Veteran Zionist Lists- Names from Sighet

The veteran Zionists lists (of Hungary) were prepared during the years 1943-45 (most of the lists are from 1944) by the Zionist organizations in Israel and the U.S. . The lists were submitted to the immigration authorities in Turkey that was the main place from which visas and certificates for immigration to Israel were given to the war refugees and holocaust survivors. The information from which the lists were composed came from relatives in Israel and the U.S. . There are some 150- 200 lists, some contain several hundreds names and some several dozens. In total some 100,000 names are mentioned. The names below are only the ones reported as living in Sighet (Marmarossziget). The details for each entry are different for each list, some have only the person's name, title, age and place of residence. Other lists have the address, other family members (such as wife, children etc.). In many cases related families (having the same family name) that lived in other towns other than Sighet will also be mentioned. From my own experience I can say that the information in these lists is not always accurate. Abb.:

W= wife

S= son

D= daughter

A=address (e-mail me for the address)

N= names (i.e. other possible family members are mentioned in the same list. E-mail me for details)


Berger Nandor 48, W Hermina 46, S Gyorgy Pessi 17, S Moklos 15, D Sheindel 11, A, N=

Berger Nandor age 48, his wife Hermina age 46, son Gyorgy Pessi age 17, son Moklos (Miklos ?) age 15, daughter Sheindel age 11.A- Address available, N-other "Bergers" are mentioned in the adjacent entries, possibly family members.

Nachi (Menachem) Keren (Kratz)- Israel. E-mail:

May 2001.


Adler Jona, A, N


Adlerstein Henrik, A


Adrian Samuel


Amsel Simon 39, W Jolan born Cohen 39, D Gita 12, S Salom 11, S Menachem 9, A

Amsel Liebe 66, A


Appel Adolf, N

Appel Abraham, A, N

Appel Matyas


Apsan Hercel 55

Askenasy, Aschkenasi

Askenasy Bernat 61, W Rajel 60, S Moses 17, S Slomo 16, A

Aschkenazi Henrik 36, W Rozsi 30 (b. in Miskolc), [now living in Budapest}


Auerbach Bela 41, W Ester nee Gaertner 41, S Sandor 17,D Helen 16,S Izchak 8,S Mordechai 6,A

Auerbach Jenoe, A


Beck Adolf 66, W Sarlota 64, A

Beck Adolf, A


Benet Chaim


Berger Nandor 48, W Hermina 46, S Gyorgy Pessi 17, S Moklos 15, D Sheindel 11, A, N

Berger Lotti, N

Berger Dora Dr., N

Berger Mosche Haim 1929, A ,N

Berger Peszi 1928, N

Berger Seindl 1934, A,N

Berger Moses 29, W Esther 26 [now living in Budapest]

Berkovics, Berkovits, Berkovitsch

Berkovits Mendel 53, W Freide 50, D Lea 17, D Rachel 16, S Mose 14, D Pepi 13, S Maier 11

Berkovits David 48, N

Berkovitsh Israel Moses, W Lenka 42,D Piri 17,S Chaim 16, S Iszak 15,D Edi-Roszi 14, S David, A ,N

Birenberg, Birnberg

Birnberg Juda

Birnberg Lenke , A

Birnberg Mihalyne’ ,A

Birenberg Jehuda 43


Birnbaum Paula (widow) 62, A

Birnbaum David 40, A

Birnbaum Margit 39, A

Birnbaum Shifra Franci 37, A


Brandes Uneja 31, W Chajka 29, [now living in Budapest]


Bravermann Ibolya 42, A

Cik, Czieg

Czieg Agotta 1937

Czieg Miriam 1935

Cik Chaim


Danzig Samuel Dr.

Danzig Samuel Dr. 1878


David Jeno 37, W Rezsi 33, 3 Ch ages 4-7, A

Davidovits, Davidowits, Davidovics, Davidovici

Davidovits Ignatz 63, Gr. D Sari 16, Gr.S Jakab 17, Gr.D Fani 12, Gr.S Josef 10,A, N

Davidovits Marton 25, W Piri 20, A

Davidovics Avigdor 1936, A, N

Davidovics Foci 1930, N

Davidovics Haim 1928, N

Davidovics Zvi 1937, A, N

Dawidowitz Elias 50, W Bella 48 ,D gizi ,S Sandor 17, A

Davidovic Henrik 38, W Aranka 35, S Imre 12, D Edith 7, A, N

Davidovici Elie, N

Davidovitch Israel Avram 58, W Frimet 55, S Yosef Isac 17, S Rafael 16

Davidovics Ida 1926, A, N

Dawidowits Elias 50, W Bella 48, D Stefi 17, A, N


Deutsch Moritz 38, W Dora, D Hedi 8, D Tobi 7, S Avram Volf 4, D Hanni 18, D Regina 10,A,N


