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Independent Study
JewishGen offers a class where you decide what you would like to study. Looking for records? Hit a brick wall? Want to write a newsletter? Hire a researcher? An instructor will work with you to narrow the scope of your independent project so that you can make progress in the course.

We ask you to limit your search to One Surname or One family; you can include a second surname if the couple married came from the same European town.

Each Research project has a special collection of how-tos and its own set of questions about how or where to research, who to ask and how to gather missing details.

This class is taught in a private class Forum with one-on-one instruction via our interactive, internet Forum, open every day 24.7.


  • Brief statement of your project: I would like to work on. . .
  • A paragraph or outline of names, dates and places for the one surname you want to research.
  • What you have already searched and/or the data already collected
  • Complete this sentence: At the end of three weeks I would like to have found... This will be a Do-it-Yourself, computer-based, online seminar. Individual readings will be posted according to your research needs.

    Administration: Tuition is $200 to be paid after acceptance to the class. Enrollment is limited (10 students). This class has students worldwide, thus there are no set times; the Forum is open 24/7.

    Send your questions or qualifying application to Nancy Holden, Instruction Manager,

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