG
and Jewishgen Inc.
Revised: 24 December 2012


Dr Saul Issroff writes: Following the theme of SA Jewish Newspapers I have looked at an article by J. Judelowitz and another one by Prof S. Rappaport on the subject. I have extracted the following titles dating from around 1890 (They are all marked [1]).

I do not have access to J.A. Poliva's 'A short history of the Jewish Press and literature in South Africa from the earliest days to the present time'. Vereeniging, 1961, JHB : Prompt Printing. Many of these papers and periodicals lasted only a short period of time. I believe the most complete collection of SA Yiddish newspapers is now in the University of Texas, Austin.

Copies of some of the newspapers listed below may be inspected at the British Library Newspaper Library, Colindale Avenue, Colindale, London NW9 5HE, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)20 7412 7353. Fax: +44 (0)20 7412 7379.

After the 2001 London genealogy Conference the British Library donated a surplus collection of six bound volumes of the SA Jewish Times to the JGSGB Library. These relate to the 1960's and have a wealth of information. If we had enough volunteers we could start a project to index various years. Please contact Dr Saul Issroff.

In June 2002, Rabbi Richard Newman wrote: ... do not forget Arthur Markowitz, a German Jewish immigrant, who wrote for the leading S.A. Jewish press in his 117 articles about Jewish life in the small towns of South Africa.


Southern Africa Jewish newspapers

Excel spreadsheet (26KB): SA_Jewish_newspapers.xls

Biographical notes: David Fram, Samuel Leibowitz

'The' has been ignored for the purpose of alphabetisation.
Cross-references are shown in italic.
[1] = from a list dated about 1890.


African Jewish Gazette (The) [1]
• 20.08.189-00.09.1898. Isaac Berman d. 27.06.1898 then W. Belfort for 3 months

African Yiddish Newspaper [1]
• See Der Afrikaner

Afrikaner Yidishe Zeitung (The African Jewish Newspaper.)

Bird's Eye (The), (Hinneraug) [1]
• 15.10.1917. Benoni. 1 issue. A.Revinson.

Bulletin (The) [1]
• 1926. Jewish Colonisation Fund for the settlement of Jews in Land in Russia. ed. A. Ovedoff.

Current (The), see Der Strom

Der Afrikaner, incorporated into African Yiddish Newspaper [1]
• 01.01.1909-April 1914. monthly.
• Incorporated into African Yiddish Newspaper. 10.11.1911-29.12.1933. weekly. Solomon (F/V)ogelson then Heiman Polsky.
• July 1917 Eng suppl..Percy Cowen ed. English suppl., Dir. Dr Ch. Spiro, sub ed. J.I. Davidson.
• Freie Beilage Zum Africaner. 1920. Literary suppl.
• See Kinneret

Der Afrikaner Israelit [1]
• 1890 for 6 months. Johannesburg. ND Hoffman. Y.

Der Afrikaner Telegraph [1]
• 01.08.1898-1902. Cape Town. ND Hoffman, Eigel Kaplansky and David Goldblatt

Der Express [1]
• 1898. Weekly. Vogelson.

Der Judische Advocate, see Der Yiddische Advokaat

Der Judischer Herald [1]
• ?late 1890’s weekly for 2 years. ND Hoffman and Isaac Stone.

Der Kriegsstaphet (The War Despatch) [1]
• Cape Town 16.10.1899-13.12.1899. David Goldblatt, ed.

Der Strahl [1]
• 1904. Cape Town. weekly. Lazarus Manfrid from Shadova.

Der Strom (The Current) [1]
• Dec 1917-21.03.1919. A. Revinson.

Der Yiddischer Advokaat or Der Judische Advocate (The Jewish Advocate) [1]
• 00.10.1904-05.06.1914. daily. David Goldblatt ed. His daughter Sarah Goldblatt pub. Translations of C.J. Langenhoven’s poetry. Jewish Advocate.Dec. 1913.English suppl.

