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The Final Journey of Jacob Drapekin: Confirming a Myth with a Missing Matzevah:

"The most persistent—and untraceable—story was that my mother’s grandfather, after spending many years in America, died on a ship to Palestine."

Traces: What Remains of a Life

“What material, tangible evidence remains of a person's life when that life is over?"

The Hausners of Kojetin: Success Story Brings a New Family Connection

"As a result of the posting of my JewishGen Success Story last year, I have been contacted by two cousins, whom I did not know before."

EDITORS' NOTE - March 2012

This issue of Success! Stories includes two fascinating tales of research and travel that reveal pieces of the past regarding particular families and connections to historical events. We are also pleased to include an update regarding a story we previously published that brought the author two new family connections.

Sherry Levy-Reiner unravels the mystery of her great-grandfather’s death on a voyage to Palestine in the 1920s. A Google search leads her to the diary of a fellow voyager. The JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) and a trip to the National Archives provides her with a written report of his death. Old archived newspaper articles provide details of the voyage. A visit to Israel leads her to his gravesite.

Marla Raucher Osborn travels to the city of Lviv and nearby ancestral town of Rohatyn in Western Ukraine to walk the streets her family had walked and to find an imprint in today’s world of their past lives. She is armed with family stories and the research she conducted on JewishGen’s various databases. She finds traces of her family in old school records and fragments of old documents. And she finds an unexpected purpose when confronted by the hundreds of discarded Jewish tombstones scattered about the town.

Tony Hausner relates how, as a result of the posting of his JewishGen Success Story last year, he connects with two previously unknown cousins

As always, we are amazed and inspired by the stories we bring you in these pages. The volunteers at JewishGen—and the readers of the discussion lists—hear of such reports nearly every day. We wish you success in using the abundant resources of JewishGen and encourage you to send us your stories.

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