JewishGen-erosity Project

Uman Vital Records

Project Leaders

David Schreiber

JewishGen Ukraine SIG Coordinator

Janette Silverman

JewishGen Liaison/Advisor

Avraham Groll

Project Synopsis

The JewishGen Ukraine SIG has obtained a large number of vital records (birth, marriage, divorce, death) for the town of Uman, from the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP). A large Jewish community lived in Uman during the 18th and 19th centuries and many Jews who emigrated from that city and the small towns in the surrounding region reported Uman as their place of origin. These records are likely to contain information regarding residents as well as non-residents and temporary residents. There are approximately 10,600 pages that need to be translated from Russian and Hebrew and to be transcribed onto a spreadsheet template.

Images of the original documents from this scanning project are not available through JewishGen and can be obtained through the Family History Library and the Center for Jewish History.

Key Audience

The key audience for this project are people whose ancestors lived in or near Uman. Many of the records of people who lived outside Uman were maintained in the city. Also, renewed interest and growth of the town has accompanied pilgrimages to the tomb of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Project Importance

In 1941, the Battle of Uman took place near the town, where the German army surrounded Soviet troops. The Germans deported the entire Jewish community of the town, murdering approximately 17,000 Jews, and completely destroying the Jewish cemetery. For many of us, these records may be all that there is left of our families from those times.

Project Description

Funds raised for this project will be used to translate the records, entering them into a JewishGen spreadsheet template, and then add them to the JewishGen Ukraine Database. We already have a translator ready to start on the project.

Throughout the course of the project, completed spreadsheets will be made available to donors who contribute $100 or more. At the same time, translations of records might also be posted on relevant KehilaLink webpages.

Estimated Cost

We estimate that it will cost $21,000 to complete this project. Please note: Any funds still remaining at the completion of this translation project will be used to fund additional Uman projects and to acquire Uman records from archives in Ukraine.



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