Der Yiddische Fohn, see the Jewish Standard

Di Naie Heim (The New Home) [1]
• 22.01.1913-03.03.1913. J. Judelowitz.

Di Naie Zeit [1]
• 00.08.1912-00.10.1912. monthly then last 4 issues weekly. Max Slonimsky.

Dorem Afrike
Editors included Henia Brazg together with Zalmen Levy. Brazg was secretary of the South African Yiddish Cultural Federation for about two years beginning with its founding in 1948. Levy was chairman of the SAYCF. [REFERENCE: SA Jewish Report newspaper, 19 October 2001, p3.]

Dorom Afrika [1]
• 00.12.1922-00.08.1923 ceased. revived 00.07.1928. Monthly. Yiddish Literary Society of Johannesburg then Jewish Publication Society. Ed. J.M. Sherman.

Dos Noye Wort (New Word) [1]
• July 1916, 5 issues. ND Hoffman. Y.

11th Hour
• When The Jewish Herald commenced publication it was published as '11th Hour.'

Freie Beilage Zum Africaner [1]

Fund Bulletin (The) [1]
• 00.10.1922-00.06.1925. United SA Jewish Relief Reconstruction and Orphans Fund.

HaCochav (The Jewish Star) [1]
• aka Hakohav (Star) [1]
• 17.06.1903-1907. Israel Michael Traub. English with Hebrew column for year 1.
• 14.06.1893-mid 1907. I.M.Traub ed.

HaMagid [1]
• Lyck (Elk, Pol N of Bialystok)

Hamelitz [1]
• St Petersburg. H.

Ha-Oheb [1]
• Supplement to Ha-Or. ND Hoffman. H

Ha-Or [1]
• 01.04.1895-5.07.1897. Cape Town. ND Hoffman. Y.

Haschachar [1]
• Vienna. monthly. Sholem Aleichem writes sympathetically about the fall of Pretoria.

HaShalom [1]
• 00.09.1923 monthly. Durban. Durban Jewish Circle. Anglo-Jewish.

• Monthly journal of the Bloemfontein Jewish community
• Publisher: United Hebrew Institutions of Bloemfontein, 1945

Hatzefira [1]
• Warsaw. ND Hoffman 1889- . Ayin Zofiyah.

Hectograph, see Unser OnHoub

Hinneraug, see The Bird's Eye

Israel's Messenger [1]
• 1906 monthly. Mr Marcuson. Juveniles.

Ivri Onouchi [1]
• 00.01.1923 monthly. Journal of Jewish Guilds of South Africa. ed. I.M. Goodman then A.I. Ovedoff. E. General Jewish interest. 1925-1925 Yiddish suppl. Ed. J Judelowitz.

Jew (The) [1]
• 00.04.1928 1 issue. Pretoria. Rabbi W. Hirsch.

Jewish Advocate, see Der Yiddischer Advokaat

Jewish Affairs [1]
• SA Jewish Board Of Deputies. 1941-present weekly.

Jewish Daily News (The)

Jewish Express (The)

Jewish Free Press (The) [1]
• 26.06.1904 for 5 months, then end 1907 short period. L.S. Schmulian pub., Baruch Levitsky ed., Benzion S. Hersch sub-ed., later ed.

Jewish Guild Journal [1]
• 00.09.1919. quarterly. Bulawayo. 7 issues. Rev. I.M. Cohen.

Jewish Herald (The)
• Organ of the United Zionist Revisionist Party of Southern Africa
• Johannesburg, 1937
• Includes a Rosh Hashanah Annual
• See 11th Hour

Jewish Standard (The), (Der Yiddishe Fohn) [1]
• 25.02.1909 fortnightly to 1910, then weekly to may 1913, then 5 times a week to 01.07.1913, then twice weekly to 00.08.1913 ceased. Benzion S. Hersch.
• July 1912 English supplement. Hersch.