Doeblinger Giza ( widow) 56 A,

Doeblinger- Steinmetz Mihaly 31, W Paula 30, D Eva Jocheved 7, A


Donnenberg Marton 35 ( wife and 3 children )


Dresnar Samuel (Pen-Ducie), A


Einhorn Baruch 45, A

Einhorn Juda 37, A


Eisikovits Mosche Joseph 1929, A, N

Eisikovitz Paula Peisia 1931, A, N

Eizikovits Sandor 54, W Loly 40, S Hersch, S Mosche Janku 15, D Peszil 13, A

Eisikovits Mayar

Eisikovits Hersch, A, N

Eisikovits Zsuzsanna 57, A, N

Eizikovits Eizik 68, W Rachel 65, A


Farkas Samuel 49, W Sara 48, D ? 17, D Bella 12

Farkas Wilmos 36, W Renee’ 33, D Anna 5, A

Farkas Lazar


Feig Alfred 1938, A, N

Feig Sandor 1936, A, N


Feldman Nandor Nochem Nathan 37, W Teresia 39, S Jakob 17, D Ester 14, S Moses 5, D Hana 4


Felsenberg Julius 45, W Adele 42, S Erich 17,S Oskar 16, S Robert 11, D Hanna 14, A


Fesztinger Zsigmond 63, A

Fesztinger Dezso, A


Feuerwerger Ferenc


Fisch Mor Dr., N

Fisch Dr. Moritz 54, W Elizabet 40, S Paul 11, D Judith 16, A


Fischer Edouard 1928,A, N

Fischer Elsa 1931, A, N

Fischer Ibi 1929, A, N

Fisher Chaja 1929, A, N

Fischer Jenta 1928, A, N

Fischer Zvi 1928, A, N

Fischer Mendel 53, N


Fischmann Dezso, A, N

Fischmann Jikob 1895 born in Sighet, W Eti 1896 (b. in Maesze), D Lota 1930 (b. in Arad) [now living in Arad]


Fogel Isidor 54, W Rochel 55, S Issak 17, D Chanasa 15 A, N


Frenkel Benjamin 39, W Rozi 39, S Bela 13,D Brigita 11,S Bernard 9,S Izchak 12, A,N


Freund Moritz 34, N

Freund Dora 25, A, N

Freund Etel 31, A, N

Freund Dora, A


Fried Kaete 19, A, N

Fried Rudolph 48, W Anna 43, A, N

Fried Zoltan 42, A, N

Fried Abraham Dr.

Fried Abraham 55 (b. in Visoroszi), W Aranka (b. in Debrecen) 44, D Szuszana 19, A

Fried Abraham Dr., N

Fried vilmos, N

Friedman, Friedmann

Friedman Beno 49, W Jolan 45, A, N

Friedman Jolan 41, A, N

Friedman Miklos 37, W Etel 31, A, N

Friedman Terez 75, A, N

Friedmann Beno 41, A, N

Friedmann Saul, N

Friedmann Mor Dr. 54, A, N

Friedmann Mozes, N


Fruchter S’ Rabbi, W Feiga Fani and two children

Fruchter Esther 60

Fruchter Sure 55, S Israel 32, W (of Israel) Frimet 28, S Ferenc Fischel 30, D Blime 22, S Marku 21, D Raca 16, A

