Index to Articles on Rabbinic Genealogy in
Avotaynu: The International Review of Jewish Genealogy

Title of Article Author(s) Year Volume / Number / Page
Baal Shem Tov Project Mark Tedeschi 1986 II/2 (Summer)/03
Ashkenazic Rabbinic Families (online) Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1987 III/3 (Fall)/07

Author Neil Rosenstein covers four topics: (1) the origin of many rabbinic dynasties of Europe; (2) an analysis of that often asked question, "Am I descended from famous rabbis?"; (3) the impact the printing press had on documenting these dynasties; and (4) the interaction between these groups.

Descendants of Rashi--Opinion 1  John Henry Richter 1988 IV/2(Summer)/07
Descendants of Rashi--Opinion 2  Frank Adler 1988 IV/2(Summer)/09
About Some Problems with Rabbinic Genealogies John Henry Richter 1989 V/1(Spring)/Sp.Sup
Rosenstein's Rebuttal to Richter Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1989 V/1(Spring)/Sp.Sup
The Luria Lineage - Eleven Versions Avotaynu 1989 V/1(Spring)/Sp.Sup
Sixteenth Century Documents About the Origins of the Luria-Spira-Treves Families [Oxford Manuscript: Shtadlan Joselmann of Rosheim (died about 1554)] Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1989 V/1(Spring)/Sp.Sup
Richter's Comments on Rosenstein John Henry Richter 1989 V/1(Spring)/Sp.Sup
The Treves Families Esriel Hildesheimer 1989 V/1(Spring)/Sp.Sup
A Critique of Richter and Rosenstein Dr. Neville Lamdan 1989 V/1(Spring)/Sp.Sup
Missing Treves Genealogy Esriel Hildesheimer 1989 V/3 (Fall)/39
In the Spring issue of Avotaynu, Esriel Hildesheimer published a genealogy of the Treves family. A portion, which was inadvertently left out, is printed here.
Book Review: The Unbroken Chain Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern, FASG 1990 VI/1(Spring)/
Are all Ashkenazim Descended From Rashi? Eliyahu Beller 1990 VI/1(Spring)/28
Historicity of the Rashi Descent Dr. Paul J. Jacobi 1990 VI/1(Spring)/28
Book review: From King David to Baron David  Stuart L. Cohen 1990 VI/2(Summer)/23
The Descent from Rashi: A Review John Henry Richter 1990 VI/2(Summer)/35
A Response to Jacobi's Rashi Article Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1990 VI/2(Summer)/36
How I Learned that Rashi was My Ancestor Rabbi Asher Bar-Zev 1990 VI/4(Winter)/
A Seventeenth-Century Luria Manuscript Based on an Earlier Manuscript Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1991 VII/2(Summer)/19
Questions Luria Documentation Reuben Weiser 1991 VII/3(Fall)/28
Question Origin of Surname Katz Reuben Weiser 1991 VII/3(Fall)/28
Comments on Rosenstein's Luria Lineage John Henry Richter 1991 VII/3(Fall)/47
More Books on Rabbinic Research Avotaynu 1991 VII/4(Winter)/67 
Rosenstein Responds to Critics Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1992 VIII/1(Spring)/57
Can We Prove Descent From King David? (online) David Einsiedler 1992 VIII/3(Fall)/29
Rashi's Descent from King David Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1992 VIII/3(Fall)/31
From the Seed of Rashi Laurence S. Tauber 1992 VIII/3(Fall)/32
Chabad-Lubavitch Literature as a Genealogical Source Michoel Ronn 1992 VIII/3(Fall)/40
Expands on Chabad Article David Einsiedler 1992 VIII/4(Winter)/66
The (Maternal) Descent of Rashi Laurence S. Tauber 1993 IX/2(Summer)/32
Descent from King David--Part II (online) David Einsiedler 1993 IX/2(Summer)/34
Reprint of Otsar Ha-Rabanim Available Avotaynu 1994 X/1(Spring)/66
Prenumeranten as a Source
for Jewish Genealogists
Chaim Freedman 1994 X/2(Summer)
Spira and Luria Families Revisited Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1994 X/4(Winter)/17
Documenting the Descendants of the Vilna Gaon Esther Ramon 1995 XI/1(Spring)/47
Which Rapaports are also Shach Descendants? Dr. Paul J. Jacobi 1995 XI/3(Fall)/50
The Reliability of Genealogical Research in Modern Rabbinic Literature (online) Rabbi Meir Wunder 1995 XI/4(Winter)/31
Englard's Articles on Questions in Rabbinic Genealogy Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1996 XII/1(Spring)/36
Questions Rosenstein's Article Michoel Ronn 1996 XII/2(Summer)/66
Rappaport Family: A Response to Paul Jacobi  Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1996 XII/3(Fall)/46
Chassidic Dynasties Esther Ramon 1997 XIII/3(Fall)/49
Verifying Oral Traditions
A Case Study: The Gaon of Vilna
Chaim Freedman 1997 XIII/4(Winter)/
Book Review: Eliyahu's Branches:
The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family
Arthur Kurzweil 1997 XIII/4(Winter)/96
The Edelman Hoax and the Origins of Anglo-Jewish Aristocracy Dr. Neil Rosenstein and Rabbi Dov Weber 1998 XIV/2(Summer)/25
An Approbation for Dr. Neil Rosenstein and Dov Weber Rabbi Shlomo Englard 1998 XIV/3(Fall)/90
Sherwood "Forest" Through the Genealogical Trees Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1998 XIV/4(Winter)/21
Will the Correct Pinchas Horowitz Please Stand Up? Dr. Neil Rosenstein 1999 XV/2(Summer)/
Book Review: Avnei Zikaron Bill Gladstone 1999 XV/4(Winter)/
Braude Beginnings Dr. Neil Rosenstein 2000 XVI/3(Fall)/43 
Documentation of the Besht Found in Magnate Archives Carol Clapsaddle 2000 XVI/4(Winter)/90
A Method for Depicting Interconnected Rabbinical Families Simultaneously: The Jewish Historical Clock Michael Honey 2001 XVII/3(Fall)/10
Author Michael Honey "has not only translated numerous rabbinical genealogies into English, he has devised a method of charting that allows us to see clearly overlapping relationships among several contemporary families." Includes a diagram of the branches from the start of the Horowitz family in Prague up to the Horowitz Dynasty in Dzikow/Tarnobrzeg (from the 1400's through 1800's).
Book Review: Beit Rabbanan: Sources of Rabbinical Genealogy Bill Gladstone 2002 XVIII/1(Spring)/65
Rabbinical Genealogies Prepared by Paul Jacobi

(no author listed)

2002 XVIII/2(Summer)/28
Genealogical Information in Rabbinical Texts: An Examination of Ohr Olam Laurence Tauber 2002 XVIII/2(Summer)/43

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