Jewish Tribune (The) [1]
• 00.05.1913-00.09.1913. Isaac Goodman. E. Anglo-Jewish.

Jewish Voice (The) [1]
• 17.06.1910. weekly 1 year. Rubinstein pub., Simon Joffe ed.
• 24.04.1924 for fourteen issues weekly. A Revinson.

Johannesburg Daily (The) [1]
• 12.12.1912-31.01.1913. E Rendel.

Judea [1]
• Quarterly. Cape Town. Junior Zionist Society. ed. J. Lewis.

Judean (The) [1]
• Cape Town. 1920’s quarterly. S.A. Young Israel Federation.

Kinneret (Kinereth) [1]
• N.D. Hoffman. fortnightly 1905 for 1 year then until April 1914 as a supplement to Der Afrikaner then on its own.

New Home (The), see Di Naie Heim

New Word: see Dos Noye Wort

Our Friend [1]
• 1928. Cape Town Jewish Orphanage.

Our Magazine [1]
• 1923-1925. Jewish government school pupils A. Pincus and others.

Our Way, see Unzer Weg

Progressive (The) [1]
• 2 issues in Yiddish as suppl. 1910. Unionist Party. ed Vogelson.

Progressive Jew, The
• Publisher: The South African Union for Progressive Judaism, Johannesburg, 1944 onwards

Rhodesian Jewish Times, The
• The organ of Jewry in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
• Salisbury, 1946-1950, 1952 etc.

Rising Generation (The) [1]
• 00.09.1923 ireg. Bloemfontein Young Israel Society. eds: Sol Belfort, then Leon Klatzow, N. Phillips, J. Rubin.

Rosh HaShona Annual of SA Jewish Chronicle [1]
• 1910, Sept. Johannesburg.

South African Jewish Chronicle (The) [1]

South African Jewish Frontier
• Official organ of the Zionist Socialist Party of South Africa, Johannesburg, 1940 onwards

South African Jewish Chronicle and Zionist News (The) [1]
• Unsuccessful attempt? 00.12.1898. E.Anglo-Jewish.

South Africa Jewish Chronicle
• Cape Town fortnightly 07.02.1902-12.08.1904. May 1905-1927 weekly Johannesburg then 1927 back to CT. J. Carasov. E.Anglo-Jewish. Yiddish suppl. Ed. Elias Gewurts.
• see Rosh HaShona Annual of SA Jewish Chronicle

South African Jewish Opinion

South African Jewish Report
Weekly free newspaper. Tabloid format, pp 24. Mono and colour illustrations. The issue for Friday 19 October 2001 was Vol.4 No.23. Price R4.50. The issue for Friday 16 April 2004 was Vol.8 No.16. Price: Free. At some point between these two issues the paper changed from paid-for to free distribution.
Editor: Geoff Sifrin []
Published by SA Jewish Report (Pty)Ltd., Suite 175, Postnet X10039, Randburg 2125, S.A.
Telephone: (011)886 0162, facsimile: (011)886 4202.

South African Jewish Standard (The)[1]

South African Jewish Times

Star, see Hakohav

Unser OnHoub (Hectograph) [1]
• 00.09.1920. Johannesburg 1 issue.

Unzer Weg (Our Way) [1]
• 01.05.1919-00.11.1921. monthly. Poale Zion Society (Workers of Zion). Ed. A. Kartun.

War Despatch (The), see Der Kriegsstaphet

Wechendliche Najes [1]
• June 1912. 1 issue. Max Slonimsky.

Zionist Record (The) [1]
• 15.11.1908. monthly to 1924 then fortnightly then weekly. SA Zionist Federation pub. Eds. M. Abrahams, Isaac Goodman, Lennox, L. Loewe, I.H. Harris, B.Sc., J. Alexander, M.A., Morris de Saxe, B.A., LLB., David Dainow.
• 1914 Yiddish suppl. Ed J.S. Judelowitz.




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