General Books on
History and Genealogy

  • Archive in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Osterreich und der Schweiz. Ardey-Verlag, November 2000.  16th edition. ISBN 3-87023-113-0. Comes with an interactive CD Rom.  Contains a listing of all archives and archivists in Germany Austria and Switzerland, together with their full contact details: telephone and fax numbers, email addresses and websites (where applicable)

  • Bentz, Edna. If I Can You Can Decipher Germanic Records. Edna m Bentz; ISBN: 0961542004; (November 1999)

  • Brandt, Edward R. et al. Germanic Genealogy: A Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns. Germanic Genealogy Society. ISBN: 0964433737. 2nd edition (June 1, 1997)

  • Ellman-Krüeger, Angelika.  Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy.  Teaneck, NJ: Avotaynu, Inc., 1998.

  • Ellman-Krüeger, Angelika.  Auswahlbibliographie zur juedischen Familienforschung vom Anfang des 19 Jahrunderts bis zur Gegenwart.   1992

  • Eloz, Amos. The Pity of It All: A Portrait of Jews in Germany 1743-1933. Penguin Books: 2004. 446 pages. ISBN 0140283943.
  • Gay, Ruth.  The Jews of Germany: A Historical Portrait.  New Haven: Yale University Press, 1992.

  • Gidal, Nachum T.  Jews in Germany From Roman Times to the Weimar Republic.  Köln, Germany:  Könemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, 1988.

  • Hanson, Kevan M. Finding Your German Ancestors A Beginner's Guide. 1999. www.ancestry.com. ISBN 0-916489-83-3.
  • Immigrant Genealogial Society.  1993 Updated Addresses to German Respositories.  (Note:  There may be a more recent edition; contact the Society at PO Box 7369, Burbank, CA 91510; 818-848-3122)

  • Lands of the German Empire and Before. Published by Origins, 4327 Milton Avenue. Janesville, WI 53546 Phone 608-757-2777. 137 pp., soft cover
  • Lopez, Billie Ann and Peter Hirsch.  Traveler's Guide to Jewish Germany.  Gretna: Pelican Publishing Company, 1998.

    Volume 1:  Tradition and Enlightenment: 1600-1780
    Volume 2:  Emancipation and Acculturation: 1780-1871
    Volume 3:  Integration in Dispute: 1871-1918
    Volume 4:  Renewal and Destruction: 1918-1945
  • Lowenstein, Steven.  The Mechanics of Change: Essays in the Social History of German Jewry.  Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1992.

  • Meyer, Michael A. (ed.).  German-Jewish History in Modern Times.  New York: Columbia University Press, 1996-1998.

  • Minert, Roger P. and Shirley J. Riemer.  Researching in Germany: A Handbook for Your Visit in the Homeland of Your Ancestors.  Sacramento:  Lorelei Press, 2001.  This guide was compiled for the purpose of preparing those of German ancestry to travel abroad to research their German family history. Order direct from Lorelei Press, PO Box 221356, Sacramento, CA 95822-8356.

  • Opfer der Verfolgung der Juden unter der Nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaftin Deutschland 1933-1945. Koblenz: German Federal Archive, 2000.
  • Reimer, Shirley J.  The German Research Companion.  Sacramento:  Lorelei Press, 2000.  Big volume of facts and references to aid German family history researchers; written in clear English.

  • Toway, Peter. An Introduction To Tracing Your German Ancestors. Federation of Family, 1988. 51 pp., ISBN 1 86006 093 5
  • Wolfgang Scheffler and Diane Schulle.  Book of Remembrance - The German, Austrian and Czechoslovak Deportees to the Baltic State.  Muunich:  K.G. Saur, 2003.
  • Schweitzer, George. German Genealogical Research. Genealogical Sources, Unlimited: April 1992. ISBN:  0913857157

  • Smith, Lyn. Forgotten Voices of The Holocaust - A New History in the Words of the Men and Women Who Survived. Imperial War Museum Sound Archive. Published by Ebury Press, Random House, 20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 2SA, England. ISBN 0091898250.
  • Skyte, Thea, et al. Jewish Ancestors? A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Germany & Austria. Jewish Genealogical: 2001. 76 pp. ISBN 0-9537669-1-8.
  • Felix Theilhaber.  Juedische Flieger im Weltkrieg (Jewish Airmen in the World War).  Berlin: Verlag der Schild (of the Reichsbund juedischer Frontsoldaten – the National Association of Jewish Front-line Soldiers), 1924.