Fruchter Feige Fani


Fuchs Hermann 47, W Szenca 44, D Miriam 14, A, N

Fuchs Roza 66, A, N

Fuchs Sofia 35, A, N

Fuchs Ignaz, A

Fuchs Rozi, A

Fuchs Ede ,N

Fuchs Jozsefne, N

Fuchs Moses

Fuchs Jeno 37, W Margit 33, A

Fuchs Jenoe 37, W Margaret 33, A

Fuchs Ignatz, Moses, A

Fulop, Fueloep

Fulop Bela Dr., N

Fueloep Magda 1928, A


Ganz Brana 38, D Priva 8, D Eszter 4, A

Ganz Moldovan Gerzon 24, A

Ganz Lea


Gebirger Bernat 38


Gelberman lipot 31, W ?,A

Gelberman Izrael 64, W ?, A, N


Gertner Nuchet Nandor 43, W esther36, S Chaim 11


Giri Pinie/ Icak 33, D Silvia 7, D Edith 5

Gluck, Glueck

Gluck Gizela 32, A, N

Gluck Irma 32,A, N

Gluck Lili 28, A, N

Gluck Ilona 56, Grandchildren Feig alexander and Fredi, A, N

Gluck Salamon 28, N

Glueck Izidor, N


Goldstein Samuel 58 , A, N


Grossman Franci 1918, A, N

Grossman Roszi 1921, A, N


Grosz Mozes 61, W Hana 61, D Rikel 17,S Rafael 16,D Miriam 17, D Haia Sara 14, A, N


Grunberger Chaim, Miksa, Avraham, Jakab, Fanny, A, N

Grunberger Marton 38, A


Gruenfeld Bernat, N

Gruenfeld Salamon


Gutmann Zoltan Dr., A, N

Guttman Jeno, A

Guttmann Rifka 25/7/1926 ( Schneid.)


Hafter Artur


Halpert Chazkel 63, W Ruchel Lea ( Roza) 62, A

Halpert Salamon 32, W Hanna 32, A, N

Halpert Chaskel


Harmat Edith 26, A

Harmat Ilonka 34, A

Harmat Jeno


Heller Salamon ( Rabbi), N

Heller Paula

Herskovits, Herskovitz, Herschkovitz

Herskovitz Meir 65, W Ida 55, S Jacob 16, S Moses 14, D Rachel 12, D Ette 10, A

Herskovitz Rozsi 18, A

Herskovitz Herman 29, N

Herskovitz Jakab, N

Herschkovitz Hedi 1936, A, N

Herskovitz Jakab 55, N


Herz Feiga 1931

Herz Gerchon 1934

Herz Joseph 1928

Hillman, Hilmann

Hillman Magda 25

Hillmann Ibolya, A

Hilman Magda 1920

Hilmann Lajos


Hirsch Aron, N

Hoffman, Hofman

Hoffman Eisigne’ 66, A, N

Hofmann shimshon 55, W Perl 50, D Fany 17, S Joszi 13, S Haim 11, D ? 6, A, N

Hoffman Fanni 1927, A, N


Holder Sandor, N


Horowitz Elissne’ 50, A


Ivani Georg 1928

Ivani Paul 1929

Ivany Arnold Dr.


Isaksohn Abraham


Izrael Albert


Jeager Mendel, A, N

Jakabovits, Jakubovics

Jakabovitz Mozes Chaim, N

Jakubovics Ferenc, A, N

Jakabovits Andor 42, W Antonia 40, D Judith 8, A, N


Jakober Armin 58, W Rozsi, one child ,A


Jumgreis Moritz, Erno, Jeno- Eugen, Regina (Adolf), A


Jungermann Mechel, N

Jungermann Mechel, Schoel, A


Kahan Lajos 58, W Ida 56, D Rifka 17, S Beri 15, N

Kahan Nuchem Hersch 52, N

Kahan Josef Marcu, N

Kahan Nuchem Hersch, N

Kahan Samuel, N

Kahan Salamon 26, A, N

Kahan Wolf, A, N

Kahan Kalman 32, N

Kahan Nachman , A, N

Kahan Jeno, A, N

Kahan Josef Leib 47, W Terez 44, S Mojse 17, S Sandor 16, D Regina 15, D Bella 14, A, N

Kahan Sara 75, A, N

Kahan Lajos 40, W Ilona 40, A, N

Kahan Chana 58, A

Kahan Kalman 1912

Kahan Nirman ?, W Salli+ 6 Ch.

Kahan Jozef-Marcu, Nuchem-Hersch, Samuel

Kahan Salamon-Samu, Nuchem

Katz, Katcz

Katz Miryam 55, D Pola 16, S Josef Chaim 15

Katz Sara 18

Katz Hers Dr., N

Katz Rozsi 21, A, N

Katcz Sandor 44, W Margit 38, S Imre 13, S Tibor 10 ,A

Katz Antal 19, N

Katz Roza 21, A, N

Katz Merione 48, A, N

Katz Nandor Dr. 46, W Jolan 40, D Olga 8, S Alex 6, N


Kaufmann Eli 1926

Kaufmann Izidor 1928

Kaufman Arminne 62, Szeren 38, Imre 26, Adolf 23,A

Kaufman Sandor 35, W Jolan 30, S Paul 3, A

Kaufmann Dr. Sandor 54, W Iboly 47, A, N

Kaufman Janka ( Widow) 62, D Szeren 37, S Emeric 25, S Adolf 22, A, N

Kaufman Alexander 35, W Jolan 32, S Paul 4,N


Keszner Edith 1938

Keszner Eugen Dr.

