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Town of Hoylake

Hoylake (population about 6,000) is a seaside town situated on the northwest corner of the Wirral peninsula, on the eastern side of the mouth of the Dee River Estuary, in northwest England. Hoylake was part of the Urban District of Hoylake, in the county of Cheshire, until 1974, when it was incorporated into the newly-formed metropolitan borough of Wirral in the metropolitan county of Merseyside. In 1986, Wirral became a unitary authority, when the metropolitan county of Merseyside lost its administrative status, becoming purely a ceremonial county.

Hoylake Jewish Community

There was a small Jewish community in Hoylake from the mid-twentieth century, with an organised Jewish congregation, which continued until the latter part of that century.

Congregation Data


Hoylake Hebrew Congregation(ii)


Market Street, Hoylake, Wirral, a former Methodist chapel, from 1964(iii)

Previously services held at the Synagogue Chambers, British Womenís Temperance Association (BWTA) Hall, 3a Birkenhead Road, Hoylake, which was first used in 1940 or 1941.(iv)


At a meeting held in April 1940, the residents of the town, supplemented by war-time evacuees, decided to form a congregation,(v) which was fully established later that year.(vi)

The status of the congregation between the late 1940s and early 1960s is unclear. There were no Jewish Year Book listings from 1949 through 1963 and no press reports relating to activities of the congregation from the 1940s until 1962 and it appears that the congregation was dormant during this period, although there are no specific reports of the congregation being disbanded and then reestablished. 


None known.


The congregation closed in October 1980.(vii)


Ashkenazi - Orthodox


Rev. David Silver - minister from at least 1945 until about 1948(xi)

Rev. Louis Chinn - minister-reader from 1962 until about 1980s(xii)

Lay Officers:

World War II

S. Rogansky - Chairman in and about 1940/41(xv)

H. Newman - Hon. Secretary from 1940(xvi)


Immediately Post World War II(xvii)

H. Solomon - President from at least 1945 to about 1948

A. Tearle - Hon. Secretary from at least 1945 until 1948

H. Newman - Treasurer from at least 1945 until about 1948


Later Period(xviii)


1963-1965 - A.M. Lerman

1965-1968 - D. Solomon

1968-1976 - S. Endfield

1976-1980 - M. Jacobs


1976-1980 - A.M. Lerman

Hon. Secretaries

1963-1966 - S. Endfield

1966-1976 - P. Gould

1976-1980 - Mrs. D. Newman

Membership data:

National Reports & Surveys(xxi)

1977 - 23 male (or household) members.

Registration District (BMDs):

Wirral (since 1 April 1998)(xxii) - Link to Register Office Website.

Cemetery Details

There are no Jewish cemeteries in Hoylake.


Online Articles and Other Material relating to relating to
the Hoylake Jewish Community



Other Hoylake Jewish Institutions & Organisations

Educational  or Theological

  • Hebrew and Religious Classes - establishment in 1940(xxvi)

Other Institutions

  • Hoylake Jewish Social Club for boys and girls - founded 1941(xxvii)

  • Hoylake Keren Hayesod Committee - founded in 1941(xxviii)

  • Hoylake and District Jewish Ladiesí Social Club - founded in 1941(xxix)

  • Hoylake Jewish Ladiesí Circle - founded in 1941(xxx)

  • Hoylake Jewish Discussion Group - founded by 1959(xxxi)


Hoylake Jewish Population Data



(The Jewish Year Book 1964)



(Jewish Chronicle 29 May 1970)


Notes & Sources
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