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H-SIG has undertaken the task of creating a searchable All Hungary Database (AHD) on JewishGen. In addition to enhancing research capabilities, the AHD raises the visibility of Hungarian Jewish genealogy on JewishGen and reduces data storage loads on JewishGen equipment. H-SIG is relying on the support of its members and other interested volunteers to accomplish this task.

H-SIG currently has five active transcription projects:

Project Project Leader E-Mail Address Description and Source Status
Family Search Indexing (FSI) Partnership Project Vivian Kahn A project sponsored by the Hungarian SIG of JewishGen to index all of the Jewish vital records of Hungary acquired by FamilySearch for the collection of the Family History Library. The records cover Jewish births, marriages, and deaths primarily for the years 1850-1895. The projects includes about 15,000 images for Bekescsaba, Szkesfehervar, Balassagyarmat, Ujpest, Balkany, Buda, Obuda, Boldogasszony, Kopcseny, Gata Nitra. The completed index will be published as a database on JewishGen. Active
Vital Records
(Births, Marriages, Deaths)
Sara Feuerstein
Numerous LDS microfilms
Over 520,000 records published to date.
1828 Hungarian Census Eric Bloch Names of 30,000 Jews owning taxable property, listed in the 1828 Property Tax Census. LDS microfilms (all) Project completed.
1848 Hungarian Census of the Jews Robert Neu

LDS microfilms 719823, 719824, 719825, 719826, 719827, 719828, 754368 Item 2; Other records in Nyíregyháza County Archive, Hungarian National Archive.

Over 87,000 records transcribed including all of the LDS microfilms transcribed with over 79,000 records. Transcribers have completed over 8,000 records from the Nyíregyháza County Archive and the Hungarian National Archive.
1869 Census
Marelynn Zipser
LDS microfilms (all)
Over 88,000 records transcribed to date.
Other Hungarian Census 1770-1850 database project Eric Bloch

Other local census, tax lists and household lists were created in the Kingdom of Hungary. Most of these “Conscriptio Judaerum” lists provided the data for calculating the notorious “Tolerance Tax” levied against the Jewish communities throughout Hungary. Beginning in 1747, during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa (1740-1780), the Jews were heavily taxed for the privilege of remaining in the empire, and were threatened with expulsion if they did not pay. While the formula for calculating the taxes seems to have varied over time and location, it appears that size of household, occupation, and income-producing assets were taken into consideration.

Departamentum Judeorum [Jewish Department] Magyar Országos Levéltár [Hungarian National Archives]

Over 70,000 records transcribed to date.
Holocaust Memorials
Larry Kohn
Transcription of Holocaust Memorials
Over 23,440 names published to date.
Marmaros Jewish Records Indexing Brook Schreier Ganz Transcription of Jewish vital record books from the State Archives in Baia Mare, Romania. Project coordinators estimate that the approximately 53,000 records will yield approximately 200,000 names. Active
Miskolc Cemetery
John Kovacs
Miskolc burial records and transcription of headstone inscriptions.


Visit the project's home page to obtain further information about these projects. 

If you are interested in transcribing records for any of these projects, contact the project coordinator at the listed e-mail address. Financial contributions are also welcome – see JewishGenerosity.

If you are interested in developing a database, here’s some important information you need to know before you get started:

1. Generally H-SIG projects begin in one of two ways – either the group or an individual identifies LDS microfilm records for transcription or a member becomes aware of data through their family research.

2. Members interested in proposing a project should contact Vivian Kahn, H-SIG coordinator at If the project involves other transcribers, we will publicize the project to the membership and solicit a project coordinator and transcribers.

3. Once a project team is ready to move forward, the JewishGen Hungary Database coordinator submits a formal proposal to JewishGen. Evaluators review the proposal and suggest revisions as appropriate. Because of JewishGen’s strict adherence to copyright laws, all JewishGen projects undergo a copyright review. This step involves contacting the owners of the data to obtain their approval of the project. This step is essential no matter what the source, including LDS microfilms or copies of archive records.

4. Once the project review is completed and the project is approved, the project coordinator and teams complete the volunteer forms and other required paperwork. The project coordinator works with the JewishGen Hungary Database coordinator to develop and distribute Excel templates, data entry instructions and other project tools.

Additional information on JewishGen database projects can be found at$description.html.


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