Translation of Halmeu/Turţ, Romania (Halmi/Turc, Hungary) Yizkor Book

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Translation of Zikhron netsah la-kehilot ha-kedoshot Halmin-Turcz ve-ha-seviva asher nehrevu ba-shoa (In Memory of the Communities of Halmin-Turcz and Vicinity) [Halmeu, Romania, formerly Halmi, Hungary and Turţ, Romania, formerly Turcz, Hungary]

JewishGen Yizkor Book Project Manager Lance Ackerfeld

Project Synopsis

This project will fund translation of the Yizkor book addressing Halmeu and Turţ, Romania and the vicinity. The original 138 page volume, written in Hebrew, was published in Israel in 1968 by the Halmin-Turcz and Vicinity Society.The online translation will appear at:

Key Audiences

Jewish genealogists seeking to trace their roots in Halmeu (Halmi) constitute the primary audience for the material. However, the material has the potential to be of broader appeal to scholars interested in Jewish history and society in the Satu Mare, Romania (Szatmar, Hungary) region.

Project Importance

This Yizkor book contains unique information about Halmeu-Turţ and the lives of the Jews in that region. The book is also a valuable source of genealogical information that is not available anywhere else. Without an English translation, the history, necrology lists, and stories contained in this text would remain inaccessible to many, if not most, researchers. An English version of the Halmeu-Turţ Yizkor book would be a fitting memorial to our ancestors whose lived in these communities, as well as to the members of these communities who perished in the Holocaust.

In NW Romania, near the Ukrainian border, the two principal towns (Halmeu and Turţ) are in the Maramures (Máramaros) region. Halmeu is 13 miles NNE of Satu Mare (Szatmár). Turţ is 20 miles NE of Satu Mare (Szatmar) and 9 miles E of Halmeu (Halmi). According to Wikipedia, Jews first came to Satu Mare in 1623 and that same source reports that the Jewish population had reached 29,468 in 1910. Halmeu and Turţ were two of the many surrounding villages with Jewish settlements, and JewishGen reports Halmeu's Jewish population was 479 in 1877. In 1920, Turţ's Jewish population was reported to be 339.

Project Description

his project is intended to result in the translation, from Hebrew to English, of the Halmeu and Turţ, Romania Yizkor Book. The resulting translation will be posted on JewishGen's Yizkor Book Translations website. To complete the translation, JewishGen will hire a professional translator. The Project Coordinator will select the order in which to translate the chapters and will work closely with the translator to ensure a grammatically correct and idiomatic translation. Specific tasks the Project Coordinator will perform include proofreading, editing, and preparing the work for submission to the Yizkor Book Project.

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