Sighet- Pinkas Chevra Kadisha

A single book of the Chevra Kadisha registry has survived the war and is kept in the National Library in Jerusalem. The book is handwritten in Yiddish and not very clear. Each entry in the book is numbered - the first one dates 1895, the last 1925. When a person died, the Chvra would have a meeting in which it was decided where this person would be buried, and how much his family should pay for his burial. Sometimes the committee would offer several alternatives (for different prices). In certain cases the decision where to bury is also recorded (usually next to a family member, a friend or an important person), as well as remarks such as who where the heirs or special requests or instructions by the deceased. Each entry is about 10-20 lines and usually deals with one person. In some cases more than one person is mentioned in the same entry.( In such cases, usually the names of the deceased are mentioned). I am not sure if all the deaths were registered in that pinkas or maybe only the members of the Chevra-Kadisha .

Nachi (Menachem) Keren (Kratz)- Israel, May 2001

The abbreviations are:

SO= Son of

DO= Daughter of

SIL= Son in Law

WO= Wife of

WDO= Widow of

B= Young man (Bachur) or young woman (Betula)

C= Child

TRN"H (Taf Reish Nun He= 1895)

  1. WO Moshe Henrik Lax
  2. Elimelech SO Yehuda Weiss
  3. Beril SO Shlomo Chaim
  4. Lieber Lax SIL Shlomo Szmuck

TRN"U (Taf Reish Nun Vav= 1896)

8. Berl SO Mordechay Walerstein

9. Moshe Deitch

10. Shprintza WDO Shmuel Eliezer Feldman

11. Yuta DO Israel Mendel Katz Schwartz

12. Sara WO Michal Kahana

13. Baruch Steinmetz

TRN"Z (Taf Resh Nun Zain= 1897)

14. Getzil Peril (from Hasimezo)

15. Meir Stern SIL Simcha Wiesel

16. Malka WO Mordechai Troib Katz

16/2. Miriam DO Eliezer Sax

17. Yacov Festinger

TRN"CH (Taf Resh Nun Chet= 1898)

18. Zindil Schreter (father of Meir)

19. Chaim SO Avraham Koifman

21. Rechil WO Mordechay Mendel Pasternak

22. DO Mordechay Stein

23. Israel Meir Spietzer

24. Bluma WO Mendel Ber Roth

TRN"T (Taf Resh Nun Tet= 1899)

26. Joel Lax

27. Mendil Gutman (father of Israel Zvi)

28. Perl DO Israel Fried

29. Hertzi WO Alter Makovitz

30. Yehuda Yacov Kahana

31. Yacov SO Shmuel Brad

32. Chaim SO Yosef Yochanan Kahna

33. Meir SO Menachem Pinkas Halevi

34. Kalman Kahana

35 Bracha Yuta DO Chaim David Rachlitz

TR"S (Taf Resh Samech= 1900)

36/1. Frinol DO Yacov

36/2. Moshe Leib SO Nathan Leichter

37. Yehuda SO Shmuel Zanvil Kahana

38. Zifra WO Mordechy Shmuel and Chana Basch

39. Golda WO Reuven Katz

40. Bila WO ? Fried

41. Frida DO Meir and Sara Schreter

42. Sara Rivka DO Yosef Yochanan Kahana

43. Alexander Sender SO Moshe Deitch

44. Binyamin Zeev SO Naftali Halevi Heller

45. Dvora DO Zvi Drumer WO Shmuel Gerner

TRS"A (Taf Resh samech Aleph= 1901)

46. Yosef Aizik SO Zvi Drumer

47. Naftali Halpert

48. Reuven SO Shmuel HaCohen

49. Yacov Hirsch SO Shlomo HaCohen

50. Bluma WO Ahron Yacov (from Chust)

51. Chaya Lea WO Eliyahu Davidovitz

52. Yehudit DO Arye WO Moshe Basch

TRS"B (Taf Resh Samech Bet= 1902)

53. Anschil Perl

54. Meir SO Chaim Adlerstein

55. Freida Rivka DO Yosef Arye Kahana

56. Chantza Rivka WO Anschil Perl

57. Moshe Arye SO Yehoshua Friend

58. Pesil WO David Dov Davidovitz

59. Manish SO Israel Dov Berger

60. Eliyahu Mechner (Mesner ?)

TRS"G (Taf Resh Samech Gimel= 1903

61. Risa DO Yosef Yochanan Kahana

62. Mendel Moshe SO Efraim Baruch Polack

63. Avraham Baruch SO Dov Stern

64. Nachum Yehuda Diamant (from Lapisch, father of Yechiel)

65. Elimelech Kahana

66. Shmuel Zanvil SO Shalom SO Kalamn Kahana

67. Yitzchak Aizik SO Avraham Naftali Schroaf

68. Shimon Grunfeld

69. Shretel DO Anschil SO Itzik Shomash

70. Dov SO Yechiel Zvi Koifman

TRS"D (Taf Resh Samech Daled= 1904)