Keszner Laszlo

Keszner Eugen 57


Kestenbaum Marton, A, N


Klein Ester 30, A, N

Klein Rozi 32, A, N

Klein Arthur Dr., A, N

Klein Ezter, N

Klein Margit 1933, A, N

Klein Rozsi, N

Klein Marton, N

Klein- Davidovits Frida 15/4/1901

Klein Isabelle (Strick)

Klein Margarete 15/3/1925 ( Schneid.)


Knacker Josef 14.8.92


Knopf Ester 21, A

Knopf Moloch 58, W Lenka 52, S Marton 15, D Piri 16, D eugenia 17, A


Koffler Moshe

Koffer (=koffler ?) Mozes 40, W Sara 35, A


Kohn Alex 26, A, N

Kohn Ilon 30, A, N

Kohn Zsofia 24, A, N


Koppel Gabor Gabriel Dr. 2/10/1910 (Anwalt)


Kornbaum Samuel 65, W + 6 Ch.

Kratz, Kerz

Kratz Emil 50, (wife and 6 children)

Kratz Mendel 52, W Zili 49, S Herman 16, S Ber Naph 14, S Juda 12, D Sima 10, N

Kerz Dov 1928, N

Kerz Jehuda 1938, N

Kerz Mendel Naftali 1932, N

Kerz Zwi 1926, N

Kratz Hersch Dr.


Krauz Ferencz Dr.

Lampel, Lempel

Lapmel (Lampel ?) Lajos

Lampel Lajos 40

Lampel Layos 1902


Lando Jeno 48,W Eszter 42,D Jita 17,S Mendel 16,S Berl 14,D Pepi 12,D Seindel 10,A, N

Landau Rachel 45, A

Landau Lea 18, A


Lax Jda 66, A

Lax Aranka, A

Lax Szeren, A


Lefkovits Simon ( Rabbi ?) 37, W Lea 32, 2 Ch. 4y+6y,A, N


Lehrman Mozes 40, W Sendel 39, D Rachael 5,A


Leibovici Herman, N

Leibovici Herti, N

Leibovici Herzu, N

Lebovits Eugen


Lenz Salamon 42, A


Lerner Mosche 1929, A

Lerner Szora 1931, A

Lerner Juda 58,A

Lerner Juda 54


Lowi Icig, N


Macca Zoltan 45


Maged Osias

Maged Osias, A


Malek Rozsi 1929, A, N

Malek Rafaelne’

Markovits, Markovics

Markovics Herman 38, W Sari 35, S Mendel 17, S Avraham 14, A, N

Markovics Kazar 66, W Rozsi 52, D Jenti 12, S Avraham 14, S Valce 16, A, N

Markovitz abraham 1931, A, N

Markovitz Andor 1932, A, N

Markovitz Helene 1927, A,N

Markovits Ignac 53, W Janka 48, 3 Ch.

Markovits Eva, A, N

Markovits Nathan 31, W Sara, N


May Dr. Joszef 49, W Aranka 41 (Budapest),D Hajnalka 17, S Antal 15 [Budapest]

Mendelovits, Mendelovitch

Mendelovitch Lajos 55, W Esther and 4 Ch., A, N

Mendelovitch Mose 50, W Bella, A, N

Mendelovits Arthur 1918

Mendelovits Jenoe 1913

Mendelovits Simon 1922

Mendelovits Agnes 1923

Mendelovits Arthur, N

Mendelovits Jeno, N

Mendelovits simon, N

Mendelovits Sandor

Mendelovits Antal, N


Moldovan Jenoe 46, W Ester 39, D Olga 17, A

Moldovan Ignatz 57, W Sima 52, S Jacob 17, S Mihai 15, S Solomon 14, A

Moldovan Mozes20, A

Moldovan jozezf 22, A

Moldovan Eugen 48, W Eszter 48, A, N

Moldovan Olga 20, A, N

Moldovan Alter


Muller Sandor

Muller Zoltan

Muller Alexander 1888, N


Neumann David 65, W Regina 63, A, N

Neumann Herman 23 N

Neumann Moses 19, A, N

Neumann Samuel 21 A,N

Neumann Sara 25,A ,N

Neumann Michael 1929, A, N

Neumann Miksa 44, W Lea 43, S Ben-zion 17, S Yzhak 15, D Golda 13, S Mose 7, A, N

