The art of Fernand "Horn" Van Horen

Fernand Van Horen is well known in Belgium under his artist name "Horn". Since 1936 and during more than 35 years, he was an illustrator for the famous Belgian newspaper "Le Soir". His humoristics drawings for the "Tour de France" on the last page of the "Soir" are now famous. Fernand Van Horen is a survivor from the concentration camps of Esterwegen and Flossenbürg (read his testimony "How a Drawing Saved my Life"). Most of the drawings you can see here were made during his two weeks of recovering, just after his liberation by the American troops on April 23th, 1945.

From left to right: Mr Fernand Van Horen and Vincent Châtel (Brussels, March 1999)


A Portrait


A Portrait
First Contact with the Camp
Normal Life in Flossenbürg (1)
The Barracks
Normal Life in Flossenbürg (2)
Back from Work
Too much corpses...
In Front of the Infirmary
A Portrait
Nazi Terror
Portrait of Alber A. Salt, Liberator of Flossenbürg