71. Perl WO Yacov Schongut

72. Sara WO Moshe Hoenig

TRS"H (Taf Resh Samech He= 1905)

73. Chaya Golda DO Mendel Leib Kahana

74. Rivka DO Naftali WO Binyamin Zeev Heller

75. Tsherna DO Israel Mendel Koifman WO Wolf Rosenberg

76. Moshe Shmuel SO Yosef Yochanan kahana ( brother of Chaim)

77. Frimat WO Meir Leibovitz

78. Moshe SO Yom-Tov Roth

79. Shalom SO Kalman and Rivka Kahana

TRS"V (Taf Resh Samech Vav= 1906)

80. Yekutiel Eliyahu SO Zvi Arye Lax

81. Mordechay Shmuel SO Zvi Arye Basch

82. Natahn Neta SO Shmuel Szmuk

83. Esther DO Aizik Mordechay Katz WO Hirsch Pollak

84. Yechiel Michal SO Shalom Kahana

85. Sara DO Yechezkel Fant WDO Yehuda SO Zanvil Kahan

86. Meir SO David Eisenstater (died in Budapest)

87. Chaim SO Menachem Dov Berger

88. Fradil DO Moshe Arye and Chana Malka Friend WO Yacov Yehuda Malick

TRS"Z (Taf Resh Samech Zain= 1907)

89. Tzartel Gnerdil (?) WO Yehuda Leib Altman (Dr.)

90. Hersch SO Meir Fried

91. ? DO Avraham Mordechay Malick WO Yitzchak Estreicher

92. Etya DO Yosef Arye Sax (or Lax) WO Mendil Moshe Pollak

93. Mordechy SO Chaim Davidovitz

94 Betzalel SO Nachum Szmuk

95. Moshe SO Chaim Rachlitz

96.Chana DO Chaim Metzent WO Anschil Wieder

97. Mordechay SO Shmuel Troib Katz

98. Shlomo Zalman SO Ahron Arye Grun

99. Shlomo Yehuda SO Pesach Zvi (Tabak ?)

100. Moshe SO Arye HaLevi Blumenfeld (brother of Mordechay)

TRS"CH (Taf Resh Samech Chet= 1908)

101. Manzio SO Leib Sheiner

102. Yehuda SO Zisa Yehuda Nadler (his sister Frimit WO Yosef Perl)

103. Nachum Gedalya SO Yechezkel Berkovitz

TRS"T( Taf Resh Samech Tet= 1909)

104-5. Sara DO Yosef Wunder (Wieder?) WO Moshe Zalmanovitz

106. Chana DO Moshe Eliyahu Perl

107. Hinda DO Yosef Zalman (from Visho)

108. Mechla DO Yosef Zvi HaCohen WO Yosef David Malick

109. Yehuda SO Tuvia Schreiber

110. Golda DO Leib Schechner WO Itzik Epstein

111. Meir Yitzchak SO Zisa Eliezer Junger

112. Israel Zvi Lieberman

TR"A (Taf Resh Ain= 1910)

113. Sara DO Pinchas Getzil WO Yitzchak Miller

114. Leib Schreter (from Alta Apsa)

115. Shmuel Zanvil SO Nachman Hersch Kahana

116. Sara DO Shmuel Zanvil SO Klonimus Kahana

117. Yitzchak SO David Rosenberg

118. Clara Esther DO Yechiel Michal Gottlib

119. Yenta DO Dr. Zisa Eliezer Junger (her brother Meir Yitzchak)

120. Bila DO Levi Yitzchak and Shprintza HaCohen WO Ozer Markovitz

TRA"A (Taf Resh Ain Aleph= 1911)

121. Chaim SO Meir Zvi Sternberg

122. Yacov SO Meir Adler

123/1. Zvi SO Meir HaCohen Leobovitz

123/2. Frimamt WO Neta Szmuk

124. Moshe Zvi SO Baruch Michal

125. Chana DO Shmuel WO Eke (?) Blenik (?)

126. Yehudit DO Meir WO Anschil Yacov Junger

127. Israel Yacov SO Meir Yitzchak Junger (his wife Yehudith)

128. Moshe Zvi SO Mordechay Menachem Pasternak

TRA"B (Taf Resh Ain Bet= 1912)

