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Online Journal

General Guidelines for Submitting Material

Please e-mail contributions in WORD or ASCII (plain text) format to the Online Journal. The Editorial Committee will review and select articles to be published. If you have questions about any material you would like to submit or an idea for an original article, please contact Shirley Rotbein Flaum.

We are interested in publishing articles which:

1) describe and discuss research methods,
2) describe and discuss rabbinic genealogical documents and resources,
3) review articles, books and other resources on the subject of rabbinic genealogy, or
4) relate personal family histories, including methodology used to research rabbinic ancestry.
We welcome original articles and also will re-publish articles which have appeared previously in other places such as JGS newsletters. We also welcome translation of material originally published in another language. Written authorization of the author and editor of previously published material, including anyone holding copyright on any material, is required.

Please fully cite all sources and provide as much information as possible on where the sources are located.

In the interest of maintaining uniform spelling of rabbinical names throughout this web site, please refer to Neil Rosenstein's The Unbroken Chain for the accepted spelling.