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Work For Hire Agreement

(may only be initiated by a JewishGen Vice President)
This is an Agreement between JewishGen, Inc. and ________________________________________________
who is being hired to provide the following work for hire: (circle the one that applies)
- Translator     - Transliterator     - Researcher     - Photographer     - Writer     - Other
for the approved JewishGen project known as:________________________________________________________
It is agreed that the rate of pay is U.S. dollars $________ or local currency in the amount of
______________________  for each
(Amount in local currency)
- page     - word     - record     - photo     - day     - hour     - week     - month
(circle the word that applies)
It is understood that the resulting work is the property of JewishGen, and the individual who performs the work
relinquishes any future claims or rights of ownership.  Should the project require the loan
of any JewishGen owned equipment or CDs, it is agreed that all material on loan will be returned prior to final payment.

Individual Being Hired:

Social Security #________________________
Date: ____________________
(type or print complete postal address including postal code)
Telephone: _____________________________ E-mail: ________________________________
For payment directly to a bank account, (only for non-U.S. banks) please provide the following:
Bank name:___________________________________ Branch:_______________________________
(type or print complete postal address including postal code)
Bank routing #_________________________________
Name on Account:______________________________ Personal ID #___________________________
Address of Bank Account holder if different from person being hired:
(type or print complete postal address including postal code)


This agreement, requested by __________________________________ in his/her capacity
as ___________________________________________ for the _________________________________________
             (project name)
is approved by:
(print full name)
JewishGen Vice President for _____________________
Date: __________________________
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