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Project Name. Lowicz; A Town in Mazovia - Memorial Book

Project Leader
Chaim Eisman

JewishGen Yizkor Book Project Manager: Lance Ackerfeld

Project Synopsis

This project is being initiated in order to fund the translation of the memorial book “Lowicz; A Town in Mazovia.”  This book, compiled and edited by Gedaliah Shaiak, was published by the Lowiczer Landsmanshaften of Melbourne and Sydney in 1966. It was the desire of the surviving Jews of Lowicz that this book would serve as a perpetual memorial to the thousands of martyrs from their town. Additionally, it would serve as a recorded account of the atrocities witnessed during the Holocaust and would also become an invaluable resource so that the descendants of the Jews of Lowicz might become acquainted with their family roots and culture.

Key Audiences

Jewish genealogists, professional and amateur, seeking to trace their roots in Lowicz or the vicinity will constitute the primary audience for the material. However, the material has the potential to be of broader appeal to scholars interested in the region or specialising in Jewish history and society

Project Importance

Today, “Lowicz; A town in Mazovia” remains as ever an invaluable resource yet is inaccessible to many researchers. It is important to note that its contents, recorded mainly in Yiddish and Hebrew, are not merely a translation of the English section of the book but are sections in their own right. This project therefore aims to make the entirety of the book's contents available to whole new generations of researchers and in some small part contribute to the remembrance of the martyrs of Lowicz, their history and their culture.

Project Description

This project is intended to result in the translation, from Hebrew and Yiddish to English, of the memorial book “Lowicz; A Town in Mazovia.”  The resulting translation will be posted on the Yizkor Book Translations site at:
As funds become available, all Hebrew and Yiddish pages will be translated by a professional translator hired by JewishGen. The Project Coordinator will select the order in which to translate the chapters and will work closely with the translator to ensure a grammatically correct and idiomatic translation. Specific tasks the Project Coordinator will perform include proofreading, editing, and preparing the work for submission to the Yizkor Book Project.

Estimated Cost. $10,000


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