Houses in Kezmarok, where members of the Jewish Community lived or worked in the years 1918-1950.

Hviezdoslavova street:
1)Offenberg-purveyor of food articles, Dr.Kornhauser -surgery (Oswald’s House)

4)B. Glücksmann - hardware-1894,1930

7)Liebermann - public house, behind it Seinwellová (Tatray House)-

in 1921 census the owner of the House was Heinrich Liebermann, in 1931 the widow Liebermann.

Tatray House

13) Kintzler - School Principal

17) Rudolf Herz - Food store 1931, owner of the house already in 1911, Freyer Moric opened a café and restaurant in August 1931, aryanized by Lamoš.

19) Jakub Korngold, already on 1897, owner 1921- baker, son David, widow Korngold already in 1925, Korngold J. opened a pastry shop in 1930 beside the widow.

23) The house isn’t standing: Glücksmann - hardware store

25) The house isn’t standing - JuDr. Ján Szántó.

27) The house isn’t standing - Stotter

(Jakub Kray Street - houses are not standing -Samu Kornhauser, Adolf Friedmann, Izidor Holzer - renting bath facilities for the Jewish Community -1909. Today J.Kraya street #22 - house of Mrs.Bednarík is the former ęubická Street 10,number of regisry 234,before the war was ocupied By Marcus Singer and wife RuĖena nee Wechsberger, the house was bought from their heir daughter Helena Neumann and Ervin Lesný from Bratislava in 1947 by Ladislav Pospíšil - daughter ęudmila Bednar íková.)

Hlavné námestie:

2) Judr. Mikuláš Moskowitz, Aranka Janowitz - parfumerie (in 1925 on the Alexandrova Street)

4) Lazar Grossmann - building materials - originated 1900, in the census of 1921 owner of the house - 1940 aryanized by Ján Gallik, Bródy - hardware (?) or building materials

5) Hochhauser - tailor shop

8)Markus Goldstein - café Zita in 1925, 1932 (Szepessi House)

9) Strompf House

10) Bernard Zinsler - owner of the house 1911, Viliam Grünbaum- bookbinding -1919 (died in Treblinka) Schechtmann

11) Anton Dávid - restaurant originated in 1905, in 1940 took over Jozef Storch, teacher Móric Herz lived here (Ambrózy House)

12) (House of Palencsár)

14) Freid, Maibaum, Kornhauserová, Horn, Ferdianad Kohn - commerce, Spitzer-Székely, Schechter (Palencsár House)

15) Ignácz Winczer - clothes and fabrics -originated 1895, Zuckerkandl

16) Moric Reimer - china 1905

17) (Thern House)

18) Mozes Vogelmann - owner of the house 1921, the general tore of Moric Vogelmann was aryanized in 1941 By Pavol Humeník and returned to the heir Samuel Vogelmann in !946

19) Fischgrung - tailor, Bergsmannová (Karátsony House)

21) Simon Kohn - fabrics (house of Ing. Zuber)

22) NN Fabrics (Guhr House)

23 Jeti Hers (Valentin House)

24) Izidor Hartmann- furniture, originated 1884, but according to the newspaper Karpathen-Post it originated in September 1885 in the Badany House, in the year 1927 Hlavné nám.24, further living here Sandorfyová, Grün, Dr.Zoltán Arje and Kleinhandler’s son.

25)The owner of this house was Mrs. Etela Markovich with husband Maximilián in 1921. In 1931 she lives alone, Kornhauser, taxi driver and Dickmann lived there as well.

27)Max Fenster- Tailor, owner of the house in 1931.

28) MuDr. Leopold Teichner.

29) Salamon Weingarten, his widow -manufacturer of safes- 1934

(House of Hollentoner)

30) Storch - tailor (House of Prandl)

32) Jolana Kovacsová -tobacconist, established 1918, Margita Kovacsová- parfumerie (the house belongs to the tailor Csaplovics, he sold it to Arje and then to Ing. Zwicker).

33) Jelínek (wife was Jewish)- sporting goods, Friedman (he worked for Bata, who owned the house, in 1907 before Bata owned by Adolf Maibaum - shoes.

35) Dr. NeugrĀschl (house owned by JuDr.Weiss)

36) Freyer Adolf - hotel- owner of the house 1921, Jozef Löwy runs the hotel from 1920, as of 4.November 1933 it was rented to Max Herskowitz from Levkovce, during the Slovak state Matej Nietsch.

38) Bergsmann - Butcher store, Hans Vogelmann - fruit and vegetable store. The owner of the house before the war was MuDr. Ernest Teichner, before that in 1931 Donat Hermann and 1933 house of Hans Vogelmann, in the back Spitzer.

39)Alexander Riesz - owner of the house 1931

40) Grosswirth - manufacterer of sheep cheese.