129. Yitzchak SO Yehuda Leib Altman

130. Avraham SO Yosef David HaLevi

131. Etel DO Eliyahu Festinger WO Leib Kahana

132. Reuven SO David HaCohen (brother of Moshe)

133 Sara Beila DO Aharon Yechezkel WO Baruch Steinmetz

134. Rachel DO Yitzchak WO Meir Davidovitz

135. Yehuda SO Meir Halevi Zalmanovitz

136. Avraham Yehuda SO Meir Yitzchak (his sister is Gitel Wiener)

137. Rasia (?) WO Moshe Hersch Pasternak

TRA"G (Taf Resh Ain Gimel= 1913)

138. Dr. Binyamin SO Shmuel Zvi HaLevi (Doctor)

139. Naftali SO Meir Zvi HaLevi

140. Chaya Sara DO David HaLevi Landao WO Naftali SO Meir Zvi HaLevi Weiss

141. Liba DO Avigdor WO Yosef Stein

142. Esther DO Yehoshua HaLevi Estreicher

143. Nachman Zvi SO Yosef Yochanan Kahana

144. Moshe Shmuel SO Leib Kahana

145. Chaim Yitzchak SO Ozer and Beila Markovitzz

146. Yitzchak Mordechay SO Ruven Katz

147. Avraham Naftali SO Arye Schwartz

TRA"D (Taf Resh Ain Daled= 1914)

148. Dr. Yosef SO Shmuel Zvi Gruber (died and buried in Pest)

149. Naftali Hertz SO Moshe Zvi Lax

150. Avraham SO Yitzchak Friend

151/1. Feiga DO Menachem Mendel Troib (from Kashoy)

151/2. Mordechay Azriel SO Shlomo Lax

152. Chana DO Joel Ashkenazi WO R Chaim Zvi Teitelbaum

153. B Israel Yacov SO Sender Farkas

TRA"H (Taf Resh Ain He= 1915)

154. Yacov Zvi Mandel

155. Yeshayahu Eliezer SO Chaim Zvi Stein

156/1. Yehoshua SO Chaim Yehuda Estreicher

156/2. Leib Danhaser (?) (from Korosmezo)

TRA"V (Taf Resh Ain Vav= 1916)

157. Meir SO Hendir (Sendir ?) Davidovitz

158/1. Sasi DO Nachman Stein WO Chanina Roth

158/2. David SO Yosef Mordechay Davidovitz (his wife Chana)

159. Rachel DO Nachman Yosef Meislik WO Avraham Koifman

160. Zlata WO Leib Katz

161. Ovadia SO Reidil (?) Katz

162/1. B Chaya Lea DO Meir Davidovitz

162/2. Rachel DO Yosef Yochanan Kahana

TRA"T (Taf Resh Ain Tet=1919)

164. Anschil SO Yitzchak Wieder (head of Chevra- Kadishe)

165. Tsharna DO Mordechay Troib Katz WO Shlomo Birnbaum

166. Dov SO Simcha Weinberger

167. David Zvi SO Ezra Berkovitz HaLevi

168. Israel SO Zvi Fried

TR"P (Taf Resh Pe= 1920)

169/1. Yehoshua SO Israel Yosef Wiener

169/2. Leib Sheiner

169/3. Sara Golda DO Baruch WO Avraham Leib Junger

170. Shraga Savalik (?) SO David Arye Hollander (?)

171. Yehoshua SO Eliezer Klein

173. Henya DO Mordechay Azriel Lax WO Ahron Weinberger

174. Rivka DO Yosef Zalman Berlin WO Chaim Davidovitz (fron Volova)

175/1. Yitzchak Zvi SO Shmuel Stern

175/2. David SO Uri (?) Wiederman

175/3. Yehuda Yacov SO Chaim Michael Wieder

175/4. David Zvi Malick

176. Moshe Zvi SO Shmuel

177/1. Risa Koifman DO Leib Drucker (from Harinetch)

177/2. Avigdor Kentner (Kesztner?) ( member of Chevra Kadisha,father of Dr. Kertesz)

