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Together in Romania, Separated by Emigration, Reconnected through JewishGen

By Todd Halpern and Harry Green

“That contact through JewishGen was the starting point for their close collaboration on exploring and extending knowledge of their mutual Brantz family history.”


By Jack L. Weinstein

“Scanning down I saw my name, Uncle Aaron’s name, and the names of two living relatives that had been lost to time and war.”

Searching for My Mother’s Rabinowitz and Pinsley Cousins

By Sam Glaser

“Back I went to the JewishGen Belarus SIG with my new-found knowledge. This elicited responses from several members with additional information extending my family tree.”

A twisted genealogical knot of inter-generational first-cousin marriages

By Marla Raucher Osborn

“For at least three consecutive generations, beginning at my great-grandparents' level, I found siblings marrying first cousin siblings …”

EDITORS' NOTE - October 2012

We present four inspiring Success Stories in this issue, stories that highlight various avenues for family history research, reunions with previously unknown relatives, and the untangling of complex familial relationships.

Todd Halpern and Harry Green became acquainted through JewishGen’s Family Finder when they discovered they were both researching the Brantz surname. Working together, they expanded their knowledge of the family’s history and connected with other family members.

Jack Weinstein had extensive knowledge about his family’s history, all except for his father’s eldest brother who had stayed behind in Gorodnitsa when the rest of the family left for America.

Sam Glaser knew very little about his mother’s cousins until he came upon some old letters from his mother to her sister stuck in a photo album. These letters offered clues that Sam turned into answers through his creative research.

Marla Raucher Osborn provides a personal essay on the frustrations—and joys—of sorting out the family tree relationships when cousins have married cousins over multiple generations. Speaking with older family members, closely examining family photographs, and maintaining a sense of humor all contributed to her successful endeavor.

We hope you enjoy these stories and learn from the variety of research approaches the authors describe. JewishGen offers a wide array of resources to aid you in expanding your knowledge and connecting with family. We wish you success and encourage you to send us your stories.

Nancy Siegel, Editor                                                            Anna Blanchard, Webmaster
San Francisco, California                                                  Saint Louis, Missouri


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