41) Jakub Kleinberger - furniture and wood store -1926 Roth (house owned by Wawrek, from 1911 Genersich).

42) Dr. Albin Littmann - owner (Spišskonovoveská Bank)

44) Salamon Fuchs - owner 1931, it was rebuild by Ing. Bárkán, who was married to the daughter of Dr. Mark Szántó, their daughter Possová, as well JuDr. Ernest Rolný lived there, Herrmann Wellner -Barber Shop 1932, 1934 Polgár Benyö.

46) Reimer -glass, Dr.Bardoss’s surgery (House of Badányi)

48) Móric Freyer -public house, Weisz shoemaker, Meller wine store. Upstairs Dr. Székely, in the back (?) Alexander Weil- autorepair. The house was bought by Armin Bergmann, he is the owner at the census 1921

49) Alexander Wellner - barber, Salamon Fuchs (?) Clothes and Fashions - 1912,Štefan Kleinberger, downstairs Roth ( the house of Skladányi)

50) Kohn- textiles (the house of Villányi)

52) Ignác Dickmann - cars and motors -1925, 1927, in the census of 1921 owner.

53) Engländer - Klapholz, Herman Sichermann - furs -1925, Goldstein owner 1921, Artur Goldman -owner 1931.

54) Löwy+Löwinger (in 1024 Brothers Löwingers - General Store) foodstore, Fried -restaurant (Skarijovszky - hats -house of MaŰašovský)

56 Adolf Gruber -goldsmith and watchmaker - 1925, 1931 Auerfeld, owner Móric Holländer in census 1921, metal collector, in 1931 Júlia Holländerová - aryanized by Gula.

58) JuDr. Ignác Szántó - owner already in 1921,PhMr. Kornhauser, afterwards Fabry

60)JuDr. Mark Szántó -owner already in 1921, Ziegler - textiles, Grün - main tobacconist shop.

62)PhMr. Marcel Komor - Pharmacy- (the house of Szenczy)

64) Gottehrer - sweets - also called Zuckerlkönig, in the back Lenz, Selma Politzer opens a millinery July 1, 1931 ( house of Kalivoda)

68) (House of Scholtz)

70) Wiener (lived there) (house of Uljanov and Schreter pastry shop)

72) Wiener - textiles, Szönyi lived there.

74) Kohn - textiles (house of Mikolik)

78) Owner 1897 Armin Pollák, in 1921 Max Reichafter 1945 Forra

82) Rudolf Stieglitz - sales of radios- 1932, owner Tarnowski, occupant Janowitz.

84) (House of Emeritzy)

86) (House of Karpathian Association and Free Masons)

90-92) Alica Ballová until 1945 (house of Keller)

94) Viliam Godschein -owner in 1931, Jozef Godschein and Moses Gerhard - furs, which were aryanized in the 40-ies by Jozef Kassay.

98) Maximilián Engelkhardt - sales of wood, the owner of the house in the census 1921 Bloch

Hradné námestie.

1)Šimon Färber-owner in the census of 1921, in the back Storch (?)

2)Hammerschlag - in the back

3)Engel - food stroe (House of Koch)

4)Spitzerová - seamstress

6)Adolf Bergmann- owner in 1921

8)Benjamin Blaser _ Butcher, owner in 1921 (later Dupszky)

10)Benjamin Blaser owned this house also, Moric Buchführer - furier - 1920

17) Adolf Glück - foodstore, ownere in the census of 1921, in 1931 only his widow, in the yard Wertheimer.

22) Elias

31) Grünburg - rabbi, as a owner Filip Hartmar was registeredin 1931

32) Hedviga Weisová opens a fashion house in October 1921

(Demolished houses adjacent to the castle Pasternak, Bernard Zinn- painter-1919 Thökölyho nám.5, today Hlavné nám. 39 (?) Salamon Köhn -Thökölyho nám.7, Izák Färber - Thökölyho nám. 16)

Ulica Dr. Alexandra

1) Kleinhändlerová (house of Wawrek)

2) Kleinhändler (house of Wildburg)

4) Marek Friedmann and Július - stamps, owners in the census of 1931, Dezider Friedmann, Vogel.

5) Adolf Grossberg owner in 1921, in 1931 only the widow Grossbergerova - crafts, Hammerschlag- bakery, Kintzlinger- tinsmith

6) Lazar Grossmann - owner in 1921, Salamon Grossberg 1931

7) M. Rozenzweig owner in 1921 - in the back (Baštová 6?), Jetty Schönfeldová owner in 1931, Deutsch

8) Birnbaum (house of Oswald)

9) Rajský- Rozenzweig ( House of Grosz)

10) Dávid Perlroth- bazar , owner in the census 1921, 1931 the widow Perlrothová.

11)Izák Wurm - owner in 1921, Leopold Zuckerkandel - textiles, occupant JuDr. Engel, Gassner.