Neumann Sarlota, N


Nussbaecher Aladar 31, W Dora 26, S Samu 4


Oestreicher Lajos 43, W Gizi 39, D Magda 17, S Tibor 15, N


Pasternak Helen 38, A, N

Perl, Peril

Perl Helen Dr. 44, A, N

Perl Mendel, A, N

Perl Paula,N

Perl David 35, W Iholya 30, A, N

Perl Helena 29, A, N

Perl Morris 70, W Fany 67, Grandchild Gabriella 17, A, N

Perl Sandor 28, W Sarlota 25, S Jakav 2, A, N

Perl Lea 1913

Perl David 1911

Perl David, N

Perl Jeno, N

Perl, Lea, N

Perl Andor, N

Peril Josef 37, W Klara 37, A

Perl Zipora 1934, A, N

Perl Jehuda 1929, A, N

Perl Rivka Jenta 1931, A, N

Perl Simon 1932, A, N

Perl Avraham 1929, A, N

Perl Fany (widow) 42, S Abraham 15, D Rifka 13, A, N

Perl Geza 36, W Lea 35, S Moshe 5, D Miriam 3,A


Perlstein Marton 53


Petrover Ester

Petrover Mose


Petrovic Mose


Pollak Abraham Leib 56, W Malvina 48, A, N

Pollak Josef 22, A, N

Pollak Rezsi 27, A, N

Pollak Beni Benedek 23, A

Pollak Lipot, A

Pollak David 45, W Ilonka 42, S Jechiel 14, S Abraham 12, N

Pollak Marcu Hersch 33, W Rosza 26, A, N


Prager Salamon, N

Prager Salamon 33, N


Rath Adel

Rath Rozsi


Reich Malvin 45, D Margit 17, D Frida 16, D Berta 15, S Simcha 13, A, N


Reichard Cvi Herman 32, W Gitel 28, S Pinchas Ariah 10, S Simcha 8, D Chava Lea 5,D Sara 4


Ringler Herman


Rosenberg Jechiel 43, N

Rosenberg Shlomo Ber 38, W Rozsi 37, S Simha 13,S Dov 11, A, N

Rosenberg Edith 1925, N

Rosenberg Tibi 1927, N

Rosenberg Lajos, N

Rosenberg Herman


Rubin Bencion 50 ( wife and 5 children)

Rubin Hanna, Mano, Miriam, N


Rubinstein Bella 60, Hella 60


Salamon Bernat


Schneider Osias 36 ( W+ 3 ch)

