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We have received several messages from visitors asking for more documentation about the Holocaust. It is impossible for us to cover all the aspects of the Holocaust in this site. You'll find in this list all the books we own on this subject. Even if these books are not covering everything about the Holocaust, they will certainly give a person a pretty good understanding of what the Holocaust was all about.

If you want, feel free to contact us if you think a book should be added to the list.

Note: Comments for the English books are from Chuck, comments for the French books are from Vincent.

Chuck's Choice

Note: most of these books were published in the U.S.A. Titles are in alphabetical order.

Vincent's choice

(books published in French)

Note: the original French titles are in red. A star means that the book has also been published in English (you'll find some of them in the previous section "Chuck's choice"). In this case, I have tried to give the original English title.

General History of the Third Reich:

History of Fascism:

The Gestapo:

Nazi Crimes in the Occupied Countries:

The German Occupation in France:

The Holocaust:

The Search for the Nazis Criminals:

The Nuremberg Trials:

Visiting the Concentration Camps Memorials:

Your suggestions:

(a F means a book published in French, a E means the book was published in English)