178. Sara WO Avraham David Gelberman

179. Yeshaya Elazar SO Avigdor Perl

180. Yitzchak Efraim Fishel SO Avraham and Elka Adler (from Borsa)

181. Zvi Elimelech Fuchs (member of Chevra-Kadishe)

182. Shmuel Gerner (member of Chevra-Kadishe)

183. Dr. Moshe SO Yitzchak Moskovitz

184/1. Michal WO Shmuel Bukspan

184/2. Yosef SO Leib Katz

184/3. Yosef Wiesel (the eldest)

184/4. Binyamin Shlomo Fruchter (from Visho)

184/5. Avraham Chaim Goldenberg

184/6. Michal SO Feivish Wieder

184/7. C Chaya DO Mendel Fuchs

184/8. B Israel Mendel SO Getzil Koifman (from Harinetch)

184/9. Feiga WO Alter Rosenberg

185. Dvora Henya DO Yitzchak WO Aizik Mordechay Katz

186/1. Rayzel Gaidel (from Havasmezo)

186/2. Chaya (Chava?) Sara WO Shmuel Zanvil Kremer and her daughter B Chaya

186/3. Rivka DO Shmuel Gottlieb WO Israel Yehuda Katz

186/4. Nechi Grandchild of Yechiel Stern (Shochet of Sfaradik Community)

186/5. Esther Basch DO Moshe Zvi Kremer

186/6. Hinda WO Yudel Weiss

186/7. Meir Feig

186/8. Sara Lea WO Yerucham Davidovitz

186/9. Esther DO Mendel Katz (from Jood)

186/10. Chaya Toyba DO Moshe Farkas

186/11. Yitzchk Heisler (from Nevisalitze)

186/12. Esther DO Leib Fried (from Berbesht)

186/13. B Chaya DO Meir Shalom Judovitz (Taylor)

186/14. Esther Berkovitz DO Asher Yakov Shu"b (from Mitel-Apsa)

186/15. Avraham SO Yosef Mordechay

187. Chana Yuta WDO Fishel Feldman

188. Dr. Chaim (Kristian) Schneider


189/1. Leib Eisenberg (from Petrova)

189/2. Yosef Baruch Grinn

189/3. Yuta Rachel (from Slatvina)

189/4. Arye Leybish Adler (from Brustar)

189/5. C SO Moshe Jeager

189/6. C DO Matityahu Landau

189/7. Pinchas Fixler (from Erenve)

189/8. Efraim Katz

189/9. Yosef Yacov Dublinger (from Selish)

189/10. Yenta Shiman (from Ruscova)

189/11. C DO Wolf Neilander

189/12. Grandchild of Meshulam Fuchs SO Vago Armin

TRP"A (Taf Resh Pe Aleph)

189/13. Dr. Chaim Schneider

189/14. C SO Yudel Scharff

189/15. Toyba Rivka Miller

189/16. Bluma WO Ben-Zion Weiss

189/17.Gitza WO Yechiel Wieder

189/18. Yehuda Israel Yar (from Korosmezo)

189/19. Chana Yuta WO Fishel Feldman ( mother of Yissaschar)

189/20. C Getzl Goldberger

189/21. C SO Aizik Basch (from Sapinka)

189/22. Aizik Pollak

189/23. Eliezer Steinmetz (from Rozavalia)

189/24. Gitza DO Shmuel Zanvil Stern

189/25. Baruch SO Israel Schonblum

189/26. Yitzchak Estreicher

189/27. Yitzchak Mordechay Goldstein (from Bustina)

189/28. Mordechay Koppler

189/29. Rivka Rachel WO Mordechay David Fuchs

189/30. Joel Malick

189/31. Ezra Moshe Miller

189/32. Perl WO Yosef Aizik Pollak

189/33. Yechezkel Malick

190. Tcherna WO Zalman Zalmanovitz

191/1. Baruch Menachem SO Baruch Yacov Fisch

191/2. Favdi (?) DO Moshe Ahron Moskovitz

192. Israel SO Yehuda Glick

193. WO Yitzchak Fried (from Havasmezo) DO Chaim Shmuel (Doma"tz Sighet)

195. Binyamin Yosef SO Shmuel Yehuda Davidovitz

196/1. Meir Eliyahu SO Moshe Davidovitz

196/2. B Batya DO Zvi Hirsch Slomovitz

196/3. Bluma Feig DO Yacov Yitzchak (from Ruscova)

196/4. Meir Lax

196/5. Avraham SO Chaim Zvi Farkas

196/6. Bracha DO Eliyahu G"F (?) (from Mihalyfalva)

