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Complex Genealogical Research in the U.S.
Looking for someone in the U.S.?

If despite basic online research you have not yet found the Hebrew names, birth year or town for your U.S. immigrant consider this course as it focuses on the more complex documents our ancestors generated including Naturalization, Passports, Death Records (Probate, Obituaries, Cemeteries), Newspapers, City Directories, Immigration Ports other than Ellis Island, Major Archives and Libraries, Military records, Internet Research and miscellaneous State and Federal Government Records.

This advanced research is designed to break through those brick walls. We deliver eight text lessons online; you can read these (pdf) lessons online and/or download them at your own pace (there is no time dependence, our students are worldwide, you participate when you are available).

The emphasis is on using your computer and the Internet efficiently and employing advanced on-site techniques in U.S. research.

We feature an Education FORUM where students are encouraged to post one ancestral branch (one surname, starting with the immigrant) and the instructor will respond with answers to questions and suggestions on avenues to research; this Mentoring process is unique and quite valuable.

Requirements: Students should have already researched items covered in the Basic Course: Vital Records, Federal Census, Ellis Island Manifests. Students must be comfortable browsing the Internet. To best utilize this class, we suggest students have 8-10 hours per week to read the lessons, sample the websites and interact with the FORUM.

Tuition is $150 and registration is open. Click here to enroll.
If you have questions please email the instructor at
Phyllis Kramer, Vice President, Education, JewishGen

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