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Writing Short Reports

JewishGen will again offer a class in publishing your research. This class concentrates on short reports. Time to get your data out of the shoebox and arrange it in a summary report? A short report is great to send to relatives or other researchers, and to remind you just where your last project left off.

In this class we will practice writing 3 styles of short reports: a data report in list style; a lineage report combining genealogical software with a word processing program; a narrative Genealogical Summary Report with citation and media appendices. The instructor will offer directions for organizing your files and folders, citing your sources and decisions about footnotes and endnotes.

Requirements: Students must have done enough research to have reached a point where they are ready to do a write up. Emphasis will be on organization, presentation styles, using your genealogical programs and manipulating data and images to create your short report.

Students must  have 8-10 hours per week to read the lessons, write their reports and interact with the instructor. To meet the needs of international students this course is open 24/7.

Tuition for this Genealogy is $150

Registration will close when course is full

Address questions to Nancy Holden

If you have questions, I will be glad to review your project before you enroll. Please send your query to For questions, please email the instructor by clicking here: Nancy Holden, Instruction Manager

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