Stanisławów, Poland 1939 Census Database Project

(now Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

Project Name: Stanisławów 1939 Census

Project Leader:
John M. Hoenig

JewishGen Liaison/Advisor:
Warren Blatt

Project Synopsis

In August 1939, approximately a month before the Nazi invasion of Poland and the Soviet occupation of Stanisławów, a census was taken of the entire city.  The census encompassed approximately 14,400 households, averaging 4-5 individuals per household.  Since religion was recorded, Jewish households/individuals can be readily identified.  This census is the last pre-World War II list of residents of this very important city in what was once eastern Galicia.  All the religious, social, and political currents in Jewish life were evident in Stanisławów, one of the larger towns in Galicia, where 55 synagogues and prayer houses, including one of Sadigura Hasidism, existed between the two world wars.

The census is on 15 rolls of microfilm in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) in Washington, DC.  This project will create a computerized index of the Jewish residents of Stanisławów from this 1939 census, which will become a searchable database in JewishGen's Holocaust Database as well as the JRI-Poland/JewishGen All Poland Database and JewishGen Ukraine Database.

Key Audiences

Jewish genealogists, seeking to trace their roots in this part of the world (Galicia, Poland, Ukraine), constitute the primary audience for the material.  However, the material has the potential to be of broader interest to scholars specializing in Jewish history and the Holocaust.

Project Importance

Under this project, JewishGen will create a searchable database of all Jewish records in the Stanisławów census from the 15 rolls of microfilm housed at the USHMM.  This database will contain information on each household, as well as detailed data on each individual in each household.  Jewish records likely comprise about half (37,000) of the estimated 60,000-75,000 records of the 14,000-page census.

Project funding will support several tasks.  The USHMM, at the project's expense, will copy the microfilm for JewishGen and determine whether there are any usage restrictions on the data.  JewishGen will procure a vendor to create digital copies of every frame of the census, and will post the images on a password-protected site accessible to project volunteers.  Using a JewishGen template and data entry instructions, the volunteers will enter specified data for each Jewish individual and for each individual whose religion is unclear (e.g.: illegible).  All data entry will be proofread according to JewishGen standards.  The results will become a searchable component of JewishGen's Holocaust Database.

Estimated Cost: $8,500.


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