196/7. B Israel SO Shmuel Perl

196/8. C DO Yosef Pasternak

196/9. DO Chaim Hirsch Wiesel

196/10. Sara Liba DO Zcharya Davidovitz

197. Alte DO Shaul Leib Rosenberg (from Bitchkov) WO Mendel Lempert

198. Paloma Halpert WO Naftali

199. Joel Shimon SO Yacov

200. Chana Risa DO Yosef WO Moshe Rachlitz

201. Chana DO Shimon Koifman WO Mendel Erenburg

202. Esther DO Yacov Menachem Steinmetz (from Rozalia) WO Avraham Kratz

203/1. Sara WO Lipa Shreiber ( mother of Hersch)

203/2. Yosef Nemesh

203/3. Chana Nadler

203/4. Rachel DO Moshe Leib Vax (from Strumga)

203/5. Chana DO Yosef WO Joel Lax

203/6. Yosef Lei SO Chaim David Lax

203/7. Moshe Hirsch Geller (From Bodesht)

203/8. Shraga Feivish SO Avraham Mordechay HaLevi Grinberger

203/9. Yair SO Simcha Katz (from Bustina) SIL Motil Wieder

203/10. Shmuel SO Nathan Zvi Dratler

203/11. B Moshe Ahron SO Chaim Alter Weinberger

TRP"B (Taf Resh Pe Bet= 1922)

203/12. C Yechiel Michal SO Efraim Yakobovitz

203/13. Gittl DO Yosef Wiesel

203/14. Dr Mendel Mano SO David Lax

203/15. Yacov Chaim Lichtman

203/16. Chaim SO Eliezer Wiener

203/17. Henya DO Menachem WO Yosef Leib Huss

203/18. Chaim Hirsch Shayovitz

204/1. Dvora Lea DO Harv Hatzadik WO R Chaim Aizik Halberstam

204/2. Gittl DO Dr. Avraham Edenburg

205. Nachman walter

206/1. Moshe SO Ahron Arye Lieper (from Nadborna)

206/2. Yosef Arye Kahana (died and buried in Arad)

206/3. David Zicherman (died and buried in Karlsbad)

207/1. Hirsch Knacker

207/2. Chaim Wiener

207/3. Avraham SO Yosef Leib

207/4. Chana Lea DO Moshe mother of Kalman

207/5. Lea WO Yosef Sheindel

207/6. B Feyga DO Meir Shalom Yudkovitz

207/7. Matityahu SO Shalom Landau

207/8. Ahron Yitzchak Leibovitz

207/9. Rachel DO Eliyahu Leibovitz

207/10. Rivka Fogel DO Shochet of Ruscova

207/11. Feyga Etya Pollak

207/12. Rachel Roza Yakobovitz

207/13. Rivka Chana Fruchter

207/14. Chaim SO Yacov Meirovitz

207/15. Moshe Pollak

207/16. Chantza Schwartz

207/17. Yitzchak Davidovitz

207/18. Efraim Neiman

207/19. Bluma DO Yudel Lax

207/20. C Ben-Zion SO Yosef Katz

208. Shlomo Eliezer SO Chaim Pesach Basch

209. Avraham Gutman

210/1. Risa WO Hirsch Leib Gottlieb

210/2. Sarz Driza Babi DO Eliyahu Davidovitz WO Eliezer Szmuk (mother of Eliyahu)

210/3. Chaya DO Zvi Arye (from Dubova) WO Yacov Feldman

211. Yosef SO David Lax

212. Reyzel DO Moshe WO Shmuel Weisner

213. Lea DO Avraham Zelinger (from Remit) WO Refael Asher

214. David SO Chaim Moshe Itzkovitz (from Havasmezo)

219. Chaya Sara DO Arye Leib WO David Davidovitz (from Sarasau)

220. Moshe Dov SO Chaim Meir HaLevi Goidel


221. Sara DO Elimelech Cik WO Menachem Stein

222. Shlomo SO Yacov Menachem Steinmetz (from Rozavalia)

TRP"G (Taf Resh Pe Gimel = 1923)

224. Meir Aizik SO Menachem Stern (from Kriva)

225. Chava DO Yosef Kahan

226. Israel Yehuda SO Zvi HaLevi Levinger

227. B Mordechay Menachem SO Yechiel Michal Pasternak (from Selisht)

228. Malka DO Avraham Yehuda WO Shmuel Lieberman

229. Esther DO Moshe Meir Kessler WO Nachman Schneider (mother of Rivka shacher)

230/1. Rachel DO David WO Yitzchak Zvi Kremer (from Slatvina)

