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Sunday November 27, 2022
Save the date for our next meeting!
Please join us virtually on Sunday November 27 at 1:30PM for Tammy Hepps' presentation "When Henry Silverstein Got Cold: How Terrible Enumerators Help Us Do Better Census Research"

Zoom information will be sent out midweek, the WEEK BEFORE THE MEETING, to JGSMD members.

On January 2, 1920, Henry Silverstein began his first day as a census enumerator by turning left instead of right. Things went downhill from there, and within days he became so overwhelmed that he resorted to an illegal scheme to finish the job. Through this shocking story and the painstaking detective work that uncovered it, you'll come to see the census—and your ancestors' presence or absence in it—in a whole new light. You'll laugh at Henry's misdeeds, and you'll grow your census research skills. (Based on the viral hit, When Henry Silverstein Got Cold: Fraud in the 1920 Census.)

Tammy Hepps is a historian of the Jewish experience in Western Pennsylvania. She combines in-depth historical research with techniques from technology and genealogy to reconstruct overlooked stories from the past in an engaging way. She has presented her findings around the world, including the Library of Congress and the International Jewish Genealogy Conference in Jerusalem. Her best-known research is into the history of the Jewish community in the former steel-making center of Homestead, PA (see HomesteadHebrews.com). Tammy earned her AB in computer science from Harvard and is a Wexner Heritage Fellow.
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JGS Maryland has been reconstituted!
JGSMD had its initial meeting on Sunday August 18, 2013 to see if there was interest in the group's reconstituting. The turnout was overwhelming, with 31 people attending with only a few days' notice. Look forward to new programming over the next year!
Some of the attendees:

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