I am a Lebensborn Child

by Adele Meredith

My name is Adele Meredith.

I want to let you know how hard it was for me in this life, I was born 3-3-1946 in Reutlingen Germany to a mother Lucy Bozic, I had desease in both my legs I could not walk for thefirst two years of my life. When Lucy Bozic tried to get on the ship Nellie or Nelly to go to Australia in 1948 Lucy was stopped at the Border and was told she could not leave without her child. Lucy had to wait for until my legs got better. When Lucy arrived in Australia I was dumped immediately, and placed in an Orphanage in Essendon called St. Theresa's Orphanage, and I was abandoned, on the 16th December, 1984 the Federal Police found me to let me know that Lucy Bozic was asking for me, because Lucy had only 3 weeks to live Lucy was dying of Cancer of the Colon.

It was on her death bed that Lucy told me about her life story and where I fitted into it. I was washing my mother because she was so weak and could not do it herself, when I noticed a swastika with LB 0096 tattooed under her left arm, it was then when my mother told me that she was a Lebonsborn slave, Lucy was a slave working in the Reutlingen ammunition factory making rockets and bullets for the German Army and when it suited the SS to have sex they chose my mother because she was beautiful, and Lucy was beautiful even on her death bed, my mother told me that I should thank my God I was not born on 3-3-1945 and when I asked her why, she replied and said they would have broken my neck and burnt my body because Hitler wanted boys?

My poor mother lived all her life in fear, and I lived a life of guilt because I was placed in institutions of where bad children go, and there is no greater pain than the pain of rejection. I could not understand why I was brought up in Institutions when I had done nothing wrong. Well I am fighting and I have done now since 1984, my mother died on the 2nd February, 1985, I was lucky to have had 4 weeks of looking after a beautiful woman who did not deserve what she went through, I have RED CROSS working for me as I want to know the names of my Grandparents, I want to know if I have any relatives maybe a cousin or nephew, where there any survivers of my mother's siblings, my mother's crime was that her mother was a Hungarian Gypsy, her father (my grandfather) was a Yugoslavian and my mother had 6 brothers and Lucy was the only girl.

I must have hundreds of brothers and sisters, because whoever pregnated my mother, God knows how many other women he must have made pregnant. My mother did not mention her mother's name, and I can understand that it must have been very painful for her. It feels very strange to me ever since I have found out about my birth, I was not the intension of my creator God for me to be born, but, by an evil demonic man by the name of Heinrich Himmler it was by his law and evilness that I was conceived, therefore I am the property of Germany because that is where I was created, and Germany is where I was born, and yet when the war was over, they made sure that Lucy Bozic took me with her, because they didn't want to except the fact that I exhisted, therefore out of sight out of mind. But I will fight, and fight I will, Germany owes my mother and myself an apology and compensation. I need to know who my family are, and where are my Grandparents buried.

I am not Jewish in flesh, but, spiritually I am more Jewish than a Jewish person is in flesh, because I love the Lord Jesus and Jesus was a Jewish boy when He lived on this earth. I had a conversation with my Father God in prayer last week, and in a thought wave God asked me "Adele what does living by my Grace mean?" it took me by surprise and I replied in prayer through thought, 'Yeh God what does living by your Grace mean?' God replied "God's Riches at Christ's Expense".

That is why I believe that Justice will prevail to all the victims who are alive, and that their children will continue to fight for Justice and Truth. So the souls of the dearly departed in the Holocaust will not have died in vain.

Thank you for reading my part of the Holocaust.