Schneider Elias, A

Schneider Osias, Josua


Schnitzler Beni

Schnitzler Hermanne’ (+ 7 children), N

Schnitzler Erzsebet, N

Schoenbaum, Schonbaum

Schonbaum Bertha ( widow) 70, A

Schwartz Schvartz, Schvarcz

Schwartz Benjamin, N

Schwartz Salomon, A, N

Schvarcz Elizabeth 18, A, N

Schvartz Ludovic, N

Schwartz Salamon, N


Seidman moshe 45, N


Seliger Jonna 69, W Brana 69, A

Seliger Jonas 68, A, N


Simsovits Seide, A, N

Slomovitz, Slomovici, Schlomovici

Schloimovici Amelia , N


Smuk Leopold 32, W Helen 31, S Shmuel 4, S Jacob 2, D Sara 1


Speter Isak 45, W Frida 34, D Susi 8, S Sumi 6, A, N

Speter Markus 34, W Minda 34, D Elvira 10, D Frida 8, D Mlka 6, D Helen 4,A, N

Speter Frieda 1936, A

Speter Susi 1937, A

Speter Szumi 1939, A

Speter Elvira 1934, A


Spitzer Isak 33, A

Spitzer Josef 62, W Chana 62, A

Spitzer Moses 22, A

Spitzer Sari 27, A


Stauber David 44, W Frida 44, D Bracha 17, D Malka 16, S Ephraim 16, A, N


Stein Emil 1888 Stein Aranka 1926, N

Stein Zipora 1927, A, N

Stern Faszi 1928, N

Stein Isidor 1921 Stein Emil, N

Stein Izidor, N

Stein Azrielne’,N

Stein Nandor 30, Rozsi 24, Sara Milka 65, Yehoshua 28, A

Stein samuel 38, W Beila 35, A

Stern Bumi 45, N

Stein Emil Mendel, W Kreindel, S Adalbert 10, D Gisela 12, A, N

Stein Golda 25, A, N


Steinbach Samuel


Stern Josef Eugen 44,W Sara 43, D Gittl,S Icchak, S Pinkas, S Arje, S Moses, N

Stern Albert, N

Stern Elias, N

Stern Jenoe, N

Stern Mano, N

Stern Israel 1930, N

Stern Smiel

Stern Isidor, Johanna, Isak, Samule, Ida

Stern Ephraim Fischel 60, W Rosa 60, N

Stern Abraham

Stern Frajem 56, W Ilona 54, D Dresi 17, D Szuri 16, N

Stern Isidor, Johanna, Isak, Ida A

Stern Jizhak, A

Stern Schmule

Legmann-Stern Lea 9/3/1907


Sternberg Adalar Dr.

Stossel, Stoszl ,Stoszel

Stossel Rachel, N

Stoszl Samuel 60


Straussmann Jozsef

Strohli,, Stroli,, Streli, Stroli, Strul

Strohli moricz 39, W Relli 38, S Peter 6, A

Stroli Moricz 39

Strul Hermann


Strulovits Jankel 55, A


Stuhl Hermann 51, W Dora 42,D Matta 15, D Gitel-Lea 14,D Bracha 8,S Mihaly 7,A

Stuhl Bernat

Szabo, Seabo

Szabo Jozsef

Szabo Rachel

Szabo Geza 36, W Ilom 32, D Bracha 7, A


Szegal Abraham 45


Tabak Marton 64, W Haja 59, Two children

Tabak Ludvig 28, A, N

Tabak Srul-Israel


Taub Nachum 40, A, N

Taub Dezso

Taub Josef 32, A,N

Taub Samuel 65, W Rivka 63, A


Teittelbaum Salamon Leib 33, W Gitel 30, S Chaim Hirsh 7, D Sara 4

Teitelbaum Salamon, N

Teitelbaum Zalman Leib, N

Teitelbaum Salamon, A

Teszler,Tessler, Toszler

Teszler Lazar, A

Teszler Leopold Leib 46, N

Teszler Joel 44, W Hana 42, D Rachel 13, S Salom 12, A, N


Tischler Mirjam, A

Tischler Mari, A


Traub Katz Salomon


Walzer Naftali, A


Weinberger Jolan 70, N

Weinberger Fanny 45, N

Weinberger Rosie 40, N

Weiss, Weisz

Weiss Oskar 1901, N

Weiss Oszkar Dr.,N

Weiss Laszlo, N

Weiss Izidor, N

Weiss Miklos 1910, N

Weiss Laszlo 1903, N

Weisz Izrael, N

Weisz Ignac, N

Weisz Sandor Dr., N

Weisz Margit 28, A, N


Werzberger Meir 45, W Hane 40, D Rachel 16, D Pesi 14, S Slomo 12, S Joel 10, D Lea 6,

S Samuel- Eliezer 17, A

Wieder, Wider, widder

Widder Dezso 28, W rozsi 28 A, N

Wider Leo 1930, N

Widder Samuel 35, A

Wider Etel 36, A, N


Weinberger Mozes Dr., N

Weinberger Armin Herman 28, W Golda and 1 Ch., A , N

Wiesel, Wizel

Wiesel Aron 58, Esra 21, Jechiel 23, from (Csarda), N

Wiesel Leibi 33, W Rozsi 31 , (from Csarda), N

Wiesel Mosche Chajim 30, W Perl 29 and 2 Ch. from (Csarda), N

Wiesel Salamon 25, W Mindi and Ch., from (Csarda), N

Wiesel Tova 19, from (Csarda), N

Wiesel Slomo 34, A, N

Wiesel Bernat, Fridrich, Ignatz, Lajos

Wizel Welvil 50, W Macla 50, D Jocheved 14, D Miriam 9

Wiesel Marton, Bernat, A


Wigdorowitz Inte 1930, N (from Csarda)

Vigdorovitz Izso 15/5/1896


Wohlhandler Lenke 26, A

Wohlhandler Moric 33, W Firoschko (Erroschko?)30, D Lea 5, A


Zig Josef Aizik 34, W Rachel 32, D Ester 2


Zoldan Aron, A

Zoldan Nathan 45, W Deborah 40, N