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Discovering Boris Bobroff in Ryazan and Racine

“I got an email from some one who told me the only thing he knew about the Bobroffs is that they 'were an engineering family’ in Russia. Bingo! This small tip opened up a huge door to a man I had never met.”

A Trip to My Ancestral Home in Moravia

“All of us went to see the former synagogue, now a church, and saw the house of my great-great-grandfather, Markus Hausner, which was next to it. He lived there starting in the 1830s. We also located the house of my great-great-great-grandparents.”


Four brief stories highlight successes made using the JewishGen Family Finder and the JewishGen discussion lists.

EDITORS' NOTE - January 2011

Welcome to this latest edition of Success! Stories. Once again, we have an international array of stories about families connecting across many years and many miles—and JewishGen’s role in making these vital connections.

Anne Bobroff-Hajal discovers amazing information about her grandfather who immigrated to the US from Minsk and Ryazan—including his contribution to the efforts to establish trade between the US and USSR, his detention by US authorities, and his testimony to the US Congress in 1921. Anne also reports on some of her genealogical and literary adventures since making her initial successful connection.

Tony Hausner comes across Avraham Steiner’s web site, rich in information about the history of Kojetin—the town Tony is researching—and he also finds Kojetin cousins now in Slovakia. Tony and his wife travel to this ancestral town in the Czech Republic, where they meet his cousins and learn much more about the family’s history.

Four brief stories From Our Mailbox... highlight successes made using the JewishGen Family Finder and the JewishGen discussion lists. Lisa Cortez discovers the family of an uncle thought to have perished in the Holocaust. A listing in the JewishGen Family Finder—and good timing—results in Jamie Levine Weber connecting with her mother’s cousin. Zeev Walter Weil of Israel and Olaf Wolfgang Weil of Germany find their connection through the Family Finder and arrange to meet in Israel. And after more than ten years of research, Beverly Bienstock Margolies makes three different family connections within six weeks through the Family Finder.

We hope you enjoy and learn from these accounts. Please continue to send us your success stories—we look forward to hearing from you!

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