Slonim Uyezd Records Project

Project Name. Slonim Uyezd Records Project

Project Leaders
Alan Tapper

Steven Rosenberg

Project Synopsis

The JewishGen Belarus SIG is working to obtain 19th and early 20th century records for Jewish families from the locations in the Slonim Uyezd (district) of Grodno Gubernia. A variety of records from a variety of sources will be researched. Examples of the types of records that we hope to obtain are Jewish community records, census lists, voter lists, vital records and Holocaust-era name lists. Examples of the locations for which records will be sought include, but are not limited to, the city of Slonim, Derechin, Bereza, Byten, Dyatlova, Golynka, Kossovo, etc.

Key Audiences

Individual family researchers will be the primary beneficiaries because the project will allow them to create or fill gaps in their family trees and learn more about their families' Jewish heritage from Slonim Uyezd, Grodno Gubernia.

Project Importance

This project is crucial to the family history research of the many Jews alive today who have roots in Slonim because a large percentage of Slonimers left their shtetls and settled in Israel, America, and other countries before World War II. The JewishGen Family Finder shows many researchers interested in the town of Slonim alone and many more interested in other towns, such as Derechin and Bereza, in Slonim Uyezd.

Project Description

Professional and volunteer researchers will extract data from original and secondary records, translate them into English, and enter the data into a spreadsheet template provided by JewishGen. The database will then be quality checked. Once those tasks are complete, JewishGen will integrate the new data into the Jewishgen Belarus Database.

Estimated Cost. This project will be phased. The total goal is to raise between $3000.00 -$12000.00.


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