JewishGen-erosity Project:

Tiraspol Uezd Revision Lists (1795-1858)

Project Leader

Inna Vayner

JewishGen Liaison/Advisor

Nolan Altman

Project Synopsis

Tiraspol Uezd (Tiraspol District) is currently in Transnistria (Pridnestrovie), a small area adjacent to the eastern border of Bessarabia, now part of the Moldova Republic / Transnistria self-proclaimed territory. This region is within the scope of both the JewishGen Ukraine SIG and JewishGen Bessarabia SIG. Tiraspol Uezd was in Kherson Gubernia of the Russian Empire before WWI. The Kherson Archive currently holds a number of Revision Lists for Tiraspol Uezd. According to the book “Documents on the history and culture of Jews in the regional archives of Ukraine; Guide; Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kherson region” published in Kiev in 2014, the following Revision Lists are available:

  1. Tiraspol (1795, 1835)
  2. Dubossary (1795, 1816, 1835)
  3. Grigoriopol (1835, 1858)
  4. Tiraspol Jewish agricultural colonies (1858)
Depending on the year and town, revision lists may contain the following information: name, family members, prior location and relocation date. The estimated number of records is about 5,000.

Key Audience

This project will allow Bessarabia and Ukraine family history researchers to obtain new information about their families and fill in the gaps in their family trees.

Project Importance

Records for Transnistria are very limited. Most of them were burned during WWII, and neither the Tiraspol Archive nor the National Archive of Moldova have any records for this region. The records available at the Kherson Archive seem to be the only ones that have survived intact to the present day. According to the letter received from the head of the archive, the books are being kept in conditions which don't meet the archive preservation standards. It is only a matter of time before these valuable records degrade to the point of not being usable. Because of the difficult political and economic situation in the region, it's highly unlikely that anything will be done to improve the preservation conditions. Therefore, it's imperative to have them copied as soon as possible, to preserve the history of Transnistrian Jews for future generations.

Project Description

The archive doesn't have necessary equipment to photograph the records, and doesn't allow the use of personal electronic devices.Therefore, we found a local researcher, Yuliya Zakharina, who agreed to index records in Russian. Yuliya will index all available records for the towns mentioned above. Once she passes the indexed records to the Bessarabia SIG, a team of volunteer translators with strong Russian language skills will translate them to English.

The data will be added to both the JewishGen Romania Database and JewishGen Ukraine Database, and will thus be searchable from both of these databases.

Estimated Cost

The cost of the work to be done is estimated at $2,000, plus cost of the money transfer (via bank, Western Union or Money Gram)



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