230/2. Chaya Perl DO Zvi Festinger WO Ahron Wiesel (from Havasmezo)

231. David SO Mordechay Azriel Lax ( brother of Hirsch Leib)

232. Zvi Elimelech Rosenberg (from Bitchkov)

233. Ahron Yeshayahu Gottlieb (from Dragmirest)

234. Shlomo Zalman SO Meir Davidovitz (his wife Tcherna)

235. Primit DO Meir WO Wolf Feig (from Havasmezo)

236. Ozer SO Yacov Markovitz

237. Shlomo Zvi SO Yacov Gold (from Vinchesht) (father of Moshe)

238. Yosef Baruch SO Ahron Arye Grin

TRP"D (Taf Resh Pe Daled= 1924)

239. B Feyga DO Shlomo Leibovitz (from Selisht) WO Mordechay Noiman

240. Lea DO Gedalya WO Akiva Friedman

241. Eliezer SO Avraham Shalom Toibes

242. Dvora DO Shalom Tabak WO Matityahu Appel


243. Zusia Yehuda SO Mordechay David David (2nd David= family name,father of Yechiel Michal and Mordechay David)

244. Shmuel Yitzchak Yakobovitz (rom Mittel Glod)

245. Rachel DO Menachem Yacov Stern WO David Herstik (from Glod), (mother of Mordechay)

246. Aharon Shmuel SO Eliezer Glick

247. Tova DO Yacov Kahan WO Nathan Zanvil Kahana

248. Israel Menachem SO Alexander David Koifman

249. Shmuel Fried (from Ruscova)

250. Sara DO Ahron WO Yitzchak Miller

251. Zalman Zvi SO Meir Berger

252. Zifra DO Eliezer WO Chaim Cik

253. Shlomo Weinberger

254. Moshe Mozesh

255. Shprintza DO Yechiel Michal Blanck WO Ahron Pollek

256. Eliyahu SO Yacov Horovitz

257. Moshe Chaim SO Joel Malick

258. Feyga DO Kalman WO Leib Kahana

TRP"H (Taf Resh Pe He= 1925)

259. Avraham Shlomo SO Refael Haz (Huss ?)

260. Yacov SO Mordechay David Fuchs

261. Avraham SO Dr Yitzchak Edenburg

262. Zeev SO Yechiel Michal Landau (from Terbashan)

263. Naftali Hertz SO Shaul Arye Pollak (from Oyber-Visho)

264. Mordechay SO Avner Kallesh

265. Chaya Sara Maleck WO Yechezkel

266. Beyla DO Shraga Feivish WO Tuvia Gaydel (her son = Avraham Eliezer)

267. Dr. Yekutiel Eliezer SO Avraham Yehuda Junger

268. Miriam Klein DO Shabtay Sternberg ( mother of Dr. Klein)

269. Nathan Neta Yacov SO Israel Zvi Gutman

270. Moshe SO Avraham Izrael (brother of Shmuel)

271. Zvi SO Chaim Koifman

272. Chaim SO Yehuda Menachem Kahana

273. Reuven Meir SO Moshe Zvi Nadler

274. Moshe Yacov Basch (brother of Eliyahu)

275. Yechezkel SO Yacov Yehuda Koifman ( father of Yacov Yehuda)

276. Sheyndel Rivka WO Yitzchak Indig

277. Chantcha DO Meir Fogel WO Binyamin Yosef Davidovitz

278. Yacov Mezer

279. Yitzchak SO Yosef Ratha (Roth ?)

280. Shenya DO David Davidovitz (her brother Eliyahu)

281. Zvi Arye SO Shmuel David Slomovitz (from Slatvina)

282. Yuta WO Avraham Davidovitz

283. Moshe SO Asher Basch

284. Fraydel Schwartz (her son in law Zanvil Shayovotz)

285. Moshe SO Zvi Arye Wiesel

286. Rivka DO Meshulam Zusia Stein WO Zvi Shimahovitz

287. Eliyahu Horovitz

288. Piniya DO Yacov Fogel (from Havasmezo) WO Yitzchak Aizik Lieberman (her brother =leib)

289/1. Toyba Rachel DO Moshe Zeev WO Yacov Zvi Zisovitz

289/2. Shlomo SO Yosef Mordechay Steinmetz

290. Batya DO Moshe WO